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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 26th – Daniele, Don't Be a …

Dani is looking forward to going to Disney World with her boyfriend in December, and that reminds her and Dick of a family trip they took there when they were running out of gas. He remembers enjoying the back countries part of Epcot. It seems to be great memories for both of them, and that’s really neat to see. She mentions turning 21 next month, and says something about the minimum age for the show is 21. They start to talk about something with a text message, and we get the blue vortex. They lead into the fact that they both seemed to know the other would be in the house. She says she doesn’t like to drink much, and Dick says he sometimes worries about Vincent doing it too much.

Kail grills Dustin about Dick, and says she thinks he and Dani are working together, but Dustin denies it. She fills him in on her past alliance relationships, saying she has no loyalties to Nick or Zach, but she is still good friends with Jen. She thinks Zach and Dani were the votes against her. Little does she know it’s America and that America doesn’t like her either. She follows him inside and tells him she only wants to help. She knows how tough being HOH can be, and if he needs help, he only needs to ask. Imagine, “Yes, Kail, I do need help. Should I put you up forthright or backdoor you?”

Nick lays on Amber’s bed with her, and it’s clear he is totally working her, worried about his place this week, so trying to shore up the women again. With Dani not really having much to do with him, it leaves him to talk to Amber or Jen. He chooses to talk about Jen to Amber, and Amber tells him to be careful, she’s really obsessed with him. She also tells him to be careful about how close he gets to Dani, even though she knows Dani is already starting to not trust him. Nick tells Amber he thinks she’ll make it to number four, and it’s clear his M.O. is just telling people what he thinks they want to hear.

Dustin is in the HoH room listening to music and singing really loudly, although we only hear little bits here and there, and Zach walks in, and sits in the chair facing Dustin, and they just sit and stare at each other. It’s really odd. And sad. Zach says he tried to get to know people, but now he’s sick of being with these people. He tells Dustin he missed working on projects at work, and says he doesn’t have an Amber in the house. He says he feels like he’s back in high school and not being picked for gym class. Zach tells Dustin he wishes he had a buddy in the house, and it’s just past sad now. Talk about Mickey the Mope.

Perhaps Dick was tipped off that Amber is hinting at wanting him out. He finds her on her bed after Nick has left her and just pokes at her, verbally. It’s working, as she definitely is warming to him, and it becomes clear that all she wants is positive attention from guys, and she’s fine. From Mike, Nick, and Dustin, it’s all or was all, positive attention. Once it wasn’t positive attention from Dick, he feel from favor with her. He gets her to talk about her Bible reading with him, and he shares his fortune with her that he’s had in his wallet for seven years.

Eric and Jess are on a walk outside. They mostly talk game. He worries about Dani, because she does sneaky thing like cover up her mike. Jess says the only reason she is friends with her is because they are both blonde and 21. Eric also thinks they sent the wrong person home. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake again, so even though Nick appears to be on his last legs, he wants to get him out sooner rather than later.

Eric knows Kail is a threat still, but thinks others like Amber and Dustin wanted to keep her, because they think she could help them later on in the game. He thinks the “housewife and mother of three” is some type of cover, as that’s not what BB saw as so interesting that they put her into the house. Jess says the only person she trusts other than Eric is Jameka, but that’s less and less now, as Jameka is getting too close to Amber. They discuss bringing Jen into their alliance, but not at full capacity, more like just using her somehow. Jen is so unpredictable, though, I don’t know how that would work.

Eric gets called to the DR, then Jess does. He then sits down on the couches with Dani and Dick, and when she gets up to get some water, Dick asks her to get him some juice. She asks if anyone else wants anything, and Eric asks for water. She asks with or without spit, and he answers with. She asks touching or not touching her butt crack, and he doesn’t answer, meaning he can play like this with Jess, but not Dani apparently.

The group goes outside and they talk about Zach still being up in the HoH with Dustin. Dick says he’ll go save Dustin, and Jess offers to go with. Eric tells Dani that he threw the HoH comp, and also that he worries that Amber and Jameka will form a God alliance with Kail. Dani says she was raised religiously, but doesn’t see how it figures into gameplay. She mentions Amber’s “premonitions” about being final 2, and they both think it’s weird. Apparently Amber has turned into Raven.

Jen and Kail talk in the bedroom about trying to convince Dustin to get rid of Dick this week, and think they can say they don’t want to have to deal with him in sequester. Somehow I don’t see that happening. Dustin is all about what is affecting him. He knows Dick is no threat to him, so Dick is definitely safe this week.


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