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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 29th – Just Another Day in the Neighbourhood

Amber also says that Dustin told Zach that he might be going up, since Jameka has decided to use the veto. Jameka doesn’t like this, and says that it makes it sound like it’s her fault that someone else is going up.

Most of the hamsters go outside and end up playing a game that’s based on the HoH competitions, but with funny questions. Well, some of them are funny. They’re all laughing and enjoying themselves. The only two people who aren’t outside are Nick and Zach, because they’re upstairs in the HoH room comparing notes. Except that they aren’t, because neither one will give up any information that they’ve been told about who might be going up. As they part ways and are no longer within earshot of one another, Zach mutters, “Liar!” and Nick mumbles, “Get a clue.”

Dustin, who has completely abandoned the idea of playing the game without telling lies, is telling Jen that the reason they went upstairs last night without her is because Dick was in a frenzy over Jameka taking Jen off the block with the veto, and that everyone was really angry with him because he wouldn’t let it go. He says that he told Dick, “How dare you tell her what to do!” He says that no decision was made about anything with the group, and that he hasn’t decided yet who will go up in Jen’s place.

Jen says that Dick tried to make an alliance with her last week, but that she couldn’t be in an alliance with someone that negative. She thinks that Dick has alliances with everyone in the house, but Dustin says quickly that he doesn’t have one with him. He actually says, “Homey don’t play that.” Okay, Homey. He wants to know if Dick has an alliance with Kail, but Jen doesn’t know. She suggests again that he put Dick on the block, but Dustin says he has a good idea who he wants up there. He says that whoever goes up has to go out, and hopes that Jen will vote against them because she’s close with Kail.

As usual, the conversation goes back to putting Dick on the block. Dustin says that a few people have suggested this to him, so Jen wants to know why he isn’t listening to the house and putting Dick on the block. Dustin is stuck now – how do you explain this without giving up an alliance? He says that Kail or Jen will have to do that. Then he says that he has to play this game honestly, and that he has to make his decision strategically. I think honesty moved out of the HoH room as soon as Dustin moved in.

Amber replaces Jen in the HoH room, and Dustin is again apologizing for taking the money and the trip in the veto competition. Amber says that Jameka never even considered taking the temptations. Well that’s her problem, isn’t it? If they all didn’t care who left, then why is this such a big deal. Amber says it’s fine, no big deal, but Jameka and herself would never have done something like that. She says she’s not mad, she’s just very disappointed in him.

Time for some mindless boredom in the house. Daniele does Nick’s nails, Zach wanders around looking for someone to interact with him, Jen dons the unitard, and a few people are either working out, snoozing outside, or getting dinner ready. Not too much to report on here. Dinnertime is equally uneventful, as the only people eating are Dustin, Jessica, Jameka, Daniele, and Eric. The whole group chats about the first night in the house, when Dick, Jessica, and Dustin were holed up in the HoH room. The centerpiece for this meal is a couple of topiary bunnies humping. Which I’m guessing was designed by Dick.

Jen and Kail, who have eaten some slop cookies for dinner, are in the bedroom talking about finding bible passages that speak of ridding themselves of evil. Because they still think that Dustin nominating Dick is a possibility, I guess. Kail is trying to assure herself that she has four votes to stay in the house no matter who she goes up against. They head out to the hot tub, where Kail suggests that they not let Dustin catch on to the fact that they discuss so much about the game together. What, does she think the Jenitard gives them a cloaking ability? Everyone knows!

Amber and Jameka are now talking, and Amber is really pissed off at Daniele. I’m guessing that it’s over the whole Nick thing, but who the hell knows. Amber gets upset if the wind hits her the wrong way, so it really could be anything. Daniele apparently told Amber that she was going to tell Nick that she didn’t know he would be nominated. I’m not sure why, since he’ll know that’s not true as soon as he leaves the house and sees the show, but Amber thinks this is brilliant and plans to do so herself as well. This annoys Daniele, which in turn annoys Amber.

Jameka and Amber discuss various ways to get Daniele out of the house so that there’s no more drama (hello? Amber is the drama queen darlings). Meanwhile, Jessica, Dustin, and Daniele are setting up for another rousing evening of beer pong. Back to Amber, who is saying that she wants to punch Daniele for being rude to her. Funny thing is that Jameka is holding the bible, open in her lap, while the two of them trash talk the others. I vote we make them honourary Nerd Herd members. Now Amber is upset with Dustin because he told her that she’s made a few questionable moves in the game. They start getting into the bible talk, and I’m done recapping the two of them.

Nothing much else is going on in the house, however. Eventually Kail and Jen gravitate to the sermon in the bedroom, which comes as no real surprise. Jameka is reading the verses, and then stopping to explain what they mean. She also has to define the big words for Amber, like “dissention” and “ignorance.” Amber asks a lot of questions, which makes me wonder if she even understood this whole religion deal before embracing it.