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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 30th – Super Cuts

Well, Kail does. She takes the big info to Dustin that Amber is crying, and is basically told it sucks for Amber, but she’ll get over it. Jen joins them as well, and they discuss Kail’s chances. He basically tells her she’s safe, but to not get overconfident, she’s still on the block. Kail doesn’t want to start campaigning until Wednesday, and Dustin tells her there are probably only three people that will vote against Kail, and that would be Amber, Dani, and Dick, but I think Dick wants him out on his can. Of course, it depends on if we vote for Eric to take out Kail or Nick, as if it’s Kail, that will be another of those errant votes that cause trouble. Once Nick’s up, though, they have to take him out now.

Nick climbs into bed with Amber as she is inconsolable. She says she just can’t get herself together. Really, Amber, when can you? He calls her Dollface, and tells her not to worry. He asks if she knew, and she says she knew it was either him or Zach, but she says she never knew which it would be. That’s right, Honey, milk this one out.

Who knows why, but Dick goes off on Jen, mad at her about what she did to Jameka. He warns her she isn’t off the block because people like her, it’s just the way it is. He tells her he hopes she dies a slow, horrible death. He even goes as far as to compare her to Saddam Hussein. Okay, Dick, I love you, but you’re taking this too far. I guess Dustin was right. Three things after every comp. 1. Dick going off. 2. Amber crying. 3. Dani and Nick talking somewhere in a corner. We’re just waiting on that one now. No one really seems to care about him going off, just as they don’t about Amber’s pity parties anymore, and Dustin wants someone to help out Jess instead, as she’s somehow gotten stuck applying sunscreen to Zach.

Eric finds Dani, and they discuss the PoV situation. They discuss Amber crying and making a spectacle of herself and that Dustin seems p.o.’ed at Jameka after her speech. They wish they would have caught Zach’s face as Nick’s name was called instead of his. Looks like there are some things to watch for now on Tuesday night’s show. Let’s just hope I get this recap in on time. Proofreading at 6:49, it looks like it will barely make it.

Jen finds Dani and tells her she is sorry she has had to deal with Dick her whole life. She then pages through the rules book looking for a way to use Dick’s barrage on her as a way to get him kicked out. Eric tells her to put the book away, as there is nothing in there that says you can’t yell at someone. She thinks it was intimidation, and the book says you can’t do that. He tells her that Dick is just trying to get to her. If she doesn’t let it bother her, he’ll stop. Kail, of course, is on the case, and is very disturbed. Eric tells them that if it ever turns physical, Jen only needs to get one of the other guys to take care of it.

I’ll agree Dick went too far, but Eric is absolutely right that he does it to them because they get so bothered. And in all honesty, if Jen and Kail were that frightened of him, wouldn’t you think they’d sleep somewhere else? Jen is worried that he will harm her face and it will affect her modeling career. I’d be more worried that them now knowing I didn’t shower would affect my modeling career. She thinks people that know her will seek out Dick outside the house and try to hurt him. Can we make this mole hill any larger of a mountain?

In other news, Nick is holding it against Dani that she didn’t tell him. He asks who wanted him out and when she won’t share the names with him, but does tell him she tried to persuade the others not to, he gets upset. She tells him it’s because of the vote for Kail, and he swears he didn’t do that. He tells Dani he never went against her in the house and the emotions he feels for her are real.

Nick decides to find solace in the haircut he has been wanting for for so long. He gets Dick to shave the sides of his head so that he can have that mohawk that BB threatened he better not do. While Dick works, he and Nick discuss Dani and the veto. Nick tells him Dani was very upset when she found out it would be Nick going up. Dick says he’s not stupid, and realizes he’s a target. He thinks Dustin will have a target on him soon as well, and really it throws it on Jen for looking so smug when Jameka took her off, and Kail for having a smug look as well. When the mohawk is finished, Dick advises Nick to use egg whites on it to keep it up and stiff, saying it will work like Viagra. He also suggests the shaved hair should go on a wall for the next BB All-Stars.

With a fresh new look, Nick tells Dani to vote with the house. He’s okay with it. He tells Dustin that it took some balls to nominate him and not tell him beforehand, yet he has no hard feelings. As he leaves, Dustin and Amber talk about the situation and Dustin says he knows Nick is upset even though he’s not saying it, as he wouldn’t let Dustin help him with his mohawk. They both agree that it was a good move, and that Dustin was the only person that could have done either, other than Eric.

Somehow differences are put aside as Nick allows Dustin to finish off the mohawk for him and make it even shorter. They talk a little more about the veto situation. Nick realizes people were afraid to tell him thinking he’d punch a wall, and feels bad for Kail, knowing she’s going through a lot as well. Dustin says he wishes Nick would go home, yet he also wishes he’d stay. Nick is tempted to eat while on slop, as he’s not worried by the penalty nom now, but worries they could take his stipend. Wasn’t this the guy that wasn’t there for the money? They talk about the possibility of someone coming back into the game, and wonder if Nick will get stuck in a house with Joe.


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