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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 28th – The Late Night Crew Makes it Official

Dick addresses Daniele and says that she hasn’t said anything yet. He wants to know what she thinks about Nick going. Dani starts to cry and says that Nick is her only friend in the house and it’s hard for her. She hates this, and the situation sucks. But she would be willing to vote to evict him if the rest of the group decides that it’s what they want. Dick thinks it would be best for Dani in the long run if Nick were out of the game, but she doesn’t agree. Amber says that it’s hard for her too, because she’s so close to Nick as well. Somehow I don’t see Amber’s relationship with Nick on the same level as Dani’s, but I’m sure Amber does.

Daniele says that she wants Jen out because she’s manipulative and sucks at the game, but she knows that it isn’t her call to make. She excuses herself from the group, saying that she’ll be back in a few minutes. Dick follows her out, saying that if he has a vote, he wants Nick out. Amber turns on the waterworks, as she says that she wants Nick gone too but hoped he would make the jury.

Eric says that Nick is the only one who tried to sell out their group, so he really needs to go. They think that it would help Daniele if Nick left too, because she’d be able to focus better on the game. Jessica says apologetically that it isn’t their responsibility to take care of Daniele. Dick returns, saying that he couldn’t find Daniele so she must have gone to bed.

Eric is really pushing now, saying that if they take Nick out, he’d be willing to put up whoever the rest of the group wants next week if he wins HoH. Everyone seems to be in agreement now, even Dustin (although Jameka is not saying much), and it’s confirmed that Nick will be nominated and evicted. Eric insists that they don’t need to flip anything else, because when Nick goes up, he has to go out. Dick agrees.

Daniele comes out of the shower stall in the downstairs bathroom, drying her eyes. She’s been hiding in there crying this whole time. She goes to touch up her face a bit before sitting on the bathroom couch.

Now the group is trying to decide whether or not to tell Nick that he’s going. They think that he’s going to turn into a beast if he finds out, and they’re actually worried that he would turn violent and cause physical harm by throwing things. Jameka seems most concerned saying that she is very afraid of him. Eric points out that this is even more reason to get him out of the house now. He says that he will protect everyone and not let Nick intimidate them. Dick says he will as well. Where they get the idea that Nick would turn into a raging maniac I’m not sure. But these folks aren’t exactly known for their lack of drama here. Dick asks that they all keep an eye on Daniele this week to make sure that Nick isn’t trying to pressure her too much.

Now Eric is saying that they have to stick to the plan, because Nick will probably end up being worse than Joe was in his effort to infiltrate the group and get the votes to stay in the house. This is followed by everyone telling each other how great they were in presenting their arguments and sticking with the issues at hand. It’s pretty much a big group affirmation thing, which surprisingly isn’t being led by Jameka.

Eric expresses his confidence in one of the Late Night Crew winning HoH next week. Then he asks if everyone is okay with giving their alliance the official title of “Late Night Crew.” Jameka looks surprised and says that they’ve never actually decided that this is an alliance. Apparently God hasn’t told her that she should be part of an alliance or something. Someone asks Amber, who seems to be asleep, if she’s okay. She says she is, but that this is going to be a very hard week for her. That’s terrific. Can’t wait for the long days of crying and seeking out bible verses from Jameka.

Jessica says she’s going to bed, and Dick goes outside to smoke. Instead of the Dick at Night Show, we get all four camera on the LNC members still in the HoH room. They talk about pranks in the house, and how the people watching the feeds late at night must be happy because that’s when all the action happens. Sometimes it does, yes. And other times, no so much. But tonight was interesting, so they get a pass for now.

Lots of chatter, rehash, and Zach bashing going on now. They worry that if Kail or Jen wins HoH next week, they’ll end up putting Daniele and Dick back on the block together. Dustin says that if that happens, they have to fight for the veto and try to get Zach nominated instead. Hopefully he’s telling the truth here, and there wouldn’t be any scheming to get rid of All Night Dick.

Dustin, Eric, and Jameka all go to the DR wearing hats so they can vent about Zach. Dick and Daniele have a talk about the Nick situation. Daniele says that it’s hard because Nick is her best friend in the house, and she just doesn’t fit in with the others as well. Dick says that’s because she spends all of her time with Nick, but she disagrees. She says that Amber has Dustin and Jameka, and Jessica has Eric. It’s hard for Dani because her best friend isn’t part of the group.

Dick offers to be her sounding board and her friend in the house, and when she says that it isn’t the same, he says that he knows. Dani says that she will have to tell Nick that he’s going home this week because she doesn’t think she can keep it from him. Dick tells her that if things get weird with him, she should tell him (Dick) immediately. He also points out that it will be better in the long run if Nick goes, because it has to be hurting Chris to see what’s going on. Dani agrees.

Dick mentions that they were supposed to be on season 6, and we get the blue swirls. We come back to hear Dick reaffirming that he’s so proud of Daniele kicking ass in this house, and that she’ll be even stronger and more focused once Nick is gone. She says she just doesn’t like hurting people, but Dick points out that if it wasn’t now, it would be two weeks from now.

Amber is telling Jameka that God must be proud of them, and that she had a premonition that one of them would win veto and the other HoH. So she’s sure that she will be HoH next week. They talk about Dustin and how he screwed them over in the PoV comp, and Jameka says that she warned him about that. They confirm that they now want to two of them plus Eric and Jessica in the final four. They’re hoping that Kail or Jen win HoH soon so that they will go after Daniele.

Daniele and Dick come into the kitchen where Amber and Jameka are talking. Amber asks Dani if she’s mad at her, and Dani says she’s not mad, but Amber made her feel uncomfortable in the HoH room earlier. Amber says she didn’t mean to, she was trying to make Dani feel more comfortable by showing her that she was upset too. Dani says that she knows, but then everyone was staring at her and expecting her to say something, and it was uncomfortable. Amber apologizes and they hug, and Daniele goes off to bed.

Amber asks Dick if Daniele is okay, and he says that she is. Amber and Jameka go off to bed, and Dick heads outside for a smoke. He asks BB if he can go to the DR, so off he goes. He’s in there for quite a long time, so it’s very late (early in the morning, really) by the time he comes out and goes to bed himself.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens this week. While I don’t think Nick will become violent, I do think that he’ll start spreading rumors and outing people, giving up secrets and trying to cause as much trouble as he can before he walks out the door.

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