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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 28th – The Late Night Crew Makes it Official

Jameka goes on to talk with Dustin and says she plans to follow through and use the veto. She doesn’t understand why everyone is so upset, she mentioned doing that last night. She wonders if more focus will be on getting Kail out because of the comp. Dustin tries to put the focus back on Zach, and says him following him around is like stalker behavior. He says Dani told him he cannot put Nick up, and Jameka goes back to Kail and says while she may seem like an enemy, if she stays, Dick will put her up again, and if she stays again, she’ll go after him. She has to go sooner or later. She’s not a cat with nine lives. Dustin goes downstairs to talk to Amber to see if she’s ready to talk. That would be a negative, as she starts to cry again so he leaves.

Kail stops reading her Bible to talk game with Jen. They say they need to win HoH next week. Wow, that’s astute. Kail says she was trying to explain to Dustin that if Dani nearly won PoV that would be three wins for her, meaning she’s a threat. Does she not get it? Dustin is not going to go after his allies yet. She’d be better off speaking against Zach or Nick, or whoever she thinks she can win against out of the two. They want to start pointing out people that aren’t really playing the game like Dustin, Dani, and Nick. Umm, what? They’re not playing the game? I just don’t get the way they think.

Jess and Eric play beer pong, and she says she’s learning Hebrew to impress his mom. Eric declares that whoever loses the game has to declare the winner’s religion the better of the two. Jess ends up declaring New York and Judaism as the best. Dustin and Nick play next, with Dustin saying he thinks he ended up downing 5 beers in 45 minutes. Eric gets called to the DR, and Jess asks if Dick has ever played beer pong. He says no, and tells him she’ll have to teach him when he’s not on slop.

Dani whispers about the PoV to Amber, and says Dustin taking the prizes showed a lot about his character. She thinks he practically packed his bags with that move, but also thinks if Jameka uses the veto it will hurt her game as well. They have to keep their eye on the prize here and quit sniping on each other. Yet, it continues. She goes outside and talks with Dustin and Nick at the hot tub, and says she’s mad at Amber for calling her a spoiled brat. She’s had to work hard for everything and is on her own. Dustin talks about Nick living with his parents still and having the ability to live the Abercrombie life if he wants. Dani doesn’t like when Zach calls her a little princess either. Dustin says he feels the same way as he works hard for what he has as well, and doesn’t even have a credit card.

Jess tries to get into the HoH to talk with Dustin, but finding Zach in there listening to music, she quickly leaves. She finds Eric again and they do the hokey pokey, literally. They do some play fighting after, and Eric asks if she took a self defense course. She replies it’s Marine Corps martial arts. They discuss Dustin being a target after taking all the prizes and also Jameka playing for God. Jess says Jameka said earlier she’s not going to tell people anymore how she votes, as it just gets her in trouble.

Zach comes in looking for the chess pieces that they hid earlier, and Eric tells him to keep looking, saying it’s like an Easter Egg hunt. Don’t worry about putting that guy on the block. Just hide his chess pieces so he can’t strategize anymore. Eric tells him “big Asian haircutter Julie Chen” hid the pieces, and Jess says they’re in the living room. Dick tells Zach he better get out there and find them quickly because they’re giving him hints.

I’m not so sure if this is a good idea or not, but Eric seems to be still buzzed from beer pong. He, Dustin, and Jess are playing a question and answer game, and he reveals with his own question and answer who was really behind the Mustard Caper. This could come back to bite him in the ass.

The in crowd gathers upstairs in the HoH to discuss the replacement nom and if Jameka is going to use it. They were talking outside, but Jen came to join them, which obviously wouldn’t have worked too well. Dick wants to talk about the possibility of not using the veto, but Dustin jumps in and avoids that by saying Jameka has already decided so now they need to figure out who the replacement will be. Dick fights this a little, but is ultimately overruled.

Of course Dustin is still wanting to get Zach out, but he says that it’s either Zach or Nick the group must decide on. Eric says that this is their golden opportunity to get Nick out of the house – if he goes up, he’ll go out. They may not get this chance again. Dustin asks who thinks Nick would be an asset on the jury. Eric interrupts and says that the seven of them sitting in this room will be deciding who wins the game. Daniele wisely points out that one of them could leave next week if Kail or Jen wins HoH.

There’s some talk about who, out of the four potential evictees, hates the people in the group of seven the most. Dick is concerned that Kail and Jen will both make the jury, because both of them hate him. Zach hates Daniele, and Nick would be an asset to both Daniele and Amber. Dustin cuts off this line of talk saying that they should then pick someone who puts the group on equal footing so as not to give anyone an advantage on the jury. This is pretty much impossible, but at least they’re moving on.

They decide that Zach would end up voting for who played the better game, even though they think he’s a psycho. Everyone except Jameka and Dustin are saying that Nick should go now. Well, Daniele doesn’t chime in. She’s oddly silent. Dustin says that they should just put Zach out because he doesn’t impact the game at all and has no friends in the house. Dick questions this, saying that they all agreed that Nick was the biggest threat and should go first, but now Dustin is changing all of that. Dustin backs down and says that he would be willing to nominate Nick if that’s what the group decides.

Eric says that out of the four, Nick has the best opportunities to cause damage to the seven, and that he’s physically strong so he’s a threat in any type of physical competition. Amber pipes up and agrees that Nick should go, even though it makes her sick to say that because she loves him so much.


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