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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 3rd – A Day Filled With Ringworm and Croquet

Of course, three are other things in the house, like ringworm. The girls think Zach has it, and want the house disinfected. Jen, of course, goes back to her looks, and says she doesn’t want to be scarred for life because of her modeling career. Amber tells Jameka to throw away her Vaseline, because Zach has been using it. They are grossed out because they say he doesn’t wash his hands before he handles food, and doesn’t after he goes to the bathroom, either.

Jameka, though, has something else on her mind. She wants to know if Jen apologized to her, as that’s what Jess said. Dani says she never got any apology from Jen. Not quite sure where that came from. Dick wants Jameka to know that he was not accusing everyone of the extra vote issue. In other words, he needs her on his side this week.

Jess asks Zach what’s on his leg, and he says, “An abrasion.” Apparently that’s the official diagnosis form the BB nurse. It’s not clear who started the ringworm scare here, but I definitely have some good guesses.

Eric and Dustin talk about Dick and Dani, and Dustin claims if he wins HoH next week, he’s putting them up. He’s mad that in all this time, Dani hasn’t talked to any of the LNC about who they want her to nominate. Dani and Dick talk privately about still wanting Eric out and plan to talk to Zach later. Dani calls Eric a martyr, and Dick says he’s one of those all talk, no action types. Kail mentions that she’s going to talk to Dani soon about the noms, and she thinks Jen should too. Yeah. That’s going to help much at this point. Jen wants to be nominated, as then she has a better chance at playing veto and winning.

Jen then goes straight up to the HoH and tells Dani she wants to be put on the block this week, as she wants to be nominated three weeks in a row. She understands if Dani would rather backdoor her, but she wants to be put on the block. Dani tells her she has never done anything to Jen and doesn’t understand her feelings towards her. Jen says it’s just stuff about Dick, and as if on cue, Dick comes in, but Dani tells him to leave. She tells Jen she has no right to talk about her personal life like she did last night. Jen says she figures people are wondering why they’ve never talked before.

For some reason they decide to put everything aside kind of, and really start hashing everything out. Dani explains her feelings for Nick, and Jen says she liked him, but didn’t want to be the girl to hook up in the house. Jen admits to throwing the PoV last week, and Dani tells her it was smart. They both say they weren’t the vote to keep Nick this week, and Jen says she, Kail, and Zach know they’re not part of the group. Dani says she needs to tell Jen a few things, but she’ll do that after the noms. Wow. They’re being so civil!

Yet, once Jen is back downstairs, Dick is back to ripping on her saying she is going home. Dick moves over to Amber and tells her Nick was set up. He would have helped her, Dani, and Dick. She says she knows, but who set him up. Dick says he doesn’t know, and that if he did, he’d tell her. He goes back to pinning stuff on Kail, saying that she’s somehow involved, and it’s because there’s a link. He says Kail, Jen, and Zach aren’t the threats, as that position belongs to the person playing both sides. He then slams Eric, and says he thinks Kail is running another alliance with Jen as the middle man. He warns Amber she better be straight with him.

Dustin comes up to Amber and Dick and trashes Dick a little bit talking about his throwing the hammock earlier. Amber, though, seems to be siding with Dick a little, saying Nick didn’t deserve to go home. Dick tells Amber he doesn’t trust the rest of the group, and she’s the one he trusts the most. He knows how to play her. She wants that male attention, and when she has it, she’s happy.

Eric is working on his own agenda. He talks to Jen, saying he thinks the plan is to put her and Kail up, but then backdoor him or Dustin. He says the whole LNC hates Dick and Dani and want them gone.

Dustin tells Dick he lacks tact, naming names and situations without having any proof. Dicks says he only does that with Dustin because he trusts him. Ooh. That was was a good one! Dustin and Eric go up to the HoH to talk to Dani and sit and trash Jen. The rest of the LNC then gathers there to have their meeting. This could be interesting.

Dani says Jen and Kail are going up, and if one wins PoV and comes off, she’ll put up Zach. She’ll go back on her word to Kail if she has to. She wants one of them gone. That was short as sweet. As everyone else is leaving Kail comes up. She is reassured by Dani that Jen is the target, and if she comes off the block, whoever else is put up will leave, not Kail. Kail’s worried about people flipping next Thursday, and Dani just continues to give her her word. It’s too easy Kail. Think about it. Obviously there’s something else afoot. Dani asks if she knows who the other vote for her to stay was, and Kail swears she doesn’t.

Jessica and Eric are laying out, and he uses the opportunity to talk game. He mentions being so disturbed about Dick and Dani’s thoughts about him, that he only got two hours sleep last night. He was afraid to get up to go to the bathroom when Jess was talking to them for fear they would think she was “pulling a Mike,” and eavesdropping. He wants to make sure she’s with him still, and she promises nothing has changed. He then brings up about Amber fighting with Kail about not cleaning and delicately mentions that Jess might want to be careful how she handles all that since she doesn’t clean either. In other words, you’re going to be called out, so figure out how you’re going to approach it, or get moving! She says she does her own dishes, and he points out that’s not enough.


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