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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 30th – Super Cuts

Jen and Kail meanwhile are discussing their hatred of Daniele. She’s not a good person, they decide, if she stole someone’s boyfriend. Kail says her husband was worried about her being okay in the house, and knows she’ll be a mental case when she gets home. They discuss never being in a situation where people were this rude before.

Jess joins Dick and he tells her his version of everything that happened. She says Jen shouldn’t start something she can’t finish. He doesn’t understand why Jen is still around, and asks if people are now thinking he is a nut-case. Jess says she doesn’t. She tells him pouring tea isn’t that bad, and BB knows drama happens this late anyway. Dick now opens his mouth to Jess, saying not to tell anyone, but Dani wants to quit. Dustin interrupts to see if Dick is okay and is told the whole story.

Kail asks Nick if Dick feels badly, and Nick says he doesn’t know, but if BB never says anything to him about his outbursts, he’s going to keep doing it. He also says he is not going to plead his case or campaign this week. After he leaves, she tells Jen Nick did what he did because he was protecting Jen. Jen points out Nick yelled at her almost as much as Dick did. Back outside, Dick, Dustin, and Jess are trying to get past the whole ugly event, and are defining “getting Zached.” You get Zached when you stay in a situation nowhere no one wants you in there, you leave yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in, or you go where no one wants you.

Jen goes outside to the hot tub, and Dick tells her to leave because he’s tired of looking at her face. She tells him to chill and they start their banter once again. She asks if she hears music, and he tells her it’s the tea in her ear. And, of course, Dick goes back to the 9 gallons of water in the teacup. Jameka comes out and is told abs class was cancelled. She wants everyone to know Nick isn’t feeling well and says he thinks it’s cold symptoms. Jen pesters Jess about why she isn’t drinking, and Dick is called to the DR. I just wonder if he gets a talking to, or if they egg him on.

Inside, Nick and Dani are in “their” bed, and she gives him a back massage, telling him he should campaign and focus on Jess, Eric, and Jameka. Dani wonders if her dad is in the DR getting warnings, and Nick thinks Dick will get evicted right after him. Zach asks them if they think Jen is a lesbian, and he thinks this because she hates Dick. Well, not Dani’s dad, but … you know. He leaves, and as Dani starts explaining to Nick about the plan for the PoV comp and how it went down, Dick emerges from DR, happy as a clam. No Jen jokes here.He claims to not be in trouble at all, and that they just wanted to tell him to not talk about DR sessions.

Outside, in the hot tub, Eric admits his girlfriend made it to the top 50 of So You Think You Can Dance. Interesting. I wonder which year. Since it’s sharing time, Dustin says he and a friend both had mono in high school, so they made out with as many people as possible in a short time frame to see who could infect more people. Dick tries to take the heat off himself, saying he thinks Jameka just painted herself into a corner with taking Jen off with the veto, and Dustin brings it back around, saying he can’t wait to see tapes of the tea incident, because he misses all the good stuff.

Dick joins Jameka and Amber in the HoH, and he is at first proud of what he is doing to Jen and Kail, but Jameka gets him to see he’s a little out of line. Dani is apologizing to Dustin for the awkwardness for her part in the whole thing, but she adds she’s tired of everyone else talking about her life when they don’t know. Jen and Eric join the party, and Jen and Dani decide to talk privately later. Dustin tells Jen to leave for a little bit, then says that Dick is fracturing the group.

Downstairs, Dick, Dani, and Nick have a discussion and Dick admits he took Jen’s unitard and BB was telling him in the DR to give it back to her, but he refuses. While Eric is getting his hair dyed and cut into his own mohawk up in the HoH, Dick lays it out, saying Jameka showed her true colors, Amber is an idiot, Kail is a wreck, and Dustin is showing his true colors as well. Dani makes a great point about everyone always bragging about their scores with the house shrink. Jess joins them, and they fill her in on being in the HoH before, and once Dani walked in she was “Zached.”

Dick continues to herald his actions, and says the DR laughed about one of his comments to Jen, but eventually he comes clean and says they did say what he did could be seen as “inciting” someone. He doesn’t think getting rid of Nick is the best idea, but is going along with it for the group. He tells Jess to let him know if it looks like someone might throw a vote Nick’s way, as he’ll join in. Interestingly enough, he says the same thing that the others did earlier, to stick with the seven and once they are all that’s left, all bets are off.

Jameka and Jess play golf while Dick coaches, and the others play a movie guessing game inside. Dustin has picked his favorite movie, Troop Beverly Hills, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why he has chosen this. I think he may be the only one in the world. Dick vs. Jen is compared to Howie vs. April, and , and they say Howie never said anything that bad. Apparently they have short memories, not remembering him talking about eating her dog and such. For some reason Eric goes to the bathroom and tells Jen everyone is hating on Dick, and Amber and Dani have issues. She needs to just stay low. Wait until he finds out who America wants him to vote out. I have a feeling it will be Kail again.

Things could get interesting tomorrow, as Eric and Jess plan on wiping melted chocolate on the inside of Dick’s pants to make it seem like he crapped his pants. I would love it if someone at that point would use the SNL line, “Oops, I crapped my pants.” Jameka joins them and they giggle throughout the night/early morning, even when Jen tells them both all to stop . Dick talks outside to himself saying that Kail, Nick, and Jen have got to leave. He also says Jen brings out the best of the worst in him.

Dick eventually heads off to bed, saying it was a long drama-filled day, and that seems to be an understatement. If Dick would have laid low, he could have had the focus on Jameka and Dustin, but he just couldn’t do it. His best bet is to try and switch the vote to getting Kail out this week, and then to have either himself or Dani win HOH.

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