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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 26th – Daniele, Don't Be a …

It will be interesting to see today if Eric gives up trying to convince the others to turn their votes to getting rid of Kail to complete his America’s Player task, or if he decides not to push it any further and just accept that this one is a losing battle. It sure didn’t seem last night like he was successful changing anyone’s minds. Mike was certainly looking like a goner.

The wakeup call comes in this morning, and tells Dick he has 60 minutes to evacuate the BB room. The rest of the HGs are told they should tidy up a little bit. It’s too bad it will be the same people as usual. I think they need a chore chart like I make for my kids or something.

Before Dick gets a chance to leave the privacy of HoH, Dani hits him up for some game talk. He lets her know that everyone wants Nick out next week, and they all know she’ll be a stronger player without him. He also gets upset with her about telling Nick about the conversation between her and Eric. He’s just a ray of sunshine this morning as he also adds that many people think she is the leak to Kail; they both wonder if it was really Dustin.

Downstairs, it’s the guys that are up and cleaning up while the girls are still sleeping or getting ready. Eric is wiping down the table and counters, and Dustin is vacuuming while Nick follows him around telling him what spots he missed and what furniture he should move. Zach elbows Nick in the head, and Nick starts dancing, doing the robot, which he calls the Carlton. This brings Zach to say he’s played racquetball with Alfonso Ribiero , but I, along with the others, don’t really believe him. This whole time we can hear the BB music playing in the background and Nick makes up words to it, “What, Bitch?” Try it next time the show is on, or if you have feeds, the next time you get trivia or the blue vortex.

The guys finish cleaning, and Eric notes they only have five hours to kill until the live show. Most of the girls are in the bathroom getting ready, but Amber is walking around with gloves on. Not sure what she’s doing. Ah-ha. She wants to clean the bathroom, but is waiting for the crowd to clear out. Eric comes in and wonders if he were Danielle’s pants, where would they be, because they aren’t on her. She’s just wearing cute little shorts. Dick is still in the kitchen, and is doing dishes. After complaining about the beds they have to sleep in, he’s asking Jen why she organized the cupboards the way she did and asking if she has OCD.

Jen tells Amber that she asked BB for a few things in her HoH for other people since she’s already had it. Amber just can’t get out of mom mode. Not only is she cleaning the bathroom, she also asks Eric if he pooped. Dick and Amber both go back to bed, and one of them is snoring while they camera has nothing better to do than sit and watch them sleep.

Kail and Mike sit out in their nomination chairs chatting, but it’s a good three hours before the live show. They talk about going to Las Vegas after the show and say the winner should pay for it. He asks her what the first thing is that she is going to do, and she says never let her family out of her sight. She says her husband better be out there waiting for her. Maybe he’s waiting for Mike. Everyone else eventually joins them on the couches, and we lose the feeds, so assumably this is the dry run of the live show.

When the feeds come back Dustin has put down the vacuum and has picked up the iron. Dick gets yelled at by BB for bouncing the nerf ball off the wall. It’s exciting here at the house today. Dustin gets done with his chores and does some stretching, while Dick has Dani paint his fingernails. She thinks it’s stupid, but does it for her dad anyway. He tells her he left a message for Dani’s boyfriend in his blog, and he also gave his impressions of the other HGs. That will be a fun read tomorrow! Dick tells Dani he had no idea she and Nick were sleeping together and she says they don’t. They just go under the covers and make fun of Zach. Right.Where’s that Brooklyn Bridge when I need it? I found just the right person to dump it off on.

Eric is walking around in his towel without his microphone, and BB asks him to please put the microphone on. Nick asks him to please drop his towel. Daniele was bending over and the guy in the BB control room is having a little fun, as he says, “Daniele, don’t be a dick!” Everyone in the house has a good laugh over this.

Jen is getting ready and wonders if she’ll be the next Sanjaya. No comment. She then relays that she just did the weirdest thing ever and says she had a boogar, sniffed it, and it came out in her mouth. Well, that was a nice thing to share. The guys are so disgusted they say every time she repeats the story it makes them go flaccid. Dustin is told he can’t wear his eye patch as it will obstruct his face too much, but he is allowed to wear his fake mustache. He’s also wearing a really funny shirt that says, “Define Girlfriend.”

We lose the feeds, of course, just before the live show, and once we get them back, the first thing we hear is the new HoH, Dustin, telling Amber to start packing to move up to HoH. Many people are thinking the second vote for Kail was Jen, although she denies it. Amber tells Jess and Jameka that it was Nick that voted for Kail. No one suspects Eric at all. Good work, America!

Nick obviously didn’t get the mohawk he has promised people, but he hair was cut in some way. He’s not happy at all with it, and Dani tells him he looks like an emu. That’s a new one. Zach tells her she’s wrong, as he looks more like an ostrich, but she thinks that’s rude. And emu isn’t?


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