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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 27th – Raining on Dustin's Parade

This morning we’re treated to a lengthy view of the Vortex of Doom, during which BB must have initiated the wake up sequence. When the feeds are up, Dustin and Nick are in the HoH room talking about the nominations. All Dustin will say is that he’s decided, but when Nick leaves to room Amber tells him that Jen and Kail are going up. So much for promising Dustin that she wouldn’t spill anything else.

Now we’re with Dustin and Kail, and Dustin is explaining that Kail will be going up this week as a pawn. She seems okay with it – nervous, but she seems to know that this is one of the reasons she was kept in the house over Mike. She wonders about the votes if she goes up against Zach. She thinks Daniele would want her out. So does the rest of the group, Kail. She wants assurances from enough people to guarantee her safety, but Dustin doesn’t offer this. Then she offers to go up as a pawn against Evel, which makes me laugh.

Amber comes by and Dustin tells her to go back upstairs. Interesting. Kail says that she knows Dick and Daniele are working together, and that they are hiding behind their family problems. Dustin tells her that he and his group will take care of taking out Zach and Nick, and then Kail and Jen can go after Dick and Daniele. Wow, I did not see that coming. I should have, but I didn’t. I wonder if he’s serious?

Kail says that she’s not in an alliance with Jen, and that Jen only wormed her way in by forcing herself on Kail for the first two weeks. Revisionist history already? That’s gotta be some kind of record. We get the vortex for a minute, and then the voice of someone on the production staff gathering everyone to give them instructions, which I’m assuming are for the food comp. So back to the vortex for a while.

Daniele tells Jameka that Dustin has been talking to Kail all morning, and thinks it’s odd. Jameka agrees that this is something to keep an eye on. Dustin yells that it’s time for the food comp, and we’re back to the toilet bowl for a little over an hour. Which is actually really short for a competition – must have been an easy one.

We’re back, and Amber is dressed as the Queen of Hearts. Oh great. I’m sure we’ll be hearing that BB picked her for that role because she has such a big heart that loves everyone and everything so much. Looks like Jen and Kail are on slop, and that the comp has something to do with a puzzle. That’s all I can get so far from the abundance of chatter going on.

Let’s see. Eric and Jessica are talking about getting beer, so no slop for them. It sounds like maybe people were working in pairs or something, putting puzzles together. Daniele and Jameka are eating this week. Zach and Nick are on slop. Dick is on slop, and he just appeared nude for the third or fourth time this season getting out of the shower. I know y’all wanted to know about that. Daniele says that Zach hit her with a piece of the puzzle. Nick has escaped the insanity downstairs and is up in the HoH room listening to Dustin’s CD and singing along. Which keeps giving us the Vortex. It’s all ’round confusion in the Big Brother house at the moment.

Now we’re back in the HoH room, but with Dustin and Amber. Great. Amber is getting a pep talk from Dustin about how to deal with Dick. He keeps telling her to talk to Dick, and ask him not to go to such extremes with her. Right, like that would work. Maybe if she stopped crying all the time and talking 90 miles a minute, it would help. It would sure help me. Dustin says that Kail wants Daniele and Dick gone badly, and that she offered to go up as a pawn against Zach or Nick. Well, it didn’t quite go down that way, but it was close I guess.

Dick comes in and Dustin continues talking about Kail, how he tried to throw her off by saying that there are any number of people in the house that he could put up, so it’s not a big deal to him. Amber gets up to leave, and Dick asks her to stay for a minute because he wants to talk with her. He mentions that they haven’t been getting along well lately, and Amber says that’s because he messes with her too much. He sprayed her five times with the hose, gave her wet willies, and makes fun of her. Hmm, it sounds to me like he’s trying to have fun. But what do I know? He says he’s sorry, and that if stuff like that bothers her she needs to tell him right away, or come talk to him about it later. She says that she’s tried, but he just blows her off.

Dick says that she’s been a real bitch to him lately and that maybe they should try to avoid each other if it’s that big a problem. She yells at him that he “fucks with [her] too much!” He apologizes again, and she leaves in a huff. Dick asks Dustin what’s going on, and Dustin repeats Amber’s line. He says that Dick is a man of extremes, and he needs to reel it in a little bit. He doesn’t have to be so manic all the time – there’s a middle ground between berating people and being their best friend in the world. Dick claims that this all started when he told Dustin and Amber that people were starting to think the three of them were in an alliance, so he was going to distance himself for a while. Then he told Zach that he wasn’t in an alliance with Amber because she was too emotional, and she flipped out when it got back to her. He thinks she’s putting blame on him for saying things like that when he doesn’t mean it, he’s just trying to play the game.

Amber has gone downstairs to commiserate with her new BFF, Jameka. She relays that most recent interaction with Dick, and gets a lot of mm hmm’s back. She actually says that the reason Dick goes after her is because everyone in the house loves her and he’s trying to make her look bad.

Back upstairs, Dick wonders why Amber takes everything he says so personally. He says there’s a reason why he’s been single for seven years. Hee. Now the talk goes back to game, and Dick thinks that Dustin should be honest with Kail about why she’s going up instead of lying to her. Dustin says that he’s just going to say that he’s splitting up an alliance, because obviously Jen and Kail are working together and they have power in the house. Dick mentions that his key hasn’t yet come out of the box.

Back downstairs, Amber is crying again. She tells Jameka that she’s so glad that they have each other and that she could never make it though the game without Jameka’s help. She says that she doesn’t like that Dick is called “Evel” because the word evil appears so many times in Jameka’s bible. Jameka says that all of this is God’s will. I’m picturing the giant foot from Monty Python coming down and squashing both of them.

Kail is telling Jen that she should go and talk to Dustin soon, and that she told Dustin that the two of them are friends just like he and Amber are, so he can’t fault them for that.