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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 31st – Banner Planes Don't Make for a Banner Day

I think I could start every day’s recap with the following sentence: Kail is up first, and she heads outside to sit quietly with her coffee. This morning, Nick is the second one out and he goes outside too. Pleasantries are exchanged, and we’re taken to the Vortex of Doom while BB wakes up the rest of the hamsters. Thanks BB – these two just aren’t all that exciting together.

Amber and Dick are in the kitchen, and Jen comes through. She gets right behind Dick, and when he turns around he almost knocks her over. On his way outside, he tells Amber that this is what he meant when he pointed out that Jen follows him around everywhere. Guess Dick is starting early this morning.

After some more random milling about, Amber and Dick are talking in the storage room, and Dick tells that it might be in the best interests of the group if she doesn’t tell Nick too much about how his nomination went down. He says it’s totally up to her, he just wanted to mention that. He adds that he was down with Nick leaving this week, but now he doesn’t care which one of them goes. Amber says that she just doesn’t want to talk about the game right now and leaves.

Nick, Daniele, and Dick are in the kitchen now, while everyone else is outside. Lots of rehash about Dick yelling at Jen yesterday. Dick says that his shouting at Jen probably makes her panties wet, which Nick thinks is extremely funny. Daniele doesn’t seem to be quite as entertained by her father though. Nick gets his flirt on and tells Daniele that she won’t recognize him at the wrap party, and says that he’ll wear a suit for her if she wants him to. They decide that Mike is probably going to keep up with the show on television, but not with the internet feeds. Then they’re talking about chain restaurants. See, this is why Big Brother needs to have the comps and ceremonies spread out a little more over the course of a week. The boring days are just mind-numbing.

Dick admits that the DR people warned him about making comments about what he was going to do outside the house, like ramming his boot so far up Jen’s ass that she’d have to have it surgically removed. Other than that though, he says he didn’t cross any lines. I know there are a lot of people out there who disagree. I’ve even read some people think he’s an abuser. Let’s not get too carried away with this – yeah, he said some awful things, but I guess people are up in arms because he said it to her face. Think of all the things that the Friendsheep said during their season. Because they said it only amongst themselves though, there was no public outrage. Anyway, let’s get back on track here.

The outside crew isn’t much more entertaining, I’m afraid. They’re all laying in the sun without much chatter. Eric says that he’s getting tired of doing this every day, and they should play a game or do something instead. There’s agreement, but no one makes a move to actually play anything. I’m starting to think that Mike had the right idea by sleeping all day long. Dustin is telling a heart-warming story about ripping his mother off for a couple of thousand dollars.

Nick and Zach talk in the gym. Zach is worried that the house is going to end up divided along gender lines, and wants Nick to talk to Eric about the possibility of keeping Nick in the house this week. Zach fears the Eric is being played by the women to help them get the rest of the guys out. For some reason though, Zach thinks that Daniele isn’t involved in any of this.

Back outside now, where a bunch of hamsters are talking about how they want to improve their lives. Stuff like wanting their families and friends to be happy, blah blah blah. Then Jen says that one of her goals is to learn how to feel empathy, and Amber cannot believe that Jen isn’t capable of being empathetic towards anyone. She harps on this for a while, because of course Amber is the poster child for empathy. Eric says that one of his goals is to get a montage on the show of everyone saying “I’d do that for a dollar!” He’s good – they all say it, and I can almost hear the little check mark sound on the show for today.

The afternoon crawls by, with the houseguests talking about celebrities they don’t like, what qualities in the other houseguests that they would want in a mate, movies, and that kind of thing. Dick seems to be a little restless, dividing his time between going outside for a cigarette and wandering around the house talking with Daniele and Nick, or with Zach. At least Zach is getting some conversation out of it. There’s some chatter about websites and MySpace and that kind of thing, and Dick mentions that he doesn’t want all kinds of people that he doesn’t know requesting to be added as a friend or sending him messages while he’s in the house. I kind of agree with him there – that would be a little weird to come home to. Although I’m thinking it’s probably way too late for that now. I’m sure his son is handling his fair share of requests and messages.

There’s an inside lockdown, and the hamsters all seem to think that a plane with a banner attached is flying overhead. They’re dying to know what it says, and Dick thinks that if it’s coming by now, it must have something to do with Nick. According to the rumour mill, he’s right. Personally, I’d send a banner warning them to get Amber and Jameka out of there. First, because I don’t want those two to end up as our final two, and I can see it happening quite easily. Second, because Amber would become an even bigger mess than she already is, and at least we’d have something to watch.

Eric says that he’s not interested in seeing any banners, because they would just cause extra problems for all of them. Heh – I wonder what he’s thinking is on these banners? “Eric is playing for America!” – the rest of them still wouldn’t get it, so I’m not sure what he’s worried about. After reading about all the dirt that’s been dug up on Kail recently though, I would think she’d be a little more concerned about them than Eric would.

Dick approaches Eric and gently floats the idea of evicting Kail this week. He says again that the banner’s timing suggests that it might be a warning that they’re targeting the wrong person. He says that he’s not trying to swing the vote or anything, he just thinks the group should consider all of the options. Eric doesn’t say too much, but he doesn’t seem to be on board with the idea either. He says that Nick is only loyal to a few people in their group, so it doesn’t benefit all of them to keep him. He’s been so adamant about getting Nick out of the house that I don’t think even America’s pick will sway him. They talk about Dustin and how they can’t let him get HoH again because he’s proven himself to be untrustworthy.