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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 25th – Should She Stay or Should She Go?

Dick comes outside to let the dye in his hair sit for a while. There’s a lot of chatter going on, and I’m missing quite a bit of it because everyone is talking at once. But nothing seems to be too critical until Dick stands up and says he needs to rinse his hair, and then says, “Kail, I’m glad you’re going home tomorrow.” He leaves, and everyone is looking around at each other as if they missed something big.

A bit later, Dick is back outside and Kail says she wants to apologize to him for bringing up his children during an argument they had. Dick says it was damn rude. Kail says she’s going to bed, and immediately Dustin wants to know what’s going on. As do I. Spill it, Dick. Apparently they were talking about Dick asking Jessica to say something to Dick’s son Vincent on camera, and Kail asked if Vincent was a cheater too. Wow. That’s hard to believe. Dick says that it was like him asking her if her daughter is a liar because she is. Dustin says that you just don’t bring people’s kids into things like that.

Now, what I want to know is whether Kail was referring to Dick being a cheater (which would make no sense), or if she was actually talking about the situation with Daniele and Nick, which is even worse of her to say. But I guess we’ll never really know.

After a long and fun game of golf in the backyard, the Late Night Crew finally heads up to the HoH room to decide who’s leaving this week. We have Dick, Eric, Jessica, Jameka, Amber, and Dustin in there. Only they’re not discussing Kail or Mike. They’re all talking about Nick and how weird he’s been acting and how he needs to go. They think he’s still aligned with Zach and Jen, which leads to talk about Jen and how everyone feels about her. Jameka thinks she’s too strong and will have to be backdoored. This is Jameka’s solution for getting everyone out, by the way. They all have to be backdoored.

Finally they get around to talking about the vote. Each person takes a turn saying who they want to vote out and why. Eric is playing this well, saying that if they want to keep Kail that’s fine, but they all need to remember how sneaky she is and why she was put on the block, and not let her get her game back and come after them. They need to still take her out soon. The general consensus is still to evict Mike and mess around with Kail as a pawn. Eric wants to know if they should tell Jen what the vote will be, and Dick says no. They should let her vote on her own, and then if she votes to keep Kail they’ll know what her true colours are.

The discussion turns to the upcoming week and who should go up. They want to target Nick, Zach, Kail, and Jen, but they’re not sure in what order. Dustin thinks that one of Nick/Zach and one of Kail/Jen should go up, and then use the veto to put up the other guy and get one of them out. Could be interesting. I was kind of hoping Amber might be in jeopardy soon, but I guess we have to wait a while for that.

The meeting is over, and Eric proclaims that it was nice knowing Mike, but they will all enjoy having the extra protein shakes in the house each week. Before they leave, Jessica wants to know what will happen if it’s a double eviction week. They say they’ll put up Nick and Kail, and then Zach and Kail, with the boys both leaving.

Most of the Late Night Crew are now getting ready for bed. Dick and Eric stay up for a bit, chatting in the backyard. Eric says that if he really wanted Kail out, he could have made it happen. Really Eric? You’re so close to your first ten grand – I think you could have pushed just a little harder. But you’re doing a great job, so I won’t complain. He correctly points out that Dustin and Amber will benefit from Kail staying, because they have built some kind of relationship with her.

Dick says that Daniele told him that Dustin was the one who told Kail that she would probably be safe this week. Eric thinks that there’s probably a four-person alliance going on between Dustin, Amber, Daniele, and Nick. And he’s dead on. The boy knows his game. He says that Jameka is going to be the toughest person in the house to get out, because she’s a monster. Dustin is labeled the next Nick, because Eric thinks he’ll end up doing things that people don’t understand.

This is interesting, because Eric is doing most of the talking; not Dick. Eric says that he had a conversation with Daniele, and then later he pretended to be sleeping while Daniele relayed the entire conversation to Nick. And it wasn’t even anything important. They talk about the backdoor method and how it’s not always possible any longer with the random draw for veto players. Eric says that it’s all well and good that they decide who should go next, and that they all want Nick gone, but there’s a very good chance that Nick will never even be nominated.

Eric moves back to Kail and her “Jesus-loving friends.” He thinks that Kail is trying to rally Jameka and Amber because they have their faith in common, and Dustin will go along with them by default. Eric sees this as the reason why the three of them are now so adamant that Mike be the one to go, because they’ve bought whatever it is that Kail is selling them. Wow. I’m really impressed with Eric tonight!

They both agree that Jessica is actually a strong player, but want to keep the rest of the house believing that she’s a ditz. Eric is hoping that Dustin or Jameka win HoH this week, because their nominations will be somewhat predictable, and it would be better for them to have that power while Zach, Nick, Kail, and Jen are all still in the house.

The chat breaks up and Eric says it’s time for him to go to bed. They walk inside, and Dick asks Eric if he wants to sleep in the HoH room with him. He says it might be “a little gay,” but at least it’s comfortable. Eric passes on the offer. Dick goes upstairs and then comes back down via the banister (I love that – why has no one else done that?) to cover the hot tub for the night. He asks BB if there’s anything else he needs to do. He carries the topiary bunnies around for a few minutes, wondering what to do with them, and ends up leaving them near the door in the living room.

Dick gets ready for bed in the HoH room, saying that this has been a really good week after all. Before he goes to sleep, he has a message for Vanna White: “You need to fire that bitch!”

It’s been a somewhat interesting day in the house, even if they didn’t really do much. I love watching Eric and Dick talking together, because they both “get” the game and how to play it. They see what’s going on around them, and even if they aren’t always 100% correct, they at least have the sense to think things through and gather information. I hope they both stick around for many weeks to come.

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