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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 2nd – It's a Banner Day for Amber and Eric!

Jen starts in on Dani saying she almost wants to get down just to read Dani’s letter to read what her boyfriend wrote to her. She refers to her as a cheater, and Dick loses it. Even Eric chimes in yelling, yes yelling, at Jen, telling her Dani didn’t do anything to her at all. Her personal relationships aren’t Jen’s business. Jen says it’s about Dick, and Eric tells her to take that up with Dick when she gets down, then.Okay, so what’s his motive for this one? My guess is since he was out earlier than he expected, he’s trying to still affect the game, since he can’t throw it in the usual way.

Jess comes down off her perch and looks exhausted. Eric tells her Kail has cheated at least 30 times. Dick catches her with her head above the perch and tells BB. Eric catches on and yells as well, saying he was disqualified for what Kail is doing. We lose the feeds for just a second and they come right back, so apparently they reviewed it and decided it was okay. Jen still giving it to Dani, and says she’ll put up her dad and Dani’s choice if she gets it.

Jen and Eric both yell out that someone is touching the bar with their hands, and that’s against the rules. We lose the feeds for quite some time, and when we return, Jen is down, so apparently they caught her cheating on instant replay. Now all we need is John Madden calling it and drawing his Xs and Os all over the place.

Dani tries to make a deal with Kail, and says she will hold out there all night if she has to. Kail says she knows she’s going home if she gets down. Dani promises she won’t go home this week if she gets down. Kail then wants safety for her friend Jen as well, and Dani tells her to give her a break, as she herself just lost her own best friend out the door. Kail finally jumps down, and Dani is the new HoH! Dick picks her up in a bear hug and carries her around the yard telling her how proud he is of her.

Eric acknowledges to Dani that he knows she had to vote her best friend out tonight and it was hard, and also tells her he hopes he wasn’t out of line by telling Jen to shut up. Dustin can’t wait for tomorrow, because Dani has done so well with her speeches so far. Dick hopes BB doesn’t give Dani yet another letter from his mother, and says he will kill them if they do.

While everyone waits in the kitchen for some pizza, the talk is about one of the banner planes they got a glimpse of. It said something about Eric and Amber being liars. Eric plays it off, and Jameka back them up, saying whoever did it probably didn’t know what they were talking about. Dick says anyone that spends that kind of money on that has something to say and must know something.

Aside from that, Dick is upset about the way the vote went down and Kail’s behavior. He knows she knew she wasn’t going home and is saying someone must have tipped her off. An hour before the eviction she was eating a bowl of slop. He says from now on he won’t participate in the group discussions. He won’t decide who he is voting out until the night before.

Dani talks to Jameka and tells her not to feel bad about Nick going home. She thinks it’s Dustin’s fault with how that all went down. She says she explained it all to Nick as well, and showed him how everyone would have voted and said now he knows it’s Dustin’s fault too. Dani goes on to say the house made the wrong decision today, and it will come out eventually. She says there is one weasel in the house, and it’s not Nick. Well, Nick could still be a weasel, but he’s a weasel looking for a vacancy.

Everyone sits at the table eating pizza except for Jameka who has moved onto the DR and Amber who is kneeling at her bed praying. Jess admits she could have stayed up longer in the comp, but she knew she wouldn’t beat the other ones. That may not be something she should have just admitted just now. Jen talks to her and tries to get her to see it’s Dick’s fault for them not having beer, because of the way he acts. Actually, I think it was Nick that got it taken away and rationed, wasn’t it?

Jen wants to know what the banner plane says as others saw it and she didn’t. They refuse to tell her, so she wants to try the DR. The talk turns to if the internet viewers saw the results of the comp, and Jen says no, beaus they never get to see comps. Pretty good knowledge for someone who was claiming she never saw the show. Dick notices the same thing.

Amber is very upset about the banner plane and why her name was on there as one to not be trusted. She tells Dustin she thinks she and Eric were targeted because they’re both so honest. Dustin cracks it’s because Dustin and Jameka were too many letters. Jameka is busy being honest with Dick, although I’m not sure why, unless she’s worried Dani is going to put her up. She tells him she thinks he has perspective where he can step back and look at the situation and apologize, but Jen is one that can’t do that. He says he’s a pretty outspoken guy in terms of religion and he doesn’t want to disrespect her.

Eric comes out of the DR and joins others in the small bedroom. He says mohawked Eric is an angry guy, but curly-haired Eric was a pretty happy fellow. Dani and Jess pick up his comments from the live show and refer to him as “Shark-Fin Eric.” He asks what he was supposed to call it, the Jew-Fro? Dani suggests the Jew-Hawk. I like that. The Jew-Hawk. Jen joins in and the talk switches to the banner plane. Dustin says he’s feeling unpopular and Eric says it’s been confirmed for him that he’s not popular in the eyes of America. Jen brings up it not being fair that some know and some don’t about the banner plane and asks if anyone agrees. No one does. Imagine.


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