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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 28th – The Late Night Crew Makes it Official

The houseguests on Big Brother knew they’d be getting up earlier than usual today, and many were complaining about the expected 8:00 AM wakeup call, yet once they were woken up this morning at 7:00 AM, no one was really complaining. All Night Dick even went to bed early around 3:30, so I’m sure he was a little surprised to only end up getting a little over three hours of sleep.

And while the HGs weren’t complaining about the hours they were woken up, they weren’t doing much else exciting. Everyone walks around showering, etc., except for Jen who we’ve discovered doesn’t shower, and only jumps in the pool and hot tub on occasion. Looking at her hair this morning, I swear I can tell that it hasn’t been washed in awhile. Amber and Dustin talk in the HoH and discuss changing up the replacement nom, but I can’t tell who they’re talking about. Dustin reasons it out as saying Dick changed up the target last week, so he can this week.

Because the crew needs a long time to set up the PoV comp indoors, everyone is rushed outside for the morning. Not to worry, though, they do have a port-a-potty. Jameka is the first to use it, and obsesses about not being able to wash her hands the way she wants to. She and the others have a debate over whether it counted as pooping or not, since she was peeing and a little poop just slid out. Honestly, the things this group talk about. Jameka seems to always be thinking or talking about what comes out of her and others, or how they wash up afterwards.

Zach is sleeping, Kail is reading her Bible on one of the lounges while Jen sits with her, and the others are sitting on the couches gabbing. Dani and Amber try to figure out the different ways people pronounce “both.” She and Dani for some reason put an L in it (say it out loud and it will make more sense), but most of the others seemed to think they were crazy when they were asking them. Everyone notices something smells really bad in the backyard. They think it smells like something crawled up and died somewhere. Maybe it crawled up in Jen and died. If she doesn’t shower, she might not know the difference.

Kail, of course, is talking game. She is trying to figure out a way to keep both her and Jen safe, and tells her it will look weird if she takes her off the block and not herself, so she wants to throw it to Jen so she can win it, as she knows Zach is going up, and she thinks she can beat him. Remember, she still thinks she is up only as a pawn and that Dustin wouldn’t want her out of the house. After, Jen tries to push on her teeth to get rid of the gap. Have you though about bonding or braces? Hmm?

Still worried about the game, Kail says she doesn’t want to eat much, in fear of having to pee if it’s an endurance comp. Jen explains that’s why she brought maxi pads, in case it’s endurance and she has to go to the bathroom. Great. I think she has flipped her lid when she starts suggesting that Dustin is backdooring Dani or Dick. If she only knew that there were meetings going on with people saying just get one of those four out, and that she was the one they wanted out 2nd most. She apparently thinks this because Dani said she would shave her head if she had to.

It’s not clear what exactly is going on with the feeds, as we keep having old 60s music like Little Old Lady From Pasadena and Soul Man. It makes me wonder if the music has something to do with the PoV comp. We see the feeds, but we can’t hear the conversations, as the music is drowning it out. By the time the music stops, the HGs aren’t really saying much, and are either sleeping or just sitting around. Jen and Kail start talking about the number of votes they would need to stay if they stay on the block, and then Jen asks if Kail remembers things that have happened the other days in the house, and of course she doesn’t, so Jen fills her in. I’d like to say they’re Jedi drilling, but can’t. That’s reserved for Howie and Janie.

We lose the feeds, taking us away from all this excitement, and by the time we return, the PoV is over and Jameka has won. Remember, last night she had promised to take Jen off the block if she won, since Jen had pulled her ball, and Jameka is into the whole everything happens for a reason. I’m into that too, but I don’t think I take it quite that far.

Dick is arguing with Jen, and starts yelling, saying he’s just saying what everyone else is thinking, although since we just got the feeds, we have no idea what he said. Kail says she wasn’t thinking that, and Dick replies that her opinion doesn’t count. Dick seems to be pissy about something that happened during PoV. It seems there were prizes involved in the comp and Dustin took $5,000 and a trip instead of winning, and that’s what Dick is upset about. Jen did it as well, and he thinks they did it purposely so that Jameka would win and keep her promise.

Amber is crying, and Dani seems to be making up , that’s up not out, with Nick, after the two of them were ignoring each other the past few days. He says if he goes up on the block, he’s not going to worry about it. Dick makes a general apology to everyone for lashing out, then joins Nick and Dani, saying he’d love for Dustin and Amber to get nominated. He thinks if they got rid of Dustin, it would so destroy Amber she wouldn’t be able to function to play the game at all. He then warns Nick he better keep his mouth shut, as if it gets around, he’ll know where it came from.


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