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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 3rd – A Day Filled With Ringworm and Croquet

I’m not so sure yesterday could have been any more eventful than it was, but it was exciting enough that I’m hoping for more of the same today. Despite having HoH, things aren’t going well for the father/daughter duo, as no one is believing them, as the others seem to be putting more faith in Eric who was labeled along with Amber as a liar, thanks to the banner plane. Since things here seem to change by the minute, let’s see how this will all play out.

Kail is the first one up, and does her usual pout outside while drinking her coffee. Dustin is up next and can’t wait to fill her in on everything that went down last night while she was holed up with Jen. They also talk about the possibility of an AC. When Dick gets up, he and Dick talk about a possible food comp. Dani gets up as well, and … shaves her arms? Alrighty. I can see why she’s doing that in HoH. Don’t want the others to get a load of that.

The arm shaving apparently doesn’t phase Dick, and he goes up to to discuss further everything they went over last night. They diss Kail and proceed to figure out everything Eric has done so far in the game to pretty much screw them over. Dick tells his daughter that Eric has known from the beginning that as a father and daughter they were aligned. She’s a little upset with him telling everyone everything, because everyone is basically against them at this point, and of the two, they all want her out more. Dick says at least Jessica sees it their way, even though Eric tries to play it so he can get in her pants. I can’t make up my mind if he really wants that or not.

Kail and Jen talk about Jess outside, and they think she’s a little phony, and know she doesn’t like Dani, but definitely will this week. Jen just can’t get over that jealousy thing, and says this week everyone will now see that Dani was just using Nick when she goes back to talking about her boyfriend Kris again.

As Dani and Dick continue to get ready in the HoH room, they discuss letting Zach think they see him as a real mastermind. Dani says she didn’t need to make a deal with Kail last night, but did, because she would have been up there forever, and would have won eventually, so why prolong it? She does have to question no one cheering her on, and notes Amber asked her what it was like to have her own little cheering section, as Dick was cheering her on, but Amber said everyone else was cheering Kail on. They were? Zach and Eric seemed like they were cheering on Dani.

Of course, Dani and Dick don’t realize that everyone is already plotting against them, and think they can get everyone on their side to get rid of Eric this week. Dani runs into Eric downstairs and asks how he slept. He says poorly and she says she did as well as it was cold in her room. That’s what happens when you don’t get to cuddle with Nick, I assume. Zach tells her in the SR he thinks he knows who the second vote for Kail was, and they decide to talk later.

Eric and Jameka have a conversation, or as much of one as anyone ever has with her. He warns her that Dani and Dick might want to go after one of them this week. “Mmmm hmm.” He wants the LNC to stick together and insist Kail and Jen go up, as he thinks they’ll make a deal with Jen to take her off the block if she votes the way they want. “Mmmm hmm.” Eric tells Jameka that he was approached before by Dick for an alliance of himself, Dani, Dick, and Jess. He thinks Jess may have been approached last night about taking one of the them out as she was acting differently. “Mmmm hmm.” Of course, Eric knows full well he’s the target.

Dick joins Eric and Jameka, forcing her to leave. They discuss the extra vote thing which Dick still wants an answer to, but Eric wants to just forget about, of course. Dick defends Nick, and says he told him things as he knew he was going home. Dick starts to get upset with Eric about the whole thing when Jameka returns and has Dustin with her as well. Dick asks what they think and Jameka is, of course, non-committal, and Eric says he trusts the people he is aligned with. Dick wants to know why Eric is so quick to say there is no leak, and Eric wants to know why Dick is so quick to believe Nick over the rest of the LNC.

Eric and Dick escalate their argument, and it wakes Dani up bringing her outside. Dick calls Eric an MFing liar and throws the hammock. Eric tells Dick to never yell at him again, to which Dick asks what Eric is going to do, kick him out? Dani and Jameka are trying to get the guys to calm down. They calm down some, and everyone else wants to just leave it with the thought that the extra votes could be anybody. Eric suggests it’s Jen, and Dick says she doesn’t lie. Eric can’t figure out why Dick thinks it has to be someone from his alliance that is lying, and not someone that is his enemy.

Dick is still not ready to take any of this from Eric, and keeps telling him something stinks. And Jen seems to be nowhere to be found. Eric tells Dick he’s flipped on him, and if he’s done something wrong, he apologizes. Dustin comes right out and asks Dani if she is going to hold a meeting on who to nominate like he and Dick did. She’s not happy in the least, but says she will. Eric and Dick continue to work on their differences and Dick keeps wanting to know what Jameka thinks and gets barely more than her usual “Mmmm hmm.”

Eric makes the point that if one of the seven are working with the other three, it’s all the more reason to get one of them out, as there is nothing to align with then and no threat. Then they can start worrying about each other. Jameka keeps going back to the Kail votes saying it doesn’t have to be the same person both weeks. Dick asks if she is suggesting there was a copycat killer. Dick seems to lighten up some, and asks Eric if there’s “no offense.”


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