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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 31st – Banner Planes Don't Make for a Banner Day

With the rousing memory wall game over for now, Jen and Kail are in the kitchen talking about the gap between Jen’s two front teeth. Kail helps her rig up some dental floss to tie her teeth together to lessen the gap. I wonder if Jen’s heard of dentistry?

Nick is talking to Amber, who asks him what Dick told him outside. Nick says nothing, except that it was a group decision to put him on the block. Which is what they all decided that they’d say, so he can’t be in trouble for that, right? Nick says that he thinks he might have Daniele, Jameka, and Amber because they’ve all been close throughout the game. He’s hoping to also get Dick and Jessica because they don’t like Kail. Amber isn’t giving anything up, but she tells him that she will be honest with him because she always has been. Like when she told him that she didn’t know he was going to be nominated, for example.

Abs class is now underway in the backyard. These hamsters really should have had a clue about how Dustin would react to the HoH title by watching him take over the abs classes, because he totally acts like this is serious business and everyone must follow along with his every instruction.

Eric and Dick agree that they need to break up the “Bible Bitches” alliance. Hee! Best alliance name ever. Dick says that he’s in the doghouse with Amber and Jameka because he made a joke about adding, “Thou shalt not question the magic ping pong ball” to the commandments. See, this is the Dick that I love. Not the screaming guy.

Abs class is finally over, and Dustin goes over to ask Jessica what she and Zach talked about. She tells him that Zach really wants Nick to stay because he hates Kail. Dustin turns this into another reason why Nick has to go, because Zach is a direct threat to him so keeping Nick would strengthen that. They talk about how Zach has only seen the All Stars season of the show (which confirms my suspicion that they were given the tapes of last season to watch in sequester), and that he really liked Booger and Will. They come to the conclusion that Zach by himself isn’t threatening, but Nick is playing everyone so they need to stick with the plan.

More conversation ensues as others gather. They have to win HoH this week, and think it will be an endurance competition. Jameka says that she had her feet shortened by having some bones removed – she went from a size nine to a size six. So she changed the feet that God gave her? Scandalous! Amber and Jen are walking around with white facial masks on, which Jen bought at an Asian store. She says that Asians have the best skin, but the downside here is that she can’t read the instructions on the mask. Jessica is playing with the chess board, placing the pieces in different groupings. One is a wedding party, then she’s plotting out cheerleading moves.

Eric spends a while in the diary room, probably getting our plea for him to take Kail out and having a little breakdown over us messing with his game. He comes out and sits with Jessica, and tells her that he can feel the tension in the house rising each week, and sooner or later he’s going to blow at someone. They discuss Dick and how he was cast to be the house psychotic, even though I thought that title belonged to Zach.

This is all followed by a group chat, where they cover such things as the ages of classic cartoon characters, how many female Smurfs there were, and the varying consistency of their poop. Why do the hamsters always talk so much about their bodily functions? This happens every single season.

Jessica decides it’s time for bed, and Eric goes to tuck her in. Cute. He ends up laying in bed with her (get your minds out of the gutter – it’s purely friendly) and they talk about the house and do a bit of whisper-strategy stuff. They end up talking about America’s Choice and who they would want to get a phone call from. Jessica wants to talk to her brother, who is stationed in Iraq and didn’t know that she’d be on the show. Eric says that his brother would probably wig out and try to give him secrets about the game. They both think that Amber would end up like April, in the HoH room sobbing because America didn’t let her talk to her family. Hee!

Dustin, Dick, and Daniele are talking about the ratings of the show, and what the next HoH competition might be. For the first time ever I’m hoping that it won’t be endurance, because I’m going out of town on Thursday morning and I’ll miss it. Sniff. While we’re on the subject though, please send sanity vibes to poor LauraBelle, who will be covering the live feeds for five straight days while I’m gone. We love you, LauraBelle! Stock up on the alcohol! Okay, back to the house.

Dustin goes to bed, and Dick warns Daniele not to get her hopes up about Nick staying this week. They agree that booting Nick isn’t the best move strategically, and that they both want Jen out of the house as soon as possible. They worry about being on the block together again if someone from their group wins HoH. If it’s an endurance comp, they think Jen has an advantage because she’s in great shape. I think Daniele would have an advantage in a hanging type endurance comp because she weighs nothing.

These two talk for quite a while, getting along great. It’s nice to see, even though they’re trash-talking most of the others in the house. Daniele says that Zach doesn’t like Jameka and would probably put her up because she’s loud. Dick says he wouldn’t mind seeing her go, and Daniele agrees. Dick says that there are a few people in the house who don’t really like her that much. Then they’re talking about Eric, and Dick thinks that his frequent, lengthy DR trips are fishy and that BB might be giving him information or something. You don’t know how right you are, Dick.

Jameka joins Jessica and Eric, who are still lying in her bed chatting. They goss about Daniele and Dick, the PoV situation with Dustin, and all the other stuff that’s already been talked to death.

Dustin and Amber are also discussing game, talking about how Daniele is trying to plant seeds to make them distrust each other. I’m not sure how they figure this, but they do. Amber gets upset, anticipating a lot of tears and hardship on Thursday because it will be Nick’s last day in the house and she feels so badly about it. Great, we’re going to get waterworks now, aren’t we? Dustin is trying his best to make her feel better. She wants Kail or Jen to win the next HoH so that Dick or Daniele will be gone. Dustin says he’d like that as well.

It’s nearly 6 in the morning, and most of the hamsters are still up and talking in little groups. It’s really not that exciting though, because most of it is stuff we’ve heard before without any new spin or anything to revive it.

Eric, Jessica, and Jameka are saying that they need to get Dick out of the house. Eric is leading the charge, saying that they don’t need him running around the house spilling secrets and trying to change everything they decide as a group. He points out that Daniele and Dick will be after Dustin and Amber, while Dustin and Amber are already plotting against Dick and Daniele. So it works out well for the other three. They talk about how Jen is messing with Dick, and how Eric told Dick that he had to look past it and not get to carried away. Jameka thinks that Dick has no self-control. Then it’s back to talking about Dustin, and how he said that he wanted to take out the greedy and dishonest people, then took all the prizes in the veto comp. They’re laughing about this.

Finally people are starting to get ready to go to sleep. There must be something wrong with the planetary alignment or something though, because Dick isn’t the last one to bed. He’s already sound asleep in the round room that he shares with Kail and Jen (oh, the irony) when Eric and Jessica finally call it a night. Just one day, I’d love to hear Big Brother put out the wake up call while some of these folks are still up and talking. Just to see the look on Kail’s face when she comes out with her coffee to see them all sitting there, fully dressed, yapping it up.

With a possible endurance competition coming up and the house becoming more and more divided, it’s a good time to check out the feeds for yourself! Try this link for 14 days free: Watch Big Brother 8 on SuperPass

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