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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 30th – Super Cuts

From the mountain and molehill file, Jen tells Kail she doesn’t want to be left in the house without Kail and Mike to deal with Dani and Dick alone. Kail, still trying to save her ass, even to her “friend,” says if it was her, she’d tell BB to hand her her bags. Yeah, but Dick is the evil one, while she’s trying to force her so-called friend into DORing. Jen says if it happens again she will apply for the DOR and ask for a restraining order. Kail mentions her worries that her daughters will see it, and Jen tells her it probably won’t be aired, as BB would then have too many people telling BB to have Dick arrested. For what? It’s going to kill them when they get out and see how much Dick is liked. Just like it did to the Friendship Group. Meanwhile, Kail thinks they are in the HOH bathroom so long because of the haircuts.

They talk about putting Dick up with a pawn and telling him then in the end he just doesn’t have the votes to stay. They also talk about doing it with Dani, as Dick will have no one to turn to. Eric says, though, it has to be Zach or Jen next week, so that they don’t have one of them on the jury. I don’t think anyone will ever have the guts to do this, though, since they do everything by committee and there is so much back-talk that goes on. They discuss telling Zach he has no chance to win, because apparently it’s okay for everyone to be mean-spirited but Dick. Eric says they should assign someone to stare at Zach. Jameka, normally the one with the best advice, suggests that if Zach wins HoH, they should all avoid him and not talk to him for the week. They are teetering on sounding like the Friendship alliance. Dani joins them all and says the whole house is acting awkward.

Dick finds Jen again and goes off once again. At least he’s funny when he goes off like that. He says Vanna is going to can her when she’s out of the house “Is there an F? Is there an I? Is there an R? Is there an E? Is there a D? Yes! It’s Fired! He also advises her to go drink Drano. Jen then plays back, and hits Dick where it really hurts saying Dani is cheating on her boyfriend on TV. He tells her not to attack Dani. Dani then gets into it with Jen, and Nick comes in, and of course takes Dani’s side. Zach jumps into it as well and Dick rejoins. The result is Dick pours his glass of iced tea on Jen’s head.

Jen wants everyone to know Dick is off balance, so parades around with her soaked clothes and hair to show everyone what happened. Even up to the HoH. Nick goes to Amber and says Jameka screwed up by taking Jen off the block. He then tries to take solace with Dani and she wants nothing to do with him, so he threatens to go to bed, but she takes off before he has a chance to follow through.

Apparently the only one that will sit with Dick now is Zach, and that can’t be good for Dick. When BB tells someone to stop singing, Dick asks who can be happy enough right now to be singing. He tells Zach Jameka used the veto to put him on the block, so he doesn’t want to hear any shit about it. Zach says that confirmed what he knew. Dick talks about needing more iced tea, because he “lost” his last one. Yet, he’s also talking about knowing that he just screwed up.

Dani joins Dick, and as she cries, she says she just wants to go home. He takes off his shirt, and gives it to her to blow her nose on. She uses it.

Getting daughter’s best friend in house up on the block: 1 shirt
Getting daughter to fight with your enemy: 1 shirt
Dumping tea on Jen’s head: priceless.

Dani says it’s not worth the money anymore and she doesn’t know what the point is. Dick tells her the point for him is moments like this when he’s able to talk to her. She says she is not mad at him and Nick for jumping in and protecting her when she was fighting with Jen. Dani suggests flipping the vote to save Nick, and Dick says he has thought about it, but he knows everyone will flip out.

Nick tells Zach he thinks the plan is to get him out and says he’ll understand if he wants to vote with the house. Zach doesn’t think that’s the plan, though, as Dustin told him Kail was the target. He says if Nick goes, he’ll know Dustin was lying. Ya think? Someone lying on BB?

When Dani goes to join Nick inside, Amber comes out to talk to Dick. He tells her she and Dani should be friends, and she says she’s tried. Dick tells Amber about Dani wanting to leave, but swears her to secrecy. If he only knew that just a few minutes ago she was discussing kicking him and his daughter out. He says it’s really hard for him as a dad to be in here, and he tells Amber it’s not about who loves Nick more or who he loves more. He’s Dani’s only friend here, and it will be a void when he leaves. He also wants Amber to check on Nick to make sure he’s okay.


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