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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 26th – Daniele, Don't Be a …

Dustin leads an abs class at 2 AM after Jameka and Jen talk about gaining 15 pounds in the house. I have to say, I didn’t notice it on Jameka, but I definitely noticed it on Jen during the live show tonight. Amber and Jess join in on the abs session as well.

Amber tries to convince Dustin to not put up Nick and to go after Zach, but he tries to explain to her that he isn’t a target of Zach, so he has no reason to go after him right now. Amber wants Zach and Kail up, but Dustin wants to use Zach as a replacement nominee. Dustin openly tells her that he doesn’t like her loyalties to Nick. Good for him! I think she thought she had him wrapped, and she’s wrong. Amber then turns to trashing Dick again, and eventually Eric as well. She thanks Dick and Eric want Nick out, and that they’ll get into Dustin’s head. She thinks Eric and Jess spend too much time together to not be a secret alliance, and feels Dani and Jameka are on her side.

Dustin and Amber then join in the discussion with the others in the backyard, and he wants to talk together as a group to figure out who to put on the block. They figure they should put one up of each pair, Jen and Kail, and Nick and Zach. Eric mentions that Nick is the one that blabbed to Jen about the group voting out Mike, and he thinks Nick was the 2nd vote for Kail. Dick still thinks Jen and Kail are close. Eric suggests Dustin nominate Jen and Zach, and say at the ceremony it’s because these are the two that voted for Kail. He thinks this will get Jen to rate out Nick. Dustin doesn’t see the reasoning to go through all that.

Apparently last night they all agreed on an order of succession for the evictions, Nick, Kail, Zach, Jen. Dani says that Nick will have to be backdoored, and Eric continues his case, saying that Nick not only was behind the 2nd vote, but was also the mustard bandit. Dick believes that Nick gave out some of the info from their group because Amber told them to, but she resents that accusation. Dick says he enjoys messing with Kail’s mind, but it doesn’t really matter who goes, as long as it’s one of them. Jameka states she doesn’t like the pettiness and intimidation tactics, and whoever does it needs to go.

Eric wants to know who everyone’s dream eviction is for the week. He chooses Nick, as does Dick. Jameka and Dustin choose Zach (why is Dustin now saying Zach?), Jess says either Nick or Kail, and Eric says Kail is his second choice (wouldn’t that be our 2nd choice?). Dani doesn’t take a stand, and just talks about the benefits of getting Kail out, being that she is a known liar and is most likely hiding something, and she knows if Jen got HoH again, she’d put Dani up. She prefers for Zach to go, but it doesn’t really matter too much, because he’s a dumb player. Well, that’s blunt.

A decision is finally made that Zach is the target. Kail and Jen are being put up, and no matter which comes off, Zach will go up. Amber then comes back to the group and they fill her in on the discussion and decision. Dick again brings up the threat of Nick, saying he’s not even here for the money. Jameka brings up Nick saying that the following week crazy mohawk Nick would be coming out. Eric says he heard him explode on the producers this week. Everyone basically beats on him a little, but Amber defends him, of course, which is his game plan. She believes Nick will help them get the others out, but the others all think he’s still giving info to the others.

The talk moves to the food comp, and they talk of trying to set it up so the people that have been on slop already twice are on the same team, and trying to help them win it. Jameka doesn’t like that idea. Amber tells Dick she is glad they talked the other day when she was dong his hair.

Everyone rags on Kail, and they talk about doing more tricks on her after the M&Ms in her bed were so successful. They also say she sits like a man. She does? I’ll have to look. Amber asks Eric why she doesn’t get the loving vibe from him anymore, and he says it’s because Nick told him that he was in with Amber, Dustin, and Dani, but she clams that not to be true. She goes back to wondering why no one wants him in sequester, and Eric tells her once again that Nick is not a threat to her, but he is to the rest of them. Dick points out her reasons for keeping Nick are personal, not strategic. Eric adds Nick is more charismatic and can get people to do things for him unlike Zach.

Basically everyone keeps repeating everything bad about Nick ad nauseam. Dick eventually gets to his emotional side of it and says he doesn’t want that guy taking advantage of his daughter. Jameka talks about Dani being a smart girl, and Dick finally says if Nick doesn’t go up, he wants Kail out. Jameka, the voice of reason once again, says that as each of them gets HoH, they can take out their own personal threat. She goes on to say it’s disrespectful of the other guys to talk about Dani to Dick. She-knows he wouldn’t play that way. Dick brings up about Kail telling him that it was a good thing he let his parents raise the kids as he doesn’t do very well at it.

After trashing Jen because she doesn’t shower, doesn’t change her work out clothes or underwear and jumps into the pool to get clean, they move on to Kail, doubting that she is who she says she is. They all figure that if she really does have three kids she must have had a tummy tuck. I have seen people with three kids at 40 with flat stomachs and no tucks. Just want to point it out, although we all know she is hiding stuff.

Everyone goes inside and either eats or does the dishes. Dick goes to the bathroom without washing his hands, and Amber gives him the third degree, with him saying Dani did that earlier, and he explained he doesn’t pee on his fingers, so rinsing his fingers is enough.

Amber goes up to the HoH with Dustin, and he tells her he’s putting his trust in her by convincing the group to not go after Nick this week. They talk about the keys in the box for noms, and they want to make Zach pull Jameka’s key, as they know that will kill him. He asks her if she’s going to be sleeping naked, and she says she’s so sure.

It sounds like Nick is possibly our choice for who we want Eric to get nominated, so I wonder if he’ll keep working the angle on this. Dustin always seems fair, though, so I don’t see him changing his mind. I think Dustin is going to get burned by trusting Amber. She’s proven she doesn’t have the best judgement with men, and only wants attention from them. We’ll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.

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