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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 27th – Raining on Dustin's Parade

Upstairs, Dustin is now regaling Kail with stories of how Dick doesn’t actually hate her. He says that the house went against his wishes and voted out Mike, and he’s not mad at any of them. So that should show Kail how much Dick really likes her. What the hell? Dustin has lost his freaking mind. Just two days ago he was telling Mike that he hadn’t told any lies in the house, and now he needs a shovel to find his HoH bed in there.

Jen is outside now, and so is Dick, sitting once again with Zach. Jen explains that she wasn’t upset about the possibility of going home, she was upset because the nomination surprised her and she thought that Dustin didn’t like her. She says she understands now, so it’s all fine. She goes inside and tells Amber that she’s sorry she didn’t accept her hug after the nomination ceremony. She was just upset and wanted to get to the bathroom quickly.

Jen ends up in the hammock with Dustin, asking him about the nominations. He’s trying to explain it to her, but he’s talking in non-answers and circular logic, with a healthy dose of “make shit up.” He says he put her up because the house is consistent with patterns. What does that even mean? He doesn’t know about Kail, who she talks to, who she trusts, so it was safe for him to put up a pair and not make any enemies. Then he says that this is a chance for her to turn a negative into a positive and show the house what she’s really like. He adds that he knew that Jen wasn’t after him (she is now!), but that she’s in cahoots with others that are. Which again, makes no sense.

Jen thinks that she’s being set up somehow, because everyone seems to think she’s in an alliance with Nick and Zach. She says that those two guys were the first people to approach her after the nomination ceremony, which probably didn’t help. She says that it would have been much easier for her if he had told her beforehand that he was putting her up. Jen doesn’t want to campaign against Kail, even though Kail campaigned against her and Mike last week, and will probably do the same this time. The PoV is brought up, and Jen casually mentions that this one is being done indoors. And … Vortex of Doom.

Jen moves on to Kail in the round bedroom. She says that she just talked to Dustin, and they both think that one of them will win the PoV and then Zach will go up and out. Jen mentions that they will be picking names for the veto comp tonight, and again we get the Vortex. We’re back, and they’re saying that they have to act surprised when they win the veto, and again when Zach is nominated. It can’t look like a setup at all. Kail says that it would be better if Jen came off the block because Kail will have a better chance of staying over Zach. Oh really? Not according to the “group vote” the other night.

Lots of back and forth with the Vortex of Doom now. There are snippets of people in the bathroom brushing teeth and grooming, so maybe Jen was right and they’re picking veto players soon. When we’re back for good (or until someone sings) it’s revealed that Eric is hosting the competition, and that two of the players are Jessica and Jameka. I don’t know who the third pick is yet. Jameka is telling Kail that, since Jen picked her, she’s going to try and win the veto for Jen. That’s just the way she’s playing the game. She tells Kail not to stress out, because God has already planned how the game will go and chosen a winner, so now they’re all just playing out His plan. Kail agrees that everything is now in God’s hands. Glory, glory, hallelujah.

Jameka tells Jen that her faith is leading her in this game, and since Jen picked her ball, she is going to play for Jen and fight for her. If she wins the veto, she promises to use it to save her. Jen hugs her and says thank you.

Nick and Daniele are bickering again. I know, I was surprised too! Nick thinks that Daniele is jealous because Nick hugged Jen when she was crying. Daniele says she’s not, and she’s not mad. Nick keeps saying that something’s changed, something’s going on. He asks her what she’s thinking, and she says nothing. Nick tells her he’s still 100% into her, and leaves.

Amber is giving Eric a back rub, I guess because he’s the only male in the house other than Nick that she’s still speaking too. Daniele has moved downstairs to bash Zach with her father. She wants to know why Jen was so upset over the nominations, and Dick thinks that things are just starting to wear on her, because she’s had a stressful time in the house so far. How very insightful of you, Dick. Daniele says that she doesn’t want to play in the veto comp tomorrow. There we go, our third chosen player.

Kail and Jen are talking again. Kail thinks that if she wins the veto, she’ll have to take Jen off the block. Oh please, as if that would ever happen. They both assure each other that they will still be in the house at this time next week, and hopefully they won’t be nominated together again. Jen says there’s no way anyone would do that to them again, because it would just be so rude. I’ll betcha that, if Zach gets backdoored and one of the “seven” wins HoH, we’ll be seeing another rerun of these two women on the block again. Quite possible a fourth time too, if Nick gets the back door treatment. (Pun intended.)

Dustin and Jameka are in the kitchen talking about the veto comp. Dustin wants Jameka to assure him that she won’t use the veto if she wins it, or that she’ll use it on the person that Dustin asks her to use it on. Jameka won’t promise that. She says that she’s playing the game based on how her faith guides her, and she believes that Jen chose her ball for a reason. So she will play, try to win, and if she wins she will take Jen off the block. Dick is there now too.

Jameka keeps explaining that her ball being chosen was a sign from God, especially since Jen isn’t their target this week, and is the least dangerous of the four they want out. So if God told her, through Jen picking her ball, that she should fight for the veto, that’s what she’s going to do. Bah. Dick, as you probably foresaw, questions Jameka on this. He doesn’t believe it for a second. He asks if Zach had pulled her ball, would she try and win it to save him with? She responds that the situation isn’t about Zach, it’s about Jen, and that’s how she has to play the game for herself. Dick shakes his head and gives a few comments before leaving. Dustin and Jameka mention that Dick always has to get the last word, and then Jameka keeps droning on and on about this whole God/veto thing.

Jen comes walking through the kitchen, and Dustin pulls her aside to tell her that he won’t be mad at her if she wins the veto and takes herself off the block. As if she gives a flying crap. She says okay, and then Dustin says that he didn’t make the nominations he did to make enemies in the house. He made the nominations because he’s HoH, and that’s all. This guy makes less sense as time goes by, doesn’t he?

Dustin goes back to the God Hour with Jameka, and Amber comes in and says something to him. He immediately jumps up and tells her that she can’t talk to him like that, he’s not Dick! He orders her to come talk to him right now, instead of saying things in front of other people, and insists that he’s not kidding. Watch it Dustin, you’re going to make her cry again. Amber goes to the storage room with Jameka instead, looking for wine. Jameka quickly fills Amber in on the latest kerfuffle with Dick.