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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 1st – Going Stir Crazy

Jessica, Jen, Eric, and Dustin are gabbing, and Jen mentions that their contracts said something about America’s votes possibly playing a part in the game this season. The other three look surprised and say, “Really?” We know Eric is acting, but didn’t Dustin or Jessica read their contracts before signing them? They ponder this for a while, thinking that maybe the viewers will vote someone back in, or choose a Head of Household one week. The camera keeps showing us Eric, which is funny as long as the others don’t catch onto the camera movements.

Dustin goes up to the HoH room and whispers something to Amber. Amber is playing with her microphone, and BB comes on the speaker and says, “Amber, please treat your microphone with respect.” She says she’s sorry, and BB thanks her. Then she says that she’s so sorry, she’s sick that she did that. She apologizes to the microphone. Methinks she needs her meds, stat.

They’re talking about Dick and Daniele again, and how they might want them out before Jen and Kail. Amber says that she has a lot of influence over Jen (um, has she actually met Jen?) because Jen can’t talk to Kail and needs someone else, and Amber can just tell that Jen likes her advice and respects what she has to say. Oh please. Dustin thinks it would be beneficial to keep Dick in the house for as long as Jen is still there, because they will always target each other. He also thinks that Dick will calm down and stop shouting at people once Daniele is gone, because he won’t feel so much tension all the time.

Eric and Jessica go up to the HoH room and there’s a bunch of small talk going on. Zach joins them, but leaves soon after. Jen comes up too, and makes herself comfortable. Way to go Jen! Amber is sitting next to Eric, and she’s stroking his leg. Why does she always have to pet Eric? It’s disturbing.

Jen, Dustin, and Jameka are out of the room, and Eric starts ranting about how much he hates Kail and how she has to go! I guess he got America’s message loud and clear. This should be good. Jessica is agreeing with him completely. He says that he’s getting the impression from the people in the diary room that America hates Kail and Jen. Well he’s not lying there, is he? I wonder if he’ll bring this to the entire group later?

Jameka comes back in saying that Dick was yelling at Jen again downstairs. This brings the conversation back to Dick and Daniele, and I won’t bother boring you with the details yet again.

Dick and Zach are having a grand old time downstairs. They’re trying on the girls’ shirts and posing in the mirror together, throwing food, and chasing each other around the house. It’s like a play date. Dick says that the people with the feeds will be wanting their money back. Not quite – compared to listening to the rehash upstairs, this is kind of refreshing. And it’s nice that Zach has someone to play with. Dick covers Zach’s bed with something from the kitchen – flour maybe? Zach’s laughing and having a great time.

The crew in the HoH room, which currently consists of Jameka, Eric, Jessica, and Amber, I think, is watching this on the spy screen. Jameka says that there are four votes down there, and they could change things. Eric goes downstairs just as Jen and Kail arrive upstairs. Kail is campaigning for votes. Good timing Kail – just as the tide shows signs of turning, there you are to bug people.

Back downstairs, and Dick has somehow broken Zach’s bed. Zach is still laughing though, and says he’s not going to retaliate if Dick cleans up the mess. Dick comes along and makes a decent effort at cleaning up, but it seems Zach’s jacket has been ruined in the process. He threatens to take a crap on Dick’s head while he’s sleeping and heads to the kitchen to clean up the jacket. Jameka comes down to solve the problem, perhaps it mentions in the Bible how to clean jackets or something, and Dick says Zach kept changing and wearing the same color shirts he was, so he played the prank on him, which was actually an open box of mac and cheese. Jen’s just as stir crazy as Dick is right now. She suggests an Easter Egg hunt.

Despite saying he was fine with everything, Zach works on his revenge while Dani and Nick are chatting in the little bedroom. He talks about a wet mess with flour, then changes his mind and talks about masturbating in his pillow. He does this out loud of course, and Dani and Nick pause a little while to go over this in their heads, then go back to their discussion.

Dustin makes fun of Mike giving all the girls flowers last week as he left, and Jameka wants to say, “Hey Babe!” to Julie Chen. Wouldn’t it be funny if she did that and Julie answered, “Awkward!” Eric is trying to make his predictions again on who will win HoH, and says it won’t be Dustin (duh! he’s not eligible to play this week) or Jen, which upsets her. He thinks whether it’s question and answer or endurance, this person he has in mind will win as he or she is ready to rock. He’s been right 3 out of 3 so far.

Never play pranks on a creative type. Let’s not forget Zach made dice out of the cereal box. Now he is making a mixture of pepper, cinnamon, and oil, among other things, and he creates a jar of it, and hides it in a Kleenex box. While Nick is tempted to take a penalty nom for eating after midnight, but hoping Jen does it instead making three nominees, Zach asks himself why he’s such a nice F’ing guy and throws his mixture away. Dani and Nick call him a pussy.

Eric’s just getting weird talking about toilet upper deckers, pooping on the top of the toilet and leaving it there. Are they going to be locked down until the live show tomorrow? This won’t be pretty. Dick threatens to off himself with a plastic knife and then goes to chat with the camera, after Eric mentions that he and Jess had sex and BB forgot to film it. Umm, not a chance on that one, sorry Eric. You do it; we’ll see it.