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So You Think You Can Dance, August 1st – Dance With Mia's Father Again

Neil Haskell picks Lacey Schwimmer this week, and their first dance will be Latin jazz with Maria Torres which she calls a special challenge. She wants it to be something that would connect a man and woman and wants them to do this crazy lift called “The Crunch.” Lacey is nervous and not sure Neil can pull it off and Neil says he knows he has it and just needs to know she knows that he’ll know that she knows he has it. I think, or was it he needs to know he knows she’ll know … They dance tonight to Acid by Ray Barretto and Neil doesn’t have a shirt on, baring his chest for Lacey as well as the rest of us. Once again, she moves around like nobody’s business and is so succinct with her moves.

Adam predicts if Neil gets a lot of votes this week, the show will turn into So You Think You Can Dance In the Nude. He announces some great news, bad news, and also some hmm news. The great news is they are both beautiful dancers, but Lacey has a bad habit off looking at the audience and not her partner, while Neil was much more focused on her. He does warn Nigel, though, that he needs to maintain his levels instead of doing everything at an 11. I think that was the hmm news. Mary doesn’t feel the chemistry was there for her at all and what was there was forced. When he was rolling her, he wasn’t even looking at her. The cha cha positioning was all wrong and looked awkward to Mary, yet there was some really brilliant dancing in there, leaving for a mixed bag for her.

Adam butts in and says he didn’t believe Lacey and Neil wanted to tear each other limb from limb, and at this point of the competition, everything is based on performance. He then makes an apology to Nigel for taking his time. Nigel checks his watch and says he loved the music loved the choreography, but did not love the performance. He felt they were doing it too high and that they really needed to get down and be much more passionate and sexy. He, too, didn’t feel the chemistry. He tells Lacey she is much better with Latin and sexiness, and he didn’t get anything from Neil at all. He says the screaming girls are because of his looks, not his performance.

This leaves Pasha Kovalev and Sabra Johnson paired together, and their first dance will be Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio. They both say this dance is all about running around and it becomes like a workout class for them. Sabra says Tyce is a definite kicker. They dance tonight to A Wild Wild Party by The Wild Party (off-Broadway cast). They are definitely running around, yet it’s “wildly” entertaining. It actually has the look and fell of a Broadway show, not just a dance choreographed to a Broadway number. I’m surprised that Pasha could pull this off, but I’m not surprised at all by Sabra. A young boy is in the audience with a sign that says when he grows up, he wants to be Pasha.

Adam says he didn’t think he was going to like this routine, and thought there should have been a chorus of singers behind Pasha and Sabra, but he admits not to getting really drawn in. He tells Pasha that he was great and that the bad news for him, that Sabra was a revelation. He tells her she was mind-blowing, and it kind of took the night for him so far.

Mary points out Sabra is always a revelation, but tonight Pasha was as well. The two of them really meshed and were really hitting it. She likes that they picked up speed as they went. She wants to talk about the things she doesn’t like, is silent, then looks to her right and says, “Nigel?” and screams. Nigel believes she was rude to him. He says the great thing about Tyce’s choreography is that it forces them to perform, and it forces us to be happy watching them. Nigel also thinks Pasha and Sabra showed why they were there in the top 8.

Sara and Danny’s second dance will by the hip hop with Shane Sparks. Danny remembers that Shane didn’t want him in the top 20, and he’s not really sure about now. Shane talks about this, too, and says he didn’t think the audience would relate to him. He knew Sara would do well and wasn’t worried at all, but Danny really surprised him, and getting to know him as a person really changed Shane’s mind. He thinks he’ll be one of the best, and he’ll be able to say one day he had the privilege of working with Danny. They dance to Salt ‘n Pepa’s Push It, wearing yellow shirts with spray-painted “Push It” on them, as well as red berets. The dance is okay and all, but these outfits are terrible.

Adam just has to ask what Sara and Danny did to the wardrobe department that got them so mad at them. He thinks it’s almost like they were Punk’d. He thinks they are not so much ghetto as Sesame Street. He feels it was a solid routine and thinks they can do anything and are probably the most versatile couple there. In the future, he suggests they be nice to the wardrobe. Mary doesn’t think they had any choice in the matter with those outfits, but as for as the dancing, it didn’t do it for her. They are two of her favorite dancers on the show, but it was too cute to be hip hop. Nigel wants to keep it real, as they’re in the finals now, but they have to always dance brilliantly, even if they don’t feel comfortable with the routine. He doesn’t feel they matched in style either, as they both seemed to go for it in different ways.

Lauren and Dominic will now take on the rumba with Tony Meredith for their second dance. He notes it should be seductive and passionate. Lauren doesn’t have a problem being close with Dominic, as he’s such a lovable person, and he says it’s a sexy dance, which Lauren pretty much has down. He’s not too happy about wearing the heels, though, saying it doesn’t make him feel sexy and romantic . The dance is as billed, sexy, as they dance to Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers. She usually wouldn’t seem old enough for this type of thing, but tonight she does. The best compliment I can give her is that she doesn’t even look like herself, in her face or even in her moves. She’s not cute and perky, but instead is employing the Lacey sex appeal. In the audience, even Mia and Tony are pretending to make out.


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