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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 28th – The Late Night Crew Makes it Official

Despite crying for awhile Amber’s still in the game, as she asks Jameka if she plans to follow through and use the veto to take Jen off the block. Jameka of course is saying this was her task and she has to follow it. Amber points out she doesn’t deserve it, but Jameka says, “We are all deserving of God’s grace.” Again, there are people dying and starving out there for God to attend to, why is he worried about who is winning PoV? Amber cries, and is quite upset about this. Jameka reads Bible verses to her to show why she did what she did. She also explains that God is gangster. Yes, you read that right. Amber just keeps on crying.

Dani jokes that she is voluntarily exiting BB, and Dick remarks some people there need to. Nick is up to his old banter, telling Dani if she moves to Minnesota her dreams will come true. She asks if there will be rainbows and unicorns, and he says they are known for that. He believes if his dad were in the house as well it would be really crazy. He thinks his dad would stab somebody. Sometimes I wonder if the apple is falling too close to this tree.

Dustin talks to Eric about the troubles that were caused in the PoV comp. Eric says when he won HoH, Amber was crying. And after the veto, Amber was crying. He says she takes a little while to decompress, but she’ll come back to Dustin. Dustin worries he fractured his relationship with Jameka as well, saying when the $5000 popped up there, he jumped on it seeing that they had four targets, and it didn’t matter which one went home. Eric points out the focus of the noms keeps switching, and by the point Dustin took the money, the game was already pretty much decided anyway. Dick going off again just puts more of a focus on him. Dustin pints out Jameka would have even played for Zach or Nick if they pulled HG choice. Eric thinks it’s a dangerous way to approach the game.

Dick goes off on Jen again, calling her a liar, as well as a freak. She points out the way she’s seen in the house is his fault. Jen takes the opportunity to apologize to Jess, saying he’ll probably do it to her once she’s gone. When she defends what she did in PoV, Jess tells her she knows that as well as everyone else.

Dustin admits to Eric about his deal with Kail to use her as a pawn. He thinks if she ends up staying, she’ll owe him, and if she doesn’t, it won’t matter to him. Eric points out they’ll always be on the outside of the “theological” group, and if Dick keeps going off on people, once the other side wins HoH, he’ll go up and won’t have the votes to stay. I hope that’s not true, but the game seems to change every 6 hours on who the focus is, so maybe if he keeps himself in check at the right time, it will be okay.

Pizzas are bought outside since everyone is on lockdown, but this time those on slop can’t eat. Shortly after, everyone is forced inside for an indoor lockdown. Dustin and Dick head upstairs to talk in the HOH. Dick’s focus is still that Jen threw the game, but Dustin is more worried about defending himself. Dick thinks if Zach goes up, Kail could go home because of everything that happened. Dustin pretty much nails it as he says after comps, three things always happen: Dick going off on someone, Amber crying, and Dani and Nick off in a corner talking. His statement probably defines the whole season so far. They both think Jen screwed Jameka. Dustin says Kail is a wreck, and Dick adds that Amber is pissed at Dustin and he won’t hear the end of it, just like when he won the TV.

Jen and Kail discuss the situation in their bedroom, and Kail thinks Dick is in the HoH trying to convince Dustin to put someone else up. She just doesn’t get it, that there are other things in play here, does she? Jen complains about having nothing to do, and apologizes to Eric for telling him he was a bad host. Man, what the heck happened today? I wonder how this will play out during Sunday’s show.

Dick leaves the HoH and Kail takes his place. She asks if Jameka is going to use the PoV, and Dustin says she pretty much has to. She gets around to dissing Dick yet again, and he says if she’s asking him to backdoor Dick, it’s not going to happen as it won’t be good for the house. He adds that she’s safe, as he wants Zach out. She admits she thinks Dani is the 2nd vote for her from last week.

With that accomplished, Kail goes back down to talk to Jen, this time in the bathroom. Jen thinks that Jameka won’t honor her word to use the veto. Is she nuts? That girl has such a moral compass, she doesn’t see the N, S, E, and W on it. She only sees G, O, and D. Kail thinks she will and tells Jen not to bring up Dustin’s prizes. Then again, Kail seems to have a one-track mind as well, as she brings up Dick, and they agree no one wants to put him up. That would be because as crazy as he sometimes gets, they all like him more than you.

Dick and Dani talk in the backyard, with him saying Eric will be the hairiest to get out of the house because he is such a good player. Dani agrees, and Dick says they need to make sure everyone else sees that too. Nick comes out to hang on Dani once again, but she goes up to the HoH and reams Dustin for taking the prizes. She doesn’t think he was in it to win it, and thinks he threw it. They talk about how bad Kail is at comps and how she and Jen gave ridiculous answers during the PoV comp. The two talk about discussing this as a group again, about who to put up as a replacement now.

Amber cries to Eric about Dustin and says he was selfish, and didn’t pay any attention to what they talked about before the comp. In other words Amber, you’re now catching on that he is somewhat using you. She lays in bed with a washcloth over her eyes. The camera guys leave this conversation quickly. Apparently they’re as sick of her neediness and tears as we are.

Jen is excited in the backyard as she stepped on the scale and learned she lost 2 of the 15 pounds she has gained. She wants to be on slop for the “rest of the semester.” Umm, yeah, this isn’t school. Jess and Jam talk out there about Amber, and Jess says she needs to go soon as she’s all over Eric. Hmm. Jealousy or game play?


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