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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 1st – Going Stir Crazy

Dick is also told by Eric of his predictions for HoH, and Eric shares that Dick is out of the running. Do they honestly think we wouldn’t like Dick? He is about the only interesting thing in the house half the time. He wonders if Amber has a prediction and mocks her talking about how if you sit next to her, cross your legs, and double pick your nose, you’ll get the HoH, because her mom told her so. Dick leaves and lands in the kitchen with Jan and Amber, saying it couldn’t get much worse for him, as he can’t go outside and smoke, can’t eat or drink, and he’s in the kitchen with Jen.

Eric talks about mentioning possibly voting out Kail to the LNC in the meeting later “just to make things fun.” Jen says she thought there was a midget twist (ahem! little people) this year when she first saw the small beds, and Dustin then relays his “vicious midget” (again, little person) story when a little personal terrorized him at his locker in school. He watched a marathon of Little People Big World to get over it. I’m just reporting what he said. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Dick is still going stir crazy, saying his mom probably isn’t watching the feeds or even Showtime, especially after the iced tea fight with Jen. He talks about traveling around Europe when he gets out of the house, and the others annoy Zach and Nick in the small bedroom as they are trying to sleep. Someone threw a shoe at the wall at one point.

Eric finally gets his LNC meeting he wanted, after they kick Jen out that is, and he brings up possibly voting out Kail right away. Others mention how Kail is getting too comfortable when her being uncomfortable was the original goal. Dustin wants no part of this, though, saying he wants Kail out next week, but in reality, we know he’s got a little something going there with her. Eric says he’s worried it will be final three and it’s a mushroom spinning contest.

The talk moves to the HoH competition, which everyone still thinks will be endurance this time around, and Eric says he thinks HoH will be either himself, Daniele, or Zach. The meeting ends, and it looks like the plan to evict Nick is going to stick. Dani and Dick talk downstairs, and basically commiserate about Nick leaving. She says she hates everyone else in the house. The two go to bed, and as they pass the memory wall, Dick thinks he looks like a “homo,” and he says they made him do that. I think it’s supposed to be an evil look, but it doesn’t really come off that way, does it?

I wish it were Kail leaving tomorrow, but it looks like it will be Nick unless some type of miracle happens. I pray Dick can keep himself under control and someone that isn’t currently really angry at him wins HoH, endurance or not

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