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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 2nd – It's a Banner Day for Amber and Eric!

Dick gets called to the DR, and Dustin goes into the kitchen and tells Eric, Jess, and Jameka everything Dick just said. Eric then shares his conversation with Dick as well. Jameka asks what movie the “nerd herd” is from, and she’s told it’s from BB6. Jess shares with everyone about Dani’s deal with Kail up on the perches, and initially lies to Eric telling him his name never came up when she was talking to Dani and Dick, but eventually spills it, including their plan to backdoor him.

Jessica says she took this information to the DR that Eric was the one that voted for Kail both weeks, but they talked her out of it. When did the BB producers become America? He’s supposed to be playing the game with us, not them. Something tells me after one successful banner got through, there will be tons of them in the next few days with people calling it all out. And, people possibly screwing Eric’s game even more, voting for him to nominate people that will hurt his game, like trying to get Jess nominated, or Jameka. And remember, America already told him to get Jess nominated earlier in the season.

Eric says he wants to hold a LNC meeting about all of this, without Dani and Dick of course, but put Jen in in their place. He wants a final four of them, Jen, and Jameka. Jen is good in comps, and any of them could beat her in a final 2. Jess says it was just a little weird after seeing the banner to then gets this info from Dani and Dick, but she knew she could trust Eric. He adds Dick and Dani don’t have anyone without Nick, and they’re on the outs there in the house so are getting desperate.

Dustin joins the conversation, and it basically turns into Dick and Dani bashing the whole time. Eric even oddly mentions at one point that the two are so close in an alliance, that they may as well start making out. Umm, they’re father and daughter? Could you be more gross in your desperation while trying not to be found out? Dick comes out to join them, and of course the meanness and grossness stops.

Dick then corners Jess and tries to keep her in his corner, telling her she can’t trust Eric, and spilling all the info that he has or suspects. He tells her he is aligned with Dani, has been since day one, and that Eric has known about it since the beginning as well. He says he put Kail on the block when he was HoH because he wanted her gone, but it was Eric that convinced him that Mike was the mastermind and convinced him to flip the vote. He also points out to her that Eric has thrown every single comp he has played in. Dick complains that all of their HoHes in the LNC have been a waste and haven’t taken out the people that mattered, and today one of them was the one that went home. He goes inside and Jess looks at the camera and rolls her eyes. Too bad she doesn’t believe it.

All Night Dick talks once he is alone about Eric playing him and says he can’t believe he was taken in by the Nerd Herd. He eventually makes his way to bed. The banner plane that got through is only going to inspire more. And the messages are gong to get even more point blank. The whole season could go down in flames if a banner proclaims Eric as AP. It could be an interesting weekend. Too bad my own own alliance member, Aurora, is missing it while she’s gone for the weekend.

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