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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, August 1st – Going Stir Crazy

This morning starts off with Nick waking up and going right to the hot tub, where he sits counting on his fingers. Obviously he’s trying to figure out how many votes he might have to stay in the house, wondering if campaigning would be worth it or not. Kail gets up and hauls her Bible outside along with her coffee. There’s a bit of idle chit chat with Nick before he heads back to bed.

Kail sits alone for a while, and eventually falls asleep on the couch outside. That’s great – they’re even too boring to keep themselves awake. How am I expected not to doze off here? Oh wait, maybe she’s not asleep. Anyone really care? Me neither. Let’s move on.

There’s a sudden burst of George Michael music which leads us to the toilet bowel. BB is waking everyone up finally. Kail goes to the kitchen where Dustin and Amber are scouting out the coffee situation. She wants to know who the music was by this morning, and Dustin says that it was “Freedom” by George Michael. Kail doesn’t know who he is. Seriously? How can you go through life not knowing about Wham!? She’s in my age bracket, so she has no excuse.

Amber says that a woman woke her up in the HoH and told her she had to leave. Dustin says that they must be setting up his computer so that he can write the HoH blog. He goes up to check, and the computer is indeed there. He seems entranced with the thing, but I won’t make fun of him because I’d be totally thrilled myself. Amber and Kail are still the only other ones awake, and they’re talking about slop. Ho hum.

Kail asks Amber if she’s sad for some reason. Amber says no, she’s not, which I’m sure is worrying Kail. If Amber’s not sad, that means that she might not be voting Nick out. So the alternative is … buh bye Kail. Even though we know this isn’t the case, it’s fun to watch Kail stress.

The ladies go outside to sit in the sun, and Kail is reassuring Amber several times that she wasn’t the target during the first week. She says that Mrs. Robinson wanted to split up the enemy pairs, so they were after Carol the whole time. She’s conveniently forgetting the couple of days before the vote when she wigged out and tried to flip it, however. Amber says that she thought Kail was trying to take her out because she’s a single mother and Kail didn’t want to go up against her at the end. Kail insists that never even crossed her mind. Not sure if Amber believes her, but she says she does. They talk about how God has control of the game and has already decided who will win it. Sigh.

Nick, Daniele, and Eric are talking and goofing off in the little bedroom, but the lights are still off and they’re all still in bed. Zach is still asleep – or at least pretending to be until they call him out and he speaks. BB tells them that it’s time to get up for the day, but they don’t move. They’re told again, and nothing. So we get the Vortex of Doom, and suddenly everyone is up and the lights are on. I wonder what they get threatened with, and if it would work on my own kids?

Kail is pitching herself to Amber now, saying that she’s a team player and knows she can’t go too far in the game, so she’s just trying to enjoy the experience. Right. Poor little unthreatening Kail. Bah. She says that she’s never seen the live feeds for the show and thinks that she should have to better prepare herself for the game. You think? She says that if Dick and Daniele are taken out, she thinks that Dustin, Amber, and Jameka will all be in the finals. But if no one gets Daniele and Dick out, they’ll go all the way. Wow, way to plant thoughts in Amber’s weak little mind there, Kail!

They talk about Dick and how he makes people uncomfortable (even though Amber says she loves him, because you know, she loves everybody), and about Jen, who Kail says is very loyal if you can see past her t-shirts and self-absorbed attitude. Kail says that she gets along with Jen, Dustin, and Amber in the house now, and to a lesser extent Eric and Jessica. Amber says that she and Dustin have each other’s back, but they’re not part of an alliance. Oh, really? Kail wonders if she should try for HoH this week, and Amber says she should.

Nick and Daniele are in the bathroom, and Nick is telling her that he had a good dream about his ex last night. Note to guys: this is not a good thing to say to a woman you’re interested in.

Dustin is done with his blog, and now has the camera. He sounds very excited about this for some reason. There are still people in bed trying to fall asleep with all the lights on, so Dustin decides to head outside … where BB calls an indoor lockdown. Heh. Must be another banner plane, which the others are all quick to point out. People, none of these banners have been seen by anyone. Save your money. Donate to charity. Buy some new shoes. Purchase yourself a clue.

Dustin moves around the house taking cheesy posed photographs of everyone. I want to see someone sneaking around and taking candid shots for a change.

Daniele corners Amber in the bathroom and says that Jameka told her that there have been three banners in the last three days – someone is obviously trying to tell them something, and it has to be about Nick. Amber goes directly to Jameka and shares this info. Jameka is annoyed because she said that a few days ago (really? Just how many banners have there been, exactly?) and Daniele is trying to make it sound like something she said recently. Or something – she gets annoyed quite easily, that Jameka. She wants to call Daniele out on this one, but Amber says no because she doesn’t want Daniele knowing that she blabbed. Jameka is getting more and more angry about this now, saying that she thinks Daniele is using her name to make it look like a religious sign or something. Erm, no, I don’t think that’s the goal there at all.