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So You Think You Can Dance, August 1st – Dance With Mia's Father Again

Adam thinks after all of Dominic’s B-boy friends scrape their jaws off the ground, and figure out what the hell they just did, they’ll be proud. He tells Lauren she’s beautiful and they have a lot of chemistry, but that ends the good news. The bad news is it didn’t look like the rumba to Adam. He’s not a ballroom expert, but there seemed to be a lot of posing and lines, and not enough dancing. Mary, who is a ballroom expert, doesn’t think it’s their fault. Three were a lot of great lines, and a lot of the rumba moves were in the routine, but they were dancing in and out of them. She also felt they were too stiff, and there wasn’t enough sunshine for her on the stage.

Nigel starts by saying they knocked the wardrobe with the last couple, but they did a lovely job with Dominic and Lauren. It’s a beautiful dress where there is a dress, and beautiful where there isn’t. Last week, Dominic was told he was becoming a caricature, but this week he kept in character. he’s not going to knock choreography, but Nigel feels the choreographers are doing routines to make the dancers look good, and next week, he wants that to stop. Hopefully they’ll all get that memo.

Lacey and Neil are doing a Mia Murphy contemporary piece about a reunion in heaven. It’s to be a reunion of Mia and her dad, whom she lost to lung cancer two years ago. Lacey is worried about not having the emotion right and letting Mia down, and Neil doesn’t want Mia to feel she wasted it on them. They dance tonight to Time by Billy Porter, and they’re both in white with colorful flowers strewn across the floor. They seem so carefree, especially as they even seem to play peek-a-boo. I never get emotional in these dance routines, but tonight, I cried as “Mia and her dad” danced.

Adam thanks Mia for bringing something so beautiful and personal and special to the American public and says he is so in love with Lacey and Neil right now. They did this not as dancers, but as actors performing an entire piece. He thinks this will go down as one of the best dance pieces in American television. He tells Neil his dancing was unbelievably beautiful, and the technique didn’t matter because he could feel his performance. Adam tells Lacey she was gorgeous, perfect, and he loves her. Mary is in tears and can’t even speak, and Nigel explains she’s going through a personal time.

Nigel mentions Mia being an Emmy-nominated choreographer for Park Bench from last year’s show. He was honored then to be on a television show with the Park Bench routine, and is as well this year with this routine. To imagine anyone choreographing a meeting between themselves and their father is remarkable in the first place, but then to take away from the technique and ask the dancers to dance as if no one is watching is the magic of the routine. Both Lacey and Neil forgot about technique and danced with emotion. Nigel was hugely touched and feels it’s one of the most beautiful things he’s ever seen. Shane reaches over and gives Mia a quick kiss. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.

It’s the dreaded quick step with Tony Meredith for Sabra and Pasha’s second dance number. Tony explains it’s a fast-paced dance, and Pasha points out there’s a hint in the name “quick.” Sabra was very confused and tripping all over her feet and Pasha’s. They’re determined to get it, and tonight they definitely get it as they quick step to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s Mr. Pinstripe Suit. These two are great character dancers and seem like flappers. He has great charm and is absolutely dazzling.

Adam calls this great choreography and says what was really cool was their use of the stage as it made for great ballroom. He felt Pasha should have moved up more, but thinks it happened because Sabra is much smaller than him. He l iced the attitude of each moment that Pasha showed in his face. Adam tells Sara she freaks him out as she is so good and she raised it for him. He then bows his praise to them.

Mary calls it a very difficult routine and issues hats off to Tony. She points out Pasha is an international Latin dancer and Sabra is a contemporary dancer, but they just tore this up. The great thing about dancing is it can make her feels so many things, and they just cheered her up. She enjoyed Pasha’s top line and Sabra’s little split leap. Nigel says after the emotional routine that preceded theirs, they needed something like that and got it. Sabra and Pasha used the stage and she even readjusted her center a couple times, yet he doesn’t think anyone else noticed it. All in all through the night, he feels they are the best couple of the night.

So who leaves on Thursday night? Gosh, I have no idea at this point, but it could very well be the leftovers from last week Dominic and Lauren. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lauren go, but I really don’t want to say goodbye to Dominic just yet. I’d rather it be Neil, even though he did fabulous as Mia’s father. I just love Dominic’s personality. I don’t want him to win, but I’m not ready to say goodbye either.

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