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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 2nd – It's a Banner Day for Amber and Eric!

Dustin goes up and interrupts and wants to know if it’s the second vote for Kail that has Dick so upset. Dick says he isn’t ready to talk yet, but Dustin already knows because Jess told him. He leaves, and father and daughter try to figure out how Amber and Dustin fit into all this. Come on, you guys, you are so close. Amber sold you guys out and has been the whole time; that’s what she is hiding behind her tears. Dustin put Kail up as pawn while telling you he wanted her gone. Put it together, that they have been talking final 4 with Eric and Jess.

Father and daughter talk again of nominating Kail and Jen and backdooring Eric. Dick remembers Eric talking about “fight night” from season 6 the night he poured the iced tea on Jen, and he realizes now Eric was trying to get him kicked out over it. The two try to count up the votes they have to get Eric out. They know they can get Zach to side with them, and with Dick and probably Jessica they need one more. Jameka is a possibility, yet she was cheering on Kail in the comp tonight, so maybe not. Dani tells her dad he has to calm down and get an alibi for his anger with Dustin earlier, otherwise this won’t work. They think back and realize Amber’s lying probably goes back to when she was handcuffed to Kail, and they also realize last week Dustin didn’t care too much about Amber being upset.

Zach is outside the HOH, of course, and Dick wants to tell him to disappear otherwise his chess pieces will start to disappear. Dani talks him out of it, saying even though he was once with Kail, he’s turned against her, and if they have him and Jess in their corner, this just might work. She wants Dick to spread the word that it’s a no-brainer that either Kail or Jen are going so that no one catches on. Dani admits she knew she had to win HOH, as she or Dick would have been blamed for the 2nd vote for Kail if she didn’t.

Dani and Dick bring Jess up to the HoH to talk to them about their plan, and tell her everything they figured out. Well, they figure some of it wrong, because of course they could never figure out the America’s Player thing, but they tell her Eric has been in an alliance with Kail and Jen since the beginning. Dani says they can’t trust anything Eric says, and talks about Eric being in the DR for hours and saying he was talking about a turtleneck. Jess promises not to say anything, be says she thinks Eric already knows something’s up, as he wants to talk to her. She does not tell them she already talked to Dustin about the situation.

While Eric is downstairs explaining to Jameka why the extra Kail votes couldn’t be him, Jess promises that if she wins veto this week to take off Jen and act surprised when it’s Eric that goes up. She asks if they ever see Eric, Kail and Jen talking, and they say Eric does talk to Jen. Jess also tells them that Jen has said there is no food comp tomorrow, just a luxury comp, and that makes sense as the SR was restocked today. She leaves and tells Dustin she thinks the leak is Eric.

Dick interrupts Dustin’s story time, and this time it’s about he and a friend dressing up like black people and TPing people’s houses. Can he be any more offensive to any other groups of people? Little people, black people, etc. Dick pulls Eric away for a chat at the hammock and Eric tries to pin the extra Kail vote on Jen, as expected. Dick plays it cool like he would never suspect Eric. Eric says “we” have to get Jen and Kail up again, and Dick points out that’s Dani’s decision, not theirs. Meanwhile, Eric is the only one that really knows who it was that tipped off Kail last week. It was Dustin, and he suggests all the right reasons for it, not knowing that he is now being suspected of it.

Inside, Amber and Dustin are in the SR, and she’s still crying over the banner and about losing Nick this week. She’s delusional enough to ask Dustin if Nick’s goodbye speech was meant of her, and Dustin patronizes her, telling her it was. He starts to put some stuff together, but also gets it really wrong, and says he thinks Zach is trying to convince Dick and Daniele that Eric is the mole and has been in the MRA since the beginning. Dustin doesn’t think Eric has deceit in him though. He may not, but America apparently does. Amber goes back to talking about the banner, saying she used to be a liar and a drug addict, but no longer. If you could see me now, you’d see me rolling my eyes.

Eric and Dick continue to talk outside, with Eric saying he wants to be picked for the PoV, as he promises to fight tooth and nail for Daniele. Eric suggests he, Dani, and Dick take out Dustin, Amber, and Jameka. Amber is inside blowing his cover, telling Dustin that Eric hates Dick and wants him gone, which surprises Dustin. He says he had such a crush on Eric the way he was defending the girls during the HoH competition. Dustin comes out to join Eric and Dick, and Dick mentions he thinks Kail has another alliance. Of course she does, it’s Dustin!

As Dick and Dustin talk, it’s brought around to those in the house playing the “Christian” card, and Dick brings up his mom being an ordained minister and saying she understood that lying is okay here as it’s a game and not real. They think the Christian corner is using their theology as a crutch. They decide the conversation goes no further, and Dick looks at Dustin and tells him he can’t tell Amber either. And if it gets back to him, he’ll know where it came from. They mention Kail being the target this week, but it’s probably a ruse so Dustin doesn’t know the true target. They also notice Jameka hanging around the patio door, and wonder who she’s in with.


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