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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 29th – Just Another Day in the Neighbourhood

It’s a short recap today, because it’s one of those days where nothing really happens. There’s the usual stuff, as you’ll see, but the biggest thing to rock the Big Brother house is the unveiling of Eric’s newest catch phrase.

Kail is once again the first one up this morning, followed by Jen. They two of them sit outside and discuss who the replacement nomination might be. They’re pretty sure it’ll be Zach. One thing that they know for sure, however, is that one of them has to win HoH on Thursday. What a brilliant idea – I wonder if anyone else has thought of it.

Talk turns to Dick, and Jen thinks that he’s told everyone that they would make a great team, so he must be lying. She’s wondering how long it will take everyone to compare notes and realize this themselves. Kail has decided to rant about Jessica today, complaining that she hasn’t had a chance to have a conversation with Eric because she’s always with him. She also thinks that she should have used Jess’s strategy of eating, sleeping, and drinking all day and trying not to make enemies. As opposed to what – running around and discussing half-brained game theories to anyone who will listen?

Kail thinks that Jessica will never win a competition, and that she would be the perfect person to use as a pawn if needed. She wants to win HoH again and put Dick and Daniele up together, using Jessica as the replacement if one of them comes off with the veto. Jen says that she’s not worried at all about Jess, because she wants to get into modeling, and Jen has promised to help her once the game is over. Jen says that if Jess turns on her in the game, her offer is no longer open.

After lots more chatter from the two nominees, Nick is up and about. He tells Daniele that Jen told him about the group of people that went upstairs to talk strategy after everyone went to bed. Daniele says that they did go up, and that they left Jen downstairs by herself. He asks about the veto, and Daniele says that she doesn’t know what Jameka is doing with it. Nick says that Zach is stressing because he knows he’s going up.

Speaking of Zach, he’s telling everyone about a dream he had last night that he was in the Matrix (as in the movie), and that Nick was the chosen one. Heh. They really need to have a dream interpreter on staff there to mess with these people some more. That would be kind of cool.

Nick asks Dustin if he thinks Jameka will use the veto. He says she will because she’s a woman of her word. Nick wants to know who’s going up in Jen’s place, and Dustin flat out lies and says Zach. Then he tells Nick that if one of “us” wins HoH again next week, Jen and Kail will go right back up on the block. See, this is dumb. Nick will be nominated and then he’ll turn around and start spilling everything that everyone has told him throughout the game. Dustin is digging his own grave here.

Eric is telling Daniele that she doesn’t have to worry or stress, that it will all be over by Thursday. He mentions that she probably shouldn’t tell Nick he’s leaving, and assures her that he (Eric) really likes her and will be her ally in the game. Daniele doesn’t seem to be too convinced. She says that the reason she was upset last night was that Amber put her on the spot and made it sound like she couldn’t handle losing Nick. Eric says that Nick will try and turn the Late Night Crew against each other before he goes. He starts whispering to her, and she’s laughing at whatever it is he’s telling her.

Dustin and Zach are in the HoH room now talking about the veto, of course. Dustin says that he’s either going to put up Zach, Nick, Daniele, or Dick, and he hasn’t decided yet. Zach says that Dick would be a good nom, but then backtracks and says that they need to take out some of the girls before they start to rule the house. He suggests that he could be a “silent partner” with Dustin in the game.

Zach says that he and Nick are close, and that Dustin would have nothing to gain by nominating Nick. He brings up Dick again, saying that the relationship between Dick and Daniele is getting too dangerous and one of them needs to go soon. Dustin admits that he may have made some enemies in the PoV comp – specifically Jameka and Amber. Zach says that Jameka told him that the temptations in the competition came from the devil himself. He thinks that Jameka is a dangerous player, and that Dustin shouldn’t waste him nomination on Zach since there are bigger fish to fry in the house.

Back on the suggestion of putting up Dick now. Zach says that putting Dick on the block and evicting him would put Dustin in better standing with Kail and Jen. Right now, both of them are upset with him for putting them on the block again, but if Dick were to leave this week they would see past that and Dustin would be safe with just about everyone in the house. This is a really good argument, but I don’t think Dustin is ready to make such a bold move yet. He promises Zach that he won’t repeat this conversation to anyone else.

Moments later, Dustin is repeating their conversation to Amber. Go figure. Amber doesn’t care much, because she thinks that Daniele is mad at her and hasn’t even looked at her all day. Amber moves on to Jameka, and tells her that she just heard that Zach wants to target Dick, Daniele, and Jameka if he gets HoH, so they have to take him out next week. Jameka mm hmms in response.