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So You Think You Can Dance, August 1st – Dance With Mia's Father Again

With the final 8 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, I can’t for the life of me figure out how they are going to still stretch this out to be a 90 minute show. It was very understandable in the beginning, but now, I just don’t get it. I also have to say the dancers cut last week must not have made an impression and must have seemed expendable, because until hostess Cat Deeley reminded us who left, I couldn’t remember.

A self-proclaimed glutton for punishment, Adam Shankman, the hit film Hairspray’s director and choreographer, is back as a guest judge again as well as regulars Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. He says he has been busy since his last appearance on the show, promoting Hairspray as it has been doing good. Nigel notes Adam is a little shy about it, as it happens to be the highest grossing musical of all time.

Adam isn’t shy, though, to tell Cat how hot she looks tonight. Nigel talks about the pairings tonight, saying as a dancer draws a name out of the hat, the new partnerships can create magic. It also depends on the style, choreographers and individuals, as they can also make a difference in the performance. As the evening officially starts, I understand better how this will take 90 minutes. Each couple is dancing two dances.

Danny Tidwell jokes that he is hoping to pull Britney Spears’ name from the hat, but actually pulls Sara VonGillern. Their first dance of the evening will be the Argentine Tango, choreographed by Alex Da Silva. He has been wanting to work with Danny, and he considers Sara icing on the cake. Danny likes Sara’s style and finds her very sexy, and she thinks (knows) him to a be a ridiculously amazing dancer. He explains this dance has intricate moves with lots of push and pull, and Sara adds there is a crazy part of the dance where she is like a human pretzel. There’s a part she has to kick between his legs, and Alex gives him a clipboard to use to protect himself, although I think a cup probably could have done the job just as well. They dance to Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) by Sarah Vaughn and Gotan Project. Sara dances amazingly well in 4″ heeled go go boots and performs the pretzel effortlessly. Danny, as Sara pointed out, is ridiculously amazing.

Adam says he would have thought Danny and Sara would be a total mismatch, but they were “so un-beeping real, so beeping hot.” He is very proud of Sarah as she had not one shred of B girl in her, and proved she has been the most transformed dancer on the show. To Danny, he says in a sea of superlatives, he probably has the best center he has seen in his life, and is probably the best male dancer ever on this show, although he’s not sure how butch the bit with the fan at the end was, and he jokes he’s seen John Wayne doing that after killing a guy.

Mary’s not sure how Sara can dance in those boots, and says the beginning of the dance was out of sight with Danny’s pirouettes. She notes Sara’s little kicks need some improvement, and she’s not sure a real tango dancer would do the flips at the end of the dance, but she says that’s not their fault, meaning she’s blaming he choreography. Thank you. I’m tried of these dancers getting slammed for the routine when they’re just following choreography.

Nigel says he’s a fan of this couple, and Bob Fosse’s wife originally did this dance and it was just as sexy then as it is tonight. He would have liked to have seen a little more in performance of Sara’s face, but she was brilliant in the unraveling pretzel. Danny’s 7 pirouettes over here and 8 over there were just ridiculous. He doesn’t think it matters much that an Argentinean dancer wouldn’t have done that, as the reason is they couldn’t have.

Dominic Sandoval jokes that he pulls Danny’s name, when in fact he pulls Lauren Gottlieb’s. Their first dance is krump choreographed by Lil’ C who wants to push them to the limit. Lauren was excited to work with Dominic, as he’s such a joker. He’s excited to work with her as she’s so hot. What female dancer/hostess is not hot to him? He mentions that every week. He says when she dances with someone unattractive, and points to himself, it “makes us look even more unattractive.” They dance to 50 Cent’s “I Get Money. It looks really boring to me, but I wonder if it’s just the overall style of krumping. There just isn’t anything in here that wows me, and at this stage of the competition, there should be.

Adam says this wasn’t about krumping, but all about character, character, character. He’s not sure it showed either Dominic or Lauren off to the greatest of potential. Yet, it was two thumbs up for him. Mary thought the first half had all energy in the world, but from the mid section and on, it started to die a little bit. She knows Lil’ C gets so crazy, but it just seemed to die, and she notes they were definitely gangsta, although she notes she’s not a krump expert.

Nigel picks this up, saying he thinks he knows as much about krumping as Lil’ C knows about cucumber sandwiches and cups of tea. He does think there needs to be a line between krumping and hip hop, as krumping is usually three notches about hip hop. He thinks the problem could be the music being tuneless and unrhythmical, and asks if it’s “50 cents,” prompting Mary to correct him that it’s 50 Cent. He’s says in English, they call him 25 Pence. He calls Sara out on falling and trying to cover her move.


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