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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 31st – Banner Planes Don't Make for a Banner Day

Daniele and Jameka rehash Daniele’s argument with Jen, and Jameka comes out with her usual pearls of wisdom about Jen being self-centred and maintaining integrity and all the stuff that we’ve heard before. There’s a lot of talk amongst the group about the banners and how people order them, and how BB knows that they’re coming in time to call a lockdown. Someone asks what would happen if they were in the middle of a live competition and a banner flew by. Zach says that BB would tell them not to look up, and if they did they’d get a penalty nomination or be thrown out of the game. He also shares that BB has people keeping an eye on the local airports. So there you go – if you want to waste your money on a banner, send it from an airport that isn’t considered “local.”

Dick approaches Dustin about keeping Nick, giving pretty much the same speech to him that he did with Eric. Dustin isn’t sold either, and says that it benefits him and Amber if Kail stays. Which contradicts what Eric told Dick about keeping people that benefit the group equally. But whatever. Dustin also says that getting rid of Jen isn’t a priority right now because strategically it doesn’t really have much of an effect. Guess he doesn’t realize that he’s become public enemy number one in Jen’s book.

Daniele and Dick also chat about the possibility of keeping Nick. Dick warns her that the group isn’t in favour of this plan, but Daniele insists that someone has to mention it and try. And of course it can’t be her.

Jameka and Dustin discuss how Dick always tries to change things after the group makes a decision, and that he thinks he’s the leader of the alliance but he’s not. Kail is the next one to chat with King Dustin, and she’s stressing that Amber will change her mind and try to sway the vote. Dustin reassures her that she’s safe even if Amber changes her vote, which he guarantees she won’t do. They both commiserate over how uncomfortable Dick is making things for everyone, and how mean he is to Jen. Dustin says that Dick told him that he’s not usually that bad, but Jen brings this out in him because he hates her so much.

Dustin and Kail end up having a very long chat about their experiences in the house and their letters from home that they got in their HoH baskets. Kail says that she’s surprised by how much she’s cried already in the house. The funny thing here is that Amber has cried about 85 times as much as Kail has, yet Amber doesn’t think this is unusual.

Dick and Daniele talk again about flipping the vote. Dick warns her that if they try this, it might split the group. He doesn’t want Eric to end up working against them, because he’s dangerous and knows the game. Daniele offers that Eric would be a good person to backdoor out of the house and Dick agrees but says, “not yet.” He warns Daniele never to approach that subject with Jessica, because she and Eric are very close.

Nick joins them, and Dick says that he can’t be seen sitting and talking with Daniele and Nick too much over the next couple of days. He’s right, of course. He says that they should try to work on Amber to flip the vote and get some serious tears out of her. Dick leaves, warning Nick not to tell others what votes he might have. Daniele starts talking, and Nick yaps at her not to cut him off and calls her rude. As if this is anything new. He leaves in a huff.

Zach asks Nick if it’s okay with him if Zach does a little campaigning on his behalf. Zach wants to work on Jessica and Eric, pitching the gender thing to Eric. Nick says that’s fine, he can go ahead and try.

Jessica and Zach have a hammock date tonight. No idea why they keep up this date night thing – it’s still ridiculous. Zach is talking about how he tries to be so careful about what he says to people in the house, and admits that he screwed up by accepting the invitation to join the Mrs. Robinson alliance at the start of the game. Maybe this is why people aren’t warming up to Zach. He knows he made a major error, and now he’s too afraid to open up to people.

Zach tells Jessica that he thinks she’s the perfect girl. She’s pretty, she drinks beer, she’s always happy, and always fun. Jessica says that she does get sad sometimes, but she tries not to let it bring her down. She wants to enjoy her experience in the house. They talk about Carol a bit, and how Zach regrets doing the streaking thing.

Finally Zach gets around to the current situation in the house, and admits that he wants Nick to stay. He says that he has some resentment towards Kail for betraying their group and really wants to see her walk out the door. He asks Jessica what she thinks, and she says that she doesn’t like Kail at all. She won’t commit to her vote, however. The date is finally over, and Jessica ends up in the kitchen eating cookies with the others.

Zach goes to Nick and tells him how his conversation with Jessica went. He doesn’t put too much of a spin on it, but he’s also convinced that Nick is staying this week. Has Zach ever been right about the way the votes were going? He says that if Nick does end up leaving, he’s welcome to stay in Zach’s apartment which isn’t too far away. Nick says that he’ll probably go home to his family.

Nick and Daniele are alone together once again. Nick is saying that he doesn’t want to campaign or worry about the game or fight with people. He just wants to spend his last 36 hours in the house with her. Daniele is upset, saying that she wants him to fight and help her work out a way to keep him there. She feels that he is giving up, but Nick just thinks that the vote has already been decided. Daniele whines that Nick is hurting her feelings, and they have another mild argument about which one of them is rude. Yawn. Finally Nick says again that he just wants to spend his time with her because she’s made the experience worthwhile for him. He knows that he may never see her again after this, but if he leaves and they are on good terms, then he’ll be happy.

Elsewhere in the house, the hamsters have created another new game. They take the keys from the memory wall and shuffle them up, then put them in random spots beside the pictures. The idea of the game is to guess whose key is in which slot. Doesn’t sound all that much fun to me, but they’re all hooting and hollering and seem to be enjoying it. So good for them.

Nick gets up and joins Dick outside. They talk more about the vote, and Nick wants to know if Jameka was on board with voting him out this week. Dick, who can’t keep a secret, tells Nick about the group of seven and how everything was decided amongst them all. Nick plans to work hard on Amber, and talk to a few other people. Dick tells him to make sure he has enough votes – not to leave it to a tie-breaker, because Dustin will evict him. Nick says that he trusts Dick and Daniele 100% now, but Dick warns him never to trust anyone that much. He adds that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and Jen isn’t singing yet.