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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 30th – Super Cuts

Dick tells Nick he likes his haircut. One good thing about Nick leaving is it will stop the Dick and Jane sound of these recaps. He thinks the internet is exploding about the news, but this is interrupted by BB getting extremely upset at Kail about her obstructing her microphone. In other words, they are calling her out on her strategizing, as she was under a blanket with Jen.

Nick tells Jess it’s just a game, and he’s okay with it. He’s a smart guy and graduated summa cum laude. She asks what that is, and she’s a college student … who is apparently not attempting to reach the same lofty goal. Nick, despite not being in the current configuration of the LNC has had too much info perviously. Having been tipped off from BB that she was covering her mic somewhere, he goes to find Kail and Jen, and when Kail says Dick is abusive to Jen, he doesn’t seem too worried about it. He says he is probably being backdoored this week, and if Kail keeps acting the way she is, she’ll keep staying around, as they are keep her there because she seems so unstable, and they know it is messing up her game play. In other words, he just told her if she wants to stay to keep acting messed up. Had he phrased it differently, he could have told her to play smarter, and to not act like that, and when she looked too smart again, the vote could have switched from him to her.

Dustin is opening a full out barbershop in the house it seems. He now cuts Zach’s hair. No mohawk this time, though. Zach asks who Dustin wants to leave, and he admits he’d rather see Nick stay. Who knows, though, if he’s playing Zach right now since he also was telling Kail she was a pawn. Dick finds Dani and Nick and is still going on and on about Jen. He talks about her not being able to satisfy herself, and Dani says she really doesn’t want to hear it. Thank you, neither do we. Dick is apparently a complicated guy. He gives him one of his Suicidal Tendencies shirts. I think he knows Nick is screwing up Dani’s game, and playing both sides, yet he also likes him as a person.

Dick also finds Jameka and tries to help her out a little, as he knows she’s feeling kind of bad about taking Jen off the block. He says she stated from the beginning what she was going to do, and she followed up on her word. There’s nothing wrong with that, although he realizes she actually wanted Zach out. She wonders how this will all be played out on TV, but he lets her know that the crazies on the internet are typing every one of their words right now. Well, never “every” word.

Despite the fact that Kail has just been caught strategizing in a big way a few times covering her mic and without her mic by BB, she now goes to Dustin and pretends she is very bothered by the Dick vs. Jen thing, saying it’s no way-for a 44 year old man to talk to a young woman. Despite the fact she has lied several time in the house, she is invoking her Morals Police license again. She claims she’s worried her daughters will see this and think it’s okay to be talked to like this by a guy.

Dustin is apparently so affected by Kail’s feelings, he gives himself a buzz cut. BB needs to take away his razor. Eric and Amber join him in the bathroom, and Dustin talks about the talk with Zach, and how Zach doesn’t believe Nick will leave over Kail. They think he’s “gender bent,” and Eric makes a joke that first they’ll get the women out, then the guys under 6’0″, and then the blacks and jews. Eric tells the other two that Nick told him the other day that he had been approached for an alliance by them.

Jen comes out of the DR and grabs the rule book as Dick is then called in. Apparently she must have been trying to get them to kick him out, and they must have said he didn’t break the rules. Yet, it seems, he will get a stern talking to.

Nick admits to Kail about his feelings for everyone. He says he doesn’t trust her or Jen, but feels Jen does have genuine streaks, no pun intended, I think. He also says he was pressured into their alliance by Nick. He wanted to find the people in the house he had the best rapport with, and that seems to be Amber and Dani. He tells her not to worry, that he can handle anything that comes his way. I think he’s being … somewhat honest, or maybe as honest as he can be, and that he was basically just telling her he would understand if she campaigned hard against him.

Dick, out of the DR, tells Jen that she can give him whatever hard looks she wants, to get him out, she’ll have to actually compete in a competition. He’s forcing her to play. Too bad he can’t force her to shower every day.

Jameka, Erik, Amber, and Dustin chat in the the HoH bathroom, the busiest place today it seems, and everyone tells Jameka not to worry about using the veto, as she was only honoring her word. They also talk about Dick’s rant on Jen, and decide he went too far today. They also talk about Kail’s reaction to the rant, and Eric says he told her there are people behind the walls that will not let anything be taken too far. Do they honestly not see that Kail is playing this to the hilt trying to save her own hide from leaving this week? Of course, the extra vote for Kail and the mustard caper come up, and people wonder if it was Dick. Whoever is on everyone’s shit list seems to get that blame.

Dani and Nick try to enjoy their time together, since they don’t know how much longer it will last. Dani tells him that Amber was the one telling everyone that he was the extra vote for Kail. He takes the info up to Dustin to tell him it wasn’t him. Dustin says not to worry about it, as that’s not why he was nominated. After he leaves, he rejoins the others in the bathroom and says he thinks Jen and Nick have a secret alliance and that Dick was behind the vote. When they get the 7 left in the house, he wants Dani to go first. Jameka suggests using Kail as pawn to get Dani or Dick out, and Eric thinks it would be funny to use her as a pawn for 5 weeks in a row.


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