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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 1st – Going Stir Crazy

Jameka goes to tell Jessica what Amber just told her. It’s turning into a round of Broken Telephone now. She says that she’s so angry she wants to slap Daniele, which I’d kind of like to see just to take some heat off of Dick for losing his temper. She thinks that Dick and Daniele are trying to save Nick this week, and are working on Amber for her vote.

Amber is outside telling Dustin the exact same thing. Amber is putting her own personal dramatic spin on things, making it seem like a huge big deal. And of course Dustin buys into it completely, and now everyone is vowing revenge on Daniele and Dick. Because of the damn banners. See people? They have the opposite affect as you’re intending.

Nick jokes that the banners are from his mom, warning him that he’s going to be nominated. He yells, “I know, mom!”

Eric and Dick are counting the votes to evict Nick (that’s almost a tongue-twister there!) and are sure that they are solid. Eric says that he’d be happy to play devil’s advocate later and have a group meeting to make sure everyone is still on the same page.

Amber moves on to Eric to tell him what’s going on. I’m waiting for her to mistakenly tell Dick or something, because she just keeps yapping and yapping with little to no thought of the person she’s yapping to. Eric says that he’s aware of the situation and that it’s pathetic. He doesn’t care about the banners – they’ve made up their minds and Nick is leaving.

Eric and Amber think that the producers are trying to influence them in the diary room to vote Kail out because they want to save the showmance and get rid of boring Kail. Amber says that she was asked why she would want to keep Nick, who has been her rock in the game so far. Don’t they always ask why each person would want to keep each one of the nominees?

Dick comes along and says that he was asked one of his CBS.com questions in the diary room. The question was, “Why don’t you like Jen?” and his answer was, “Have you been watching the show?” He can’t believe the stupidity of the questions. BB tells him not to discuss his diary room sessions, so we don’t get to hear if there were any other questions like that.

Amber goes back to Jameka to share her thoughts about production trying to influence them to keep Nick. Now we’re into a full-fledged conspiracy theory, including fake banners that CBS is making up to make them think that people are trying to warn them. Clearly Amber forgot to take her meds this morning. She’s getting kind of worked up, telling Jameka that the whole game is kind of rigged. Jameka issues her standard mm hmm’s in response. Amber babbles about how she hopes Kail wins HoH, even though she really wants it herself. She gets called to the DR, and mumbles for them to f*** themselves. Ruh roh. I predict tears in the near future.

When Amber returns from the DR, she tells Jameka that she got in trouble for saying that BB was faking the banners. Then she repeats what Kail said earlier, about Daniele and Dick making it all the way to the end if they stick around. I guess that one stuck, Kail. Amber mentions that Eric wants to have an LNC meeting later tonight to go over the pros and cons of the nominees and make sure everyone is on board with the vote.

Dick and Daniele are having a conversation, and Dick tells her to try and get closer to Jessica so the four of them (including Eric) can work together. He says that they would have the largest voting block in that case and could take out the person they really wanted out instead of going along with the group. Dick gets sentimental and says that he’s glad that they’re talking normally to each other, and that they just need to accept each other and their faults. He thinks they are edging closer to a normal relationship. Daniele gets weird and says she doesn’t want to talk about all this right now. Dick says he knows, but it’s the most important thing to him now. Daniele gets up, and Dick asks her not to leave. She does anyway, and he scolds himself.

Kail and Jen are talking about the rest of the house. Kail thinks it’s interesting that both Dustin and Amber told her to fight for HoH. Jen says that it doesn’t make sense that Dustin put her up, because she never would have put him on the block. They think that Nick wouldn’t have either, because Amber wouldn’t have allowed it. They both thought Zach would be the one to take Jen’s place. Jen thinks that Zach will stay in the house a while longer because no one wants to waste their HoH on him. Kail says that Amber told her she saw herself, Dustin, Jameka, and Eric as the final four, and she noticed that Daniele and Dick weren’t mentioned. Jen picks up on this, and says that those four must then be working together. Kail doesn’t think so. (Because Kail’s an idiot, apparently.) Jen says that she and Kail are disposable.

Jameka is praising Jesus in the hammock. No, I’m not trying to be funny. She’s actually thanking him for everything that’s happened to her since birth, and telling him that he is her Lord, her lover, and her intimate friend.

Amber, meanwhile, is telling Dustin that she can’t wait for the meeting tonight to call out Daniele and Dick on their campaigning to save Nick. They’re both bitching about how those two shouldn’t have thought they’d get away with it, and now they’re opening the doors to the rest of them going after them. Amber says that Jameka is so angry that Daniele is using her to make her point. I don’t get it. If Jameka did indeed say what Daniele said about the banners, then where’s the problem? Dustin is all dramatic, telling Amber to keep her game face on and not to let Dick or Daniele see that she doesn’t like them and wants them gone. He tells her to come and vent only to him. Maybe it was Dustin and not Kail who studied at the School of Nerd Herdiness.