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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 29th – Just Another Day in the Neighbourhood

Jessica and Eric liven things up, as usual, by betting on their beer pong game. Jessica loses the bet and ends up wearing the unitard along with a pair of Eric’s boxers over top.

Dick and Daniele talk about strategy, and how Dustin and Amber are playing all sides of the house. Dick thinks that Dustin needs to go and then Amber will be alone, but Daniele points out that Amber still has Jameka. Personally I think Jameka is the most dangerous person in the house, because no one will target her. Daniele goes inside, leaving Dick to talk to himself for a while, which he does.

Daniele asks Amber why she’s mad at her, but Amber refuses to talk about it. She says that she can’t put herself through this right now. What the hell does that mean? Daniele says that Amber hasn’t even looked at her all day, and doesn’t understand what she did to set her off. Amber again won’t talk, so Daniele says, “I tried!” and leaves.

Eric and Jessica get into a pillow fight, and it looks like Jessica is beating the snot out of him. This will be on the show for sure, especially after Eric got his ass handed to him by Jen in the wrestling match. Poor guy.

Now it’s time to wonder what the other twists in the game might be, because they all know that the “enemies” thing can’t be all there is. Someone brings up the Coup D’Etat, which they think wasn’t used well last season, so they may try it again. Jessica hollers out that Eric is the twist, and he says yes, he is. They all laugh. I’m laughing too, but at them, not with them. Then she offers that Jameka is really Lil Kim. Really not seeing that one. Someone suggests that Daniele is really much younger than 21, and Jessica says that must be the reason she doesn’t drink. Wow. Jessica is very astute after a few rounds of beer pong!

Dick, Eric, and Jessica are whispering about game stuff. From what I can gather, they’re talking about Dustin and how he’s changed since winning HoH. They mention the prizes and stuff in the veto comp, and that they don’t understand why he was so adamant about getting Zach out of the house when he’s harmless. Dick brings up how unstable Amber is, and Dustin comes out to break up the little confab.

Daniele goes into the bedroom where Zach is all ready for bed. He tells her that he’s there if she needs anyone to talk to, about Nick or anything else. She grunts at him, and Nick walks in. Nick and Daniele end up cuddling in bed together, and the whispering starts up again. After a few minutes, Nick gets up and goes to his own bed.

It’s now about 1:30 in the morning, and Eric is in the diary room. The LNC (Late Night Crew) and Jen are all sitting in the living room talking about the plates on the wall that change colours and other various minutiae. Eric comes out, and a few minutes later I hear the phrase, “I’d do that for a dollar!” Oh come on people, you voted for that one? I was so hoping for Sweet Chicken. At least it’s a tiny bit unusual. He tells Dick that Amber’s expressions in the house are getting tired, so he’s going to repeat the dollar thing over and over until everyone is saying it. Dick? Thinks it’s funny.

Someone dares Eric to jump in the pool fully clothed, and he responds (say it with me), “I’d do that for a dollar!” And in he goes. I’m already sick of the phrase, but it’ll be funny if the others catch on and we have another reason to laugh at them. Dick and Jessica have already started, which is a good sign for America’s Player.

Dustin is making moves to go to bed, and brings the group down a bit by talking about his speech that he’ll deliver when he nominates Nick. I don’t think I need to point out that Jen has left the group by now. He says that this nomination will prove to others that Dustin is able to make bold moves in the house. Good for you Dustin.

Eric, Jessica, Dick, Amber, and Jameka are the last of the LNC tonight. Eric is saying that Jen woke Kail and Zach up last night when she wasn’t included in the HoH meeting, and that she was pretty upset about it. They all compare stories on what they’ve told Zach, and figure that he must be thinking that he’s about to go on the block. Everyone but Dick is tired and ready for bed, so it’s now time for the Dick at Night Show.

Tonight’s installment is a little lacking in entertainment value, but Dick’s stock as a fabulous roommate goes up tenfold. He does the dishes, laundry, pool stuff, cleans the dining room table, scrubs out the shower stalls, and cleans the kitchen sink. Bravo! I wish someone would come and do all that in my house after I went to bed. Then he goes outside for a cigarette, moves the bunnies around, and finally heads off to sleep.

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