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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 1st – Going Stir Crazy

Amber asks him what he wrote in his blog, and he says that he talked about Dick trying to steal the decision-making away from him this week. Oh brother. This should make for a head-slapper of a read. He also wrote to his family and all the usual stuff. Somehow this leads to a discussion of Amber’s coke habit that lasted for about 18 months, and how Joe was upset that he had to give up smoking pot to come on the show. How would Dustin have known that?

Dick and Daniele are downstairs in the kitchen, talking about how they can’t believe it’s August already, and how quickly the month went by. They discuss the planes and the banners, and how Nick is happy about them starting the day of the veto meeting. Daniele is looking forward to getting out and taking a look at the iPhone. [it’s worth it, Daniele] They move outside, still talking. They talk about the HoH comp being endurance again, and about how many people really stay friends after a show like this, when they see what the other people in the house really said about them. I’m thinking there aren’t too many in this house that will stay friends, because they ALL talk smack about each other. Every single one of them.

Apparently there will be a 24-hour lockdown for BB to prepare for the HoH comp. That’s gotta be bugging Dick, since he’ll be without a cigarette for at least 24 hours – maybe more if it’s actually endurance. Wanna bet that he’ll smoke right near Jen if she’s still hanging on by the time he’s out? Dustin comes out, and they tell him what they’re thinking about the HoH comp. Daniele points out that the camera in the middle of the backyard is gone, and that they’ll be on lockdown in an hour.

Jen and Nick get into the hot tub, but they’re not looking at or talking to each other at all. Daniele gets a kick out of this. Kail is inside packing her things. Dick yells out to Jen, “This is a reminder. The hot tub is not a shower!”

Jen talks to Zach a bit later, and says that maybe it’s not an elaborate competition after all – maybe the lockdown is so long because they’re going to tear up the turf and try to get rid of the awful smell back there. Good point, that.

The indoor lockdown is called, no now we’re on nicotine withdrawal watch. Jen goes to the gym to work out. There’s really not much going on in the house yet, and I doubt BB is going to provide alcohol tonight when there’s no outside escape for the hamsters. Nick and Daniele retire to their bed for some cuddling, as Jen complains that she’s actually gained weight on slop. Dick says that she probably hasn’t, it’s just the crappy scale that they have. See? Not very interesting.

Talk turns to the “Wee for a Wii” contest last year when that woman died from drinking too much water. Jameka doesn’t believe that it happened because you can’t die from water. Oh come on, someone dare her to try it. General chatter about slop and how Dick misses soda the most. Kail says that she’s happy to be able to have diet soda now that Mike’s gone, because he used to drink all of it. I’m trying to find something more interesting to work with here, but they’re not co-operating at all.

Jameka is making tacos for the food eaters for dinner tonight. They all talk about 9-11 and how Jameka was in close proximity to the Pentagon, and remembers the smell. Jessica wakes up and joins them. Eric straggles in, and eventually most of the group gathers for dinner. Dustin makes some sort of toast and they’re eating.

Nick and Zach are talking about Jen, and Zach is saying that he’s never met someone like her before and thinks she’s a stripper. Um, okay. They talk about all the food left over in the storage room because most of the guys are on slop this week. Zach wants to talk to Dustin about the votes, because he really wants Kail gone.

Speaking of Kail, she’s in the round room with Jen counting her votes. She plans on approaching Jessica about her vote later, which is probably a bad idea since Jess is still harbouring anger over the lack of communication last time. Kail is very grateful that she brought her Bible, and says it was a last minute decision. Not if you saw her getting ready during the premiere, it wasn’t. They talk about religion, and then somehow that morphs into Daniele’s relationships with Nick and her boyfriend.

Jessica is sitting in the living room with the chessboard again. She lines up all of the pieces and says that this is her strategy … and the proceeds to knock all of the pieces over with one in her hand. Then she’s talking about the different pieces dating or not dating or something, which I’m not really grasping. Dustin takes a turn with the chess board, setting up an odd little story that again, I’m not going to even try and follow. The only other option though it to listen to Dick and Zach talk sports. Shouldn’t these people be going to bed early tonight or something, if they’re all convinced it’s an endurance comp tomorrow?

Amber comes out from the diary room and goes up to the HoH bedroom with Jameka. She says that her DR was really hard, and she left a really long message – cue the Vortex of Doom, because we all know that they’re not supposed to talk about their DR sessions. I guess Amber was leaving her goodbye message for Nick though. She should know that he won’t see the whole thing. Lucky Nick.

Now they’re talking about how much they want Dick and Daniele out of the house, but they plan to take out Daniele first because she’s so negative all the time. Jen seems to have rubbed off on these two. They’re really bashing on Dick and Daniele, ripping on everything from their appearance to the way they talk.