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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 30th – Super Cuts

Today is the day we see if Dustin has the cajones to put up Nick. Everyone on both sides of the house knows he has to go because he’s most likely “double dipping,” but will Dustin have the guts to follow what the rest of the Late Night Crew wants? Of course, this doesn’t include Amber who thinks Nick is in love with her and is currently a little put off by Dustin being greedy, nor does it include Dani who cried for hours when she found out Nick’s fate.

Nick is apparently anxious to get a start on the day to finds answer to this himself. While Kail is up making coffee and taking a shower, Nick gets up and heads straight to the hot tub. Kail joins him and asks if he thinks Zach believes he will be sitting next to her in the nomination chairs. He says yes, then asks his own question, wondering if she ever thinks about what the LNC talks about outside after they go to bed every night. He thinks Nick made a few enemies after the PoV comp, and both he and Kail agree that Jameka will do the right thing with the PoV. I guess that’s perspective. Their right thing might not be others’ right thing. Nick goes in to shower and eat, and plays a Dick Trick, fixing the kitchen sprayer to go off on someone. Yeah, that’ll fix whoever wants to vote you out. He goes back to bed, and BB wakes the house up a few minutes later, promising the PoV comp in two hours.

When Jen gets up and actually takes a shower, Zach asks Dick if that’s the fourth time since she’s been then. Dustin listening in offers up that it is, and he’s living proof, but I don’t get that. How is he proof to her not showering? Wouldn’t you think she’d lose out on modeling contracts now that they know she doesn’t shower often?

Kail corners Dustin about the PoV ceremony and asks if he’s worried. He says he’s not, as he knows the guy he’s putting up is going home this week. He advises her to say how difficult it is to be put up next to such a close friend. How does that help her out? No one likes her, and no one really cares? More oddness abounds as Kail says she’ll talk to Jen, because Dustin says he’s worried about Jen holding it against him. Why would Jen be upset if Jameka takes her off the block, unless he’s worried she’ll figure out Kail was just a pawn to get her out, which wasn’t true, but Kail doesn’t know that.

Nick corners Dustin in the HoH and asks if he thinks Jameka will be using the PoV. Dustin replies she wouldn’t be pouring through the Bible if she wasn’t. Nick mentions wanting to w in PoV next week, so he’s definitely worried, but probably not as much as he should be. He must be convinced that it’s Zach going home. Dustin then talks to Amber and he tells her to do whatever she has to do, which could be about the vote, since she likes Nick. He says in his speech he will say someone has been playing both sides and has to go, and that person is Nick. They both wonder if Dani has tipped him off that he’s going up.

Jen has noticed her unitard is stolen, and Jess, knowing that Dick was planning on writing something bad on it about Jen and her female body parts that stink, asks him to give it back to her. Why couldn’t the unitard be the thing that got the mustard treatment? We need to be sure we give Eric more specific plans in the future.

Zach mentions the slop being easier this time around, and for Dick who’s on it for the first time, he doesn’t think it’s all that bad. Of course, we do need to check in with him again around Wednesday night. I just keep thinking of poor Chicken George being on it the whole time he was in the house.

Dani talks to Dustin and tells him she’s having a hard time not telling Nick. He’s getting the wrong idea, because she’s having a hard time looking him in the eye. She compares it to Dustin having to put Amber up. He understands, but tells her it will make things easier for her inside and outside the house. She knows that, but it still sucks. Dustin wants her to know she can come talk to her any time if it just gets unbearable. He leaves and she listens to his music, which must be hard for her right now, as others have said the music choices are all very sappy.

Jameka is called to the DR, and everyone else is sent outside for lockdown. Just as I predicted, the music didn’t help Dani at all, she seems even more upset. Nick is off by himself as well. Dani plays the game the others are playing, though, which is deciding where they’d go if they were given a trip and with whom. She wants to go to Jamaica even though she has heard it sells like B.O. That’s a really odd statement, but maybe she figures it’s not any worse than living with Jen. Dick would go to Norway because of the hot chicks, Amber, Turkey, because that’s where her dad hails from, and Kail wants to stay home, but when pushed by Dick says somewhere with city lights.

I’ll give it to Zach for starting that conversation, it was pretty interesting. I think maybe he’s working on his social retardation. Eric turns the tables on him, and asks how much money it would take for him to have sex with a chimpanzee. Thankfully, we never receive a definitive answer on that one, but the images will be haunting me for the rest of the day regardless.

Everyone is rushed inside, but it’s not time for the PoV. It changes to an HoH lockdown, as it seems there was a banner plane outside or something. After a short time we lose the feeds altogether, and when we return, it’s obvious Nick has been put up on the block. He is definitely taken aback. He asks Eric if it was a whole house consensus and Eric won’t admit to his part in it, but says there were a lot of names mentioned. He was always critical of the Mrs. R alliance, so he doesn’t understand this. He adds that Dustin and Amber have been trying to get him to align with him for weeks. Amber is … crying. It’s to the point where no one cares anymore or offers any sympathy.


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