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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 2nd – It's a Banner Day for Amber and Eric!

Eric talked about last night knowing that the winner of HoH tonight was going to be either Danielle, himself, or Zach, and furthered it by saying the person he thought was going to take it was primed for it, whether it was Q&A or endurance. He was also going on the knowledge at that point that despite the fact he campaigned to get Nick out, we voted for him to get Kail out. He tried to change the current last night, but wasn’t very successful. Barring any odd happening in the house today, it looks like we’ll lose our third guy in a row.

As soon as everyone is woken up this morning they are ushered into the HOH for a lockdown. Dick talks Amber’s ear off about Las Vegas. We lose the feeds for awhile, and when we come back, everyone’s cleaning. Yet again, I use the term “everyone” very loosely. BB feels the need to tell the nominees to pack. Don’t they know that already? Where have they been?

Dick might be onto Dustin telling Kail she was just a pawn, as he notes that she has been the most calm she has ever been in the house, but in the last two days, she’s suddenly un-calm again. But alas, he’s not onto Dustin, as he just thinks “someone” tipped her off. Dustin lets him know if he had won PoV, he still would have used it, so the situation wouldn’t have changed at all. Dick wants both her and Jen to be worried again next week and doesn’t want them on their game like this. He puts the thought into Dustin’s head that he and Dani will be up on the block if either Kail or Jen win HoH, and if they come off the block, Amber or Dustin would probably be up.

Daniele tells her dad if he was any shorter, he’d be a troll. Snicker.

Dustin sits down in the bathroom and watches Amber scour the whole place. She tells him she’s mad about what Kail said this morning. Apparently Kail had said since she’s on slop, she doesn’t need to clean, and she’s done dishes before, so she feels she has done her share. That pisses Amber off, as she points out Dick sits up every eight and washes towels and the dishes and never complains at all. Never has he said anything about doing his share. Right. Yet, for some reason, it’s Nick you want out tonight.

Kail comes in to brush her teeth just after Dustin says that her saying all that to Amber is like a murderer saying he doesn’t need to serve his time as he has paid all his parking tickets. Kail acknowledges she should do more than she does, and Amber goes off saying Kail was like Mom the first week and since then she hasn’t done anything. Kail apologizes, and Amber said she doesn’t want that. Dustin, ever the democratic hero, wants to call a meeting on it later.

Jen tells Kail she doesn’t really clean, but she organizes. Kail says she knows that, as Dick has said all she does is color code the plates. Kail admits she doesn’t care if she leaves or stays tonight, as if she goes, she gets to see her family. She knows she can just pass the word on to Amber, and she’ll gladly vote Kail out. Jen says she cares, as it means she’d be left alone. I’d hate to tell her this, but based on the fact Kail keeps selling her out, she basically is alone.

Dick comes through and says if it’s endurance tonight, he’s staying on until his arms fall off. He and Jen then start their usual banter back and forth and he tells her again he can’t wait until she leaves next week and goes back home to her life without a job or anyone that cares about her. He calls her a couple choice words, slams the golf club on the counter, and stalks off. I love Dick, but eh. This is getting old.

BB either accidentally or purposely allows us to hear part of Kail’s DR session, and she’s trying to give her DOR, saying she knows she’ll be leaving in a couple weeks anyway, and doesn’t want to be stuck in sequester all that time. They tell her that’s not the Kail that applied to be on the show during seasons 5, 6, and 7. She says she didn’t realize she’d be cussed at every day. I wonder why she didn’t make season 6. Do you think they couldn’t find anyone to be a pair for her? And why would she think she would be any different? Why should everyone else get cussed at but her? She is seen leaving the DR a little later and says nothing, going on with her daily life in the house. So they think they aren’t breaking her, but they are.

Nick and Dani talk quietly, and he says if he ends up leaving tonight and “she” wins HoH, he’ll be pissed. Not sure if he means Kail or Jen, but think he means Kail. He says if he does leave, on her birthday, he will drink a 12 pack and dedicate it to her. They end the conversation with her calling him a butthole. She says her goodbye message for him sucks, and he says it’s okay as he heard enough last night.

We never get the feeds back after the live show initially. Nick is gone (and I’m sure Dani’s boyfriend Kris is happy), and last we saw on our televisions, nine people were hanging upside down from perches with fake bird shit on them. Word came through that there were technical difficulties so they stopped the comp and the feeds. An hour and fifteen minutes later the feeds are back and the comp is still going. The only ones left on the perches are Dani, Jess, Kail, and Jen. Dick is giving much support to Dani and Jess, mostly Dan, and berating Kail and Jen, mostly Jen.


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