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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 26th – Daniele, Don't Be a …

Dustin claims he knew he was going to win HoH when he woke up this morning. He knows everyone there knows what his plan it, and he tells Dick he wants to put up Zach and Kail. I’m not positive, but I think it’s with the intention of backdooring Nick. Nick, meanwhile, seems to be trying to convince the others of his faithfulness as he says he was so excited when the three got taken out of the HoH comp, and he means Jen, Kail, and Zach.

Eric jumps on the train to blame Nick for the other Kail vote, saying it was either him or Jen, and he knows it wasn’t Jen. Dani believes it was Nick as well, and they talk about Dustin nominating or backdooring Nick. Dani heads over to Jameka and says she thinks it was Nick that voted for Kail and that she thinks he’s playing every side and everyone. Nick told Dani earlier, though, that Kail thinks it was her, her being Dani.

Guess who’s crying? She’s just so happy for Dustin. I’m a very emotional person, but even I don’t cry that much. I cry during Brandy Bunch, but I don’t cry as much as Amber.

Dani and Amber talk game in the little bedroom, and Dick walks in to make sure Amber’s okay. Amber wonders if Dick knows about Nick not being on the level, and Dani says of course he does. They think Nick voted for Kail in case Zach won HoH. He could then say he was remaining loyal. Jameka walks in and warns Dani to be careful, saying that even though she’s not that tight with Nick, everyone else is assuming she is. Amber says that Jameka, Eric, and Dick all want Nick out.

Amber must be testing Dani as she asks who she wants to leave first, Nick or her dad. Dani plays it cool and says it doesn’t matter. Amber admits she wants Dick to go first, and of course, goes on to repeat all the things that Dick has done that have been rude to her. Amber thinks Nick has her back more than Dick, but she’s actually wrong on that one. There’s one guy playing her, and it’s Nick. Dani says she’s been keeping Nick safe, and he should be more grateful to her, although he doesn’t realize it because he walks around saying he’s the only one that’s playing the game really well.

Jameka and Dick talk outside about Eric always being able to predict who will win HoH. This morning he had said it would be Dustin this week. Dick also tells Jameka that she should dedicate her next golf game to country singers, specifically Kenny Rogers for her “Know when to hold ’em; know when to fold ’em” line during the live show. She seems a little embarrassed to have come up with that line, and once Dick and someone else starts singing the song, we get the blue vortex.

Nick and Eric are in the hot tub, and Jess and Zach are spinning in the tea cup. Eric tells Jess she is being fired from their alliance, and she says she can’t be fired when she isn’t working. He notes they left her a voicemail. Man, these two are so cute together!

Dani tells Dustin they’ll just plant info with someone, but it’s not clear who she means, They say “him”, so she probably means Zach or Nick. She wants to plant the info that Dustin is not putting up Zach to see where it gets and who ends up hearing about it. Dustin says Zach threatened him to get in an alliance with him or else Zach would nominate him as HoH, as he sees him as a threat. Dani says Zach calls her a threat as well. Amber, though, says Zach just thinks they already are in an alliance. Hmm. Dustin and Dani are threats, and Amber is in an alliance with everyone. Nope. Not a newsflash.

Okay, Amber is a freaking liar. Dani is wondering when they’ll get a luxury comp or America’s Choice, Amber asks what AC is. Just the other day, she was saying she thinks when they have an America’s Choice she’ll win it, as she knows she is America’s favorite. What a liar.

We had feeds in and out tonight, and I wonder if that’s how we missed Dustin’s reveal of his HOH room, as I didn’t see it. He and Dick are in there now, quietly celebrating Dustin’s win, without anyone else up there. They talk about knowing it was Nick that voted for Kail, and both think that Eric got so nervous in the HoH, and that’s why he buzzed in too early. In reality, he has said to someone (was it Jess?) that he stays in the HoH comps until he knows he feels safe with who is there, then throws it.

Dustin says Zach is his #1 target, but Nick is the house’s #1. He doesn’t want to decide anything, though, until the house is assembled. He lets Dick know that he doesn’t want Dani there, and Dick says that’s cool. It makes sense if they want to get out Nick. We’ll see what Amber has to say about that little plan, though, and it will show how much pull she has over Dustin. I think she has way less than she thinks. Dustin brings up Jess, saying he doesn’t really know her, and Dick defends her saying he knows her pretty well and knows she can be trusted.

Jess and Eric are still in the backyard doing their usual play banter. She tells him to kiss her butt, and when he says no, she asks if it’s because she’s not Jewish. Hmm. Maybe it’s a kosher thing? Jen yells over and tells them their conversations are so loud she knows that Jess’ boobs are white.

After Dick and Dustin talk about Kail’s and Jen’s sloppy games, Dick says the first week he had to work hard getting to know people, the second week he was on the block, and the third week he was HoH. This is the first week where he gets to sit back and relax. He thanks Dustin and they shake hands. I can hear Kail now, “But they shook hands!”

Dick finds Dani on the couch, and for the first time, they have a great conversation, and it’s not just about game. They did joke about the mustard and agree they both think it’s Nick that did it. She talks about her boyfriend; they talk about her grandma with the stinky cats. She mentions that her boyfriend is moving back in with his family when she gets back, so she’ll need a place to live. Dick offers to help, but Dani says she’s been on her own for awhile and can do it on her own.


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