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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 27th – Raining on Dustin's Parade

Dustin comes in and Jameka leaves. It appears that Amber is upset because Dustin led her to believe that she would be chosen to host the veto competition, and then he turned around and picked Eric instead. She feels that the way he announced that Eric was hosting was mean. Dustin says that everyone expected him to choose Amber because they’re so close, and he wanted to try and lift the target off of them a little bit. As if that would help.

They hug, and everything is fine. Amber’s mouth is off and running about how Jen was so rude to her when she offered comfort after the nomination ceremony, and then later Jen had her cornered for ten minutes trying to explain and apologize. It was more like an apology in passing, but whatever.

Eric, Dick, and Daniele are on the upstairs couch, looking down at the rest of the house. They’re whispering, and Daniele is scarfing a bag of chips, so between the crunching and the rustling of the bag, I can hear very little. They all think that Dustin is letting the HoH thing go to his head. Dick says that he doesn’t see the Amber/Dustin thing lasting much longer, but Eric thinks it’s beneficial to the rest of them if it does, since they’re another pair that will be targeted.

Eric goes outside to sit with Jameka and Jessica. He says that there’s only one thing that’s important for them all to keep in mind right now. They have four people that they want out of the house. It doesn’t matter what order those four go out in as long as they go. So it’s not worth fighting amongst themselves about who should go when. They should just keep their eyes on the prize and move forward together. Amen.

Eric says that it smells like someone just “made in their pants” out there. Even Dick is put off by the smell, so that’s gotta tell us how bad it is. Dustin comes out and calls a group meeting. It’s Dustin, Eric, Jameka, Dick, Jessica, Daniele, and Amber. Dustin stands up and says, “Okay, as HoH, I call this meeting to order.” Then he laughs and says, “I’m kidding – can you imagine?” Yeah, I can.

Dustin says that if he wins PoV, then he wants to take someone off the block and put Zach up, because Zach is his target this week. Eric points out that the group consensus last week was that they wanted Kail out before Zach, so he wonders how a vote between Kail and Zach would actually turn out. Good point. Dustin says that he hopes that they would all respect his wishes this week and vote Zach out. He says that Zach is a direct threat to him.

Jameka asks Daniele if she’s actually going to try and win the veto, or if she’ll throw it. Daniele says she’s going for it. Jessica says she is too, unless it’s something that would put the rest of the house on slop for weeks or something. Then she won’t bother with it. Daniele, when asked, says that she would definitely be willing to shave her head for the veto. Eric would too because he needs a haircut anyway.

Finally Jessica gets to the heart of the matter – is it actually Zach that the group wants out this week? Before we can get to that, however, Jen arrives and the meeting is a bust.

After some idle chatter, Eric, Jessica, Dick, and Daniele are the ones left sitting on the couches outside. Eric asks them if he’s remembering correctly. Didn’t they all agree last week that they wanted Kail out before Zach? This is, of course, flying in the face of the “doesn’t matter who goes when” speech he gave earlier, but who cares. He says the he doesn’t know if he’s willing to vote Zach out just because it will benefit Dustin’s game. Jessica and Daniele agree that if they win the veto, they don’t want to use it. Dick, of course, is very much on board with this plan.

The Group of Seven reconvenes to finish their discussion. Daniele says that she wants to make it clear that she won’t be using the veto if she wins it. Jen hates her and Kail knows that Daniele wants her out, so it would be best of one of them leaves this week. Jameka says that she thought it was clear that Jen was the pawn this week and Zach was the ultimate target. Eric wonders if Dustin should risk making another enemy in the house by using the veto and putting Zach up. Daniele says that they still have a couple of days to decide what to do, since they haven’t even played for veto yet. Most of them seem to agree, which is smart because they’d have to have more meetings anyway to make sure that no one had changed their minds. Eric points out again that ultimately the only thing that matters is that the seven of them stick together.

Daniele and Amber head inside. Daniele is afraid that Dustin will be mad at her if she wins the veto and doesn’t use it. Amber says that she’ll talk to Dustin for her. They talk about Nick, and what a weasel he is, and Daniele wants to know how he can say he cares for people so much, and yet play them so hard. She wants him to go, but she doesn’t want to be the one to put him up.

Amber goes to talk to Dustin, whose panties are in a bunch because Dick suggested that changing things up this week might split the group. Dustin is angry that Dick would try to “rain on [his] reign.” Because Dustin never tried to influence Dick at all last week, right? He’s also upset that Daniele is thinking for herself and won’t use the veto if she wins it. Amber is showering, and we get an unexpected shot of her naked again. Really BB, we can do without the nudes.

Eric, Jameka, Jessica, and Dick are still outside chatting, as most of the others have gone to bed. They’re not planning on staying up too late because they’ll be up early for the veto competition. The conversation revolves around bashing Zach, and questioning Nick’s motives throughout the game. The usual stuff. Dustin comes back out with Amber, and they’re talking about game shows and other assorted things. Jameka goes to hit balls with the golf club, and she’s shouting and hollering all over the place. They spend some time talking about the sizes of various houseguests’ penises. Apparently Eric is rumoured to be well endowed, if you care.

Then comes a game where they all reveal which houseguest they would marry, which one they would throw off a bridge, and which one they would have a one-night stand with. They go over all kinds of combinations, my personal favourite being Dick choosing Mike to marry because he cooks and cleans, but doesn’t talk much. Hee. Finally the Late Night Crew breaks up and most of them are off getting ready for bed. It’s time for the Dick at Night Show.

Dick is talking to himself, saying that it would be better to take Dustin out before Amber, because then Amber would be a mess. Not if Jameka is still there, my friend. He thinks that Jameka is full of shit, just like Kail. Heh. His perfect order of evictions would be Kail, then Nick, then Dustin and Amber. Interesting – he doesn’t seem to care about Jen or Zach. He goes inside and washes the dishes, then makes time for one more smoke before hitting the sack.

The week is still young – I’m positive that we’re in for some more group meetings, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the vote flips again this week and we’re saying goodbye to Kail on Thursday night. Even if Zach is nominated.

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