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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 27th – Raining on Dustin's Parade

Jameka and Daniele are in the kitchen cooking Daniele is making grilled cheese for the food people, while Jameka makes a big pot of slop for the slop people. I guess God told her to cook for those less fortunate than herself today. There’s some idle chatter about BB telling them that they’re getting a surprise tomorrow, and they’re wondering what that might be.

A bunch of people are having naps now, while Amber and Dustin slink off to the HoH room. After a rehash of the latest Dick scandal, Dustin says that he can’t believe that Jen hasn’t come to talk to him yet, with less than three hours until nominations. He rants that she thinks she’s safe because of abs class, and because she got Joe out for him. He’s worried about his speech during the nomination ceremony, because he doesn’t want to point out that Kail and Jen are a pair since it will reflect badly on him and Amber.

They go over a few ideas for the speech, and then Amber says that she really wants Zach out. Dustin does too, and they consider taking one of the ladies off the block and putting Zach up in their place. Which I thought was the plan all along. Dustin is excited, and says that he and Amber are going to rock the house. Not with these nominations they won’t.

They decide that Jen will be the one to come off the block, not Kail, since no one cares if things change and Kail ends up leaving. Dustin asks Amber if she told Nick about Zach being backdoored, and she admits that she did. He’s not happy with this at all. Did I mention that Dustin is wearing the crown from his food comp costume? Because he is. He tells Amber that she must not spill any more info to Nick, because Dustin wants Nick to come to him, not her.

Eric is conspiring with Dick, telling him that they have to get Amber out of the house because there’s a God alliance forming with her, Jameka, and Kail. Plus she’s got Dustin on her side, so she should be the first one of “them” out. He’s also worried about an all-girl alliance, which would be bad for the guys, obviously. Eric mentions that Amber told him a horrible, awful story about herself, which he’s not above using against her at some point to make others doubt her.

The brain trust upstairs (Dustin, Amber, and Jameka) are now trying to decide on the order the keys should be put in. This is after an argument over whether Dustin should use the word “questionable” or “unpredictable” to describe Jen and Kail’s behaviour in the house. As Amber and Jameka bicker about the key order, Dustin shouts, “Guys! This is MY HoH!” Jameka leaves to have a poop (her words, not mine) and Dustin lays into Amber about telling Nick things that are going on. He tells her that Nick is shady, and that Amber needs to keep her head in the game. She says that she’d rather have Nick in sequester, but Dustin would rather have Kail.

Amber leaves and goes to talk Eric’s ear off. Complete rehash of every tiff she’s ever had with Dick, and then some. Poor Eric. He tells her that Dick goes too far and annoys people, and he doesn’t see him lasting much longer in the game. He also tells her that Dick calls her emotional and reckless in the game. He’s better hope that Amber and Dick don’t kiss and make up, and compare notes. Amber is worried about Dustin’s budding friendship with Dick, because Dick will get into the heads of all the good people she’s friends with and mess her up.

Dustin is questioning Jen on her vote to evict Mike. He wants to know why she voted that way. She says it’s because she heard other people were going to vote for him. Dustin wants to know what people, but she mentions no names. He asks if her plan was to vote with the house all along. What is up with this? Is he trying to squeak out a reason for his nomination? He asks her what she would do if he put her up, and qualifies this several times by saying that he’s asked everybody this. Good lord, I thought he was going to be good at this game. Jen says she’d be hurt, because she feels that they do abs class together, she put Joe on the block which helped him, and she picked him to host the veto competition. But she says that she wouldn’t freak out or anything.

She suggests that Zach should go up, because it would be a guarantee that he’d go home and Dustin wouldn’t make any more enemies. Dustin says yes, but if Zach won the veto then he’d go after Dustin the following week. Because what, Jen or Kail wouldn’t? I hope she’s storing this info in the back of her head somewhere.

Dustin gets called to the DR, and it’s time for the nomination ceremony. Which means more of the Vortex of Doom. Which is a welcome relief from King Dustin and the Royal Town Crier.

Speaking of crying, when we come back, Jen is in the bathroom in tears. Dustin is busily telling Kail that she has the votes, guaranteed, and that she is a pawn only. He warns her not to share this with anyone, because only the two of them know this. If that’s true, how can he guarantee her safety? She buys into this, and promises not to put him up next week if she gets HoH.

Nick goes in to check on Jen, and she says that she just doesn’t understand why Dustin would put her up, it doesn’t make any sense. She’s finished crying now and is touching up her makeup. She says that she never would have put him up, but he’s moved to the top of her list now because he was so sneaky about it. At least with Dick he was up front from the beginning.

Dustin and Amber are at it again. Dustin is saying that Jen lied to him about not being the other vote to evict Kail. He says that there’s no way she could have known how the house was voting, so she must be lying. Great sleuthing there, Dustin. Amber mentions that she caught Nick comforting Jen in the bathroom, and Dustin says that he gave her lots of opportunities to tell him that Nick was sharing information between the two groups, but she kept lying. He says he wants Jen and Nick out of there as soon as possible.

Outside, Zach and Dick are sitting around on the couches. Zach approaches Dick by saying that he’d love to talk “hard game” with him. Dick, who isn’t as rude to Zach as the rest of them are, says not right now. Zach keeps going, saying that he really wants to make a move in this game but hasn’t had the opportunity yet. He wants HoH badly, and I can see why. Not only will he ensure his own safety, but he’ll finally have a chance to talk to these people, hear them out, and possibly become part of someone’s offshoot alliance. I’d kinda like to see that, actually.

Zach says that he and Dick have something in common – neither one of them are involved in a clique. Dick says no way would he ever fit in with the people here. Aw, they’re bonding! I’m sure it won’t last, but it’s nice anyway. Zach thinks that when the show wraps up, Dick and Jen will end up dating each other. Dick says there’s no chance in hell, referring to his conversation with Jen a few days ago about how she doesn’t enjoy sex. (I’m wording this politely, by the way.) Zach, feeling sorry for himself, says that he’s a jackass and no one gets his humour. Dick takes this as a sign to go into the house, leaving Zach alone. Again.