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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 2nd – It's a Banner Day for Amber and Eric!

Jameka tells Jen she should have stayed on her perch until she had it confirmed that she’d been disqualified for touching the bar. Jen says she was pretty sure she had touched the bar, and Jameka says they were reviewing the tapes on what they had said exactly regarding touching the bar. Jen explains she had two charlie horses anyway, and looking at Kail she thought she was safe for awhile, so jumped off. How many times does Kail need to throw Jen under the bus before she realizes she’s not safe with her?

Dani gets her HoH room, and tells everyone this past week was difficult, and this was for Nick. She gets pictures of Kris, her friend, and grandmother, a shirt, nail polish, and a letter from her Grandma. She’s hoping the stuff that was sent was from Kris so that she knows he still cares. After everyone leaves, Dani and Dick agree the extra votes for Kail the past two weeks were Eric, and this makes Dani agree because everyone else was on the fence about Nick, but Eric was really gunning for him, then didn’t vote that way. Ruh-row. How’d they figure that out?

Before he leaves, Dick tells Dani that he loves her, and she responds back that she loves him too. Yea. I love it when she starts to come around. He says as f’ed up as their relationship is, they’re always honest with each other. Dick is tired of bible-bangers that lie and says they need to bust out of the “nerd herd” thing, but need some time first. Whew. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Dustin keeps that same type of focus on their group. They know Amber is crapping her pants after the banner thing. Yeah, that’s the real reason she was praying. The banner apparently said something else other than just Eric and Amber were liars, as they talk about “the first part of the message.”

Dick finds Eric and they discuss the whole extra vote thing, which Eric says can’t be him since he worked so hard to get rid of Nick to begin with, and Dick says can’t be him as he didn’t vote the first time since he was HoH. Dick’s pissed for having to “take a f’ing hit for the team.” He gets up and stalks away, wanting a moment alone, and Eric takes off as well. Dick goes outside to work on laundry and goes on a four letter barrage that would shame a sailor … but not me, apparently. Jess comes out and he tells her they need to sit down and talk with Dani. He knows it was Eric and he should have known to trust his instincts. He caught him in that lie that one time about taking a nap and yawning. He should have trusted himself.

Eric talks to Dani and tries to convince her he was not the extra vote the past two weeks, but she doesn’t seem so convinced. He goes out and joins Amber in the hammock, and she of course cries to him that the two of them are the most trustworthy. Amber says everyone tells the DR that she and Eric are the most trustworthy, which is both ridiculous and incredulous for her to say. Eric says again he couldn’t have been the vote against Nick.

They talk more about the banner at it seems it said something about America loving Nick, then Amber and Eric being liars. It ended by saying the LNC was the new Nerd Herd. Eric says whoever was behind the banner was a Nick fan. No, Eric it was America. Remember? You’re America’s Player. The same people you are representing just turned against you. That’s what happens when you start pushing your own agenda. You had to backtrack and couldn’t do it well enough here, so America outed you. He says Kail, Jen, and Zach can’t be America’s favorites. He’s right; they’re not. But there’s a faction of the 7 that are very nerd herd-ish.

The banner continues to have effect as Jen and Kail discuss the votes. Jen thinks Amber was the vote against Nick, because for once she didn’t cry. They didn’t see the banner, though, and Kail thinks the banner said Eric and Daniele are liars. In other words, she didn’t get a chance to read it, so she’ll just continue on pushing her own agenda.

Apparently we’re going to need to hit Eric over the head with a frying pan for him to get this. For him to follow through with our agenda, he needs to make choices we would make. He knows now that we liked Nick and know Amber is a liar and we are trying to tell him to play for us or not at all. He tries to pin the extra votes on Jen again, and when Amber talks again about how sad she is that Nick is gone, Eric starts talking against Nick again. So, we told you to take out Kail after you’d already gotten Nick on the block. Because of that, there’s a vote for Nick that doesn’t make sense, and instead of owning up to it, saying you made a mistake earlier, whatever, you just sit there and go back to saying what a louse Nick is. There’s a jealousy thing here or something. Then he makes a further bad choice and says he wants Dick out of the house. Sorry, Buddy, that’s not our choice either. Read our lips. We want Kail out.

Eric knows that Jess is looking at him differently since the banner, and Amber knows Jameka is looking differently at her as well. Eric claims the DR apologized to him, and they probably did, as letting this banner through threw their AP twist. He suggests to Amber that they get into a lot of arguments with people so it doesn’t look like they are flying UTR. Well, that’s not going to be helpful. It would just make them look more guilty to change direction on their behavior after being called out by the banner.

Upstairs in the HoH, Dani is telling her dad he should have listened to her about Nick. Dick knows now, as they have gotten the wrong person out of the house two weeks in a row. They want to backdoor him, and Dani says she will have a really nice speech all prepared. She says no one would listen to her before, because she and Nick were such good friends, but now it seems they were right. He wasn’t the dishonest one. Well, he still was. And regardless, Dick was still right that it hurt her game.


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