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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 25th – Should She Stay or Should She Go?

This, ladies and gentleman, is to become the topic of conversation for Amber for the rest of the evening. Buckle in, it’s not pretty. Dick and Amber bicker a bit, and Dick tells her not to take it personally because he was talking in generalities. Amber is upset to the point that Daniele has to ask her if she’s okay. Dinner is over and people are busily cleaning up the kitchen. Dustin takes over dish duty, so Amber decides to dry the dishes and talk his ear off. She rants and raves about how Dick’s been picking on her, and how she didn’t say that she loves her dog more than her kid but she does love them the same, and Dick couldn’t possibly understand that because she’s such a loving person and wears her heart on her sleeve.

As she’s drying the dishes, Amber wipes down the front of the fridge with the same towel she’s using on the dishes. Then she proceeds to dry a drinking glass – with the same dang towel. Gross. Dick comes in and says that he doesn’t want to belabor the point, but he wants her to know it’s not personal. She starts saying again that love is love, blah blah blah, and Dick asks her if she would give her life for her dog. She says she would, and he thinks that’s messed up. So do I. He asks her again why she’s taking it so personally, and she says that she doesn’t do that with anyone else in the house – just him. He wonders why his opinion carries so much weight with her.

When Dick leaves, Amber is ranting again to Dustin, who just keeps on silently washing the dishes. Dick gets called to the DR, and Dustin laughs and says, “Oh my God! Get it while it’s hot, boys!” Dick comes through the kitchen and tells Amber that he still loves her. They hug and he goes on to the DR. Amber recommences the bitchfest, wondering why he picks on her so much. She says she wants to do something to mess him up, and whispers what that is to Dustin. Dustin is finally realizing how serious this is and warns her not to try and pull anything like that. I’m dying to know what she wants to do!

Now Amber thinks that Dick picks on her because she’s the only person in the house that can take it. She says that she’s overdue for a good cry, and really needs to just sit down and cry because she hasn’t in a couple of days. She says that she’s going to go out and lay in the hammock and cry. Good times. Dustin suggests that she go in the DR when Dick is done and do it in there instead. Thanks Dustin – that’s all we ever see her do in there.

As this drama (snicker) is unfolding, Jen, Eric, Kail, and Nick are hanging out in the hot tub. They talk about the irony in the fact that Jen finally sits down and has a long talk with someone, and that person is Dick. She laughs and says that they talked about her sex life for like six hours. Eric thinks that this show would become the best in reality show history if Jen and Dick ended up having sex. Jen says no way would she do that on television, especially with someone she hates. Then she backtracks and says not hates, but with someone who smokes.

Amber and Jameka head outside to the hammock for a lengthy chat. The talk is mostly centered around Dick, and I’m not going to bother with most of the details for two reasons. First, it’s Amber bitching about Dick and you can probably conjure up the entire conversation. Second, my head would explode and that’s just messy. Then they talk about God and how Amber feels so close to Jameka, and she utters this little nugget: “When we’re at the table and you do things for me, it makes me feel all warm. Kind of like God is here, and you’re him!” I can physically feel my brain cells dying at this very moment. Then Amber doesn’t know what Judaism is and Jameka has to explain it to her, and why it’s wrong. Please, can we move on now?

Daniele comes along, and because she hates us all, she mentions something to Amber about the first week when Kail put her up on the block. This sets Amber off on another diatribe, about how they all said that her and Carol were up because of the HoH competition, but if that were the case then Nick should have gone up because he didn’t even play. I know, but again, if I have to listen to it, you have to read it. I think you’re getting the better end of the deal here. Amber goes on and on and on about how none of the Mrs. Robinsons want to face her at the end because she’s such a great person and everyone loves her, and she’s a single mom so obviously she would deserve the money. She thinks that they targeted her first because they knew right away that she was the most dangerous player. At some point Dustin replaces Daniele in the conversation.

Eric and Jen come along and want to join the hammock folks, but they’re shooed away. Amber tells them that she’s venting and needs a bit more time. Jen leaves her pillow there and both of them walk away, obviously not pleased. Jessica comes outside and sits with Eric and Jen, and they tell her about being given the brush-off by Amber. Jessica says that she’s getting sick of Dustin trying to tell her what to do all the time. They’re all complaining about Dustin and Amber now, and to this I say, “finally!” Get some sense people – these two need to be split up.

Kail is upstairs in the HoH with Dick. She’s saying that she never wants to win HoH again, that she just wants to stick around and have fun and get to know everybody better. I’m not sure if Dick is buying this or not – somehow I doubt it. She says that she’d rather be forgotten on the show than hated by the viewers. There’s still time Kail, you can redeem yourself. Dick wonders if he’s hated, but Kail says quickly that she was referring to herself.

Back to Amber. She’s saying that there are people in the game who just want the money for themselves instead of wanting to give it to someone who is deserving. She and Jameka both think that this is extremely selfish. Listen ladies, if it were a contest to see who was most deserving, don’t you think they’d skip this whole “house” thing all summer long and just let y’all come on the show, state your case, and hold a vote? Argh!

Eric, Jen, and Jessica are talking about all kinds of things on the backyard couches. They discuss Howie and Janelle, and how they stayed up together every night eating ice cream. Ah, those were the days. Jessica says that she liked Howie, and Jen thought his Spool of Lies thing was hilarious. Eric wants to do a DR takeoff on the Chill Town phone calls, and Jen offers to do one with him. Hee! Wait until Eric finds out that Jen was schooled in the ways of the Chill Town before entering the house. They also talk about what kind of edit they’re getting on the show. Eric thinks that Dick is well-liked even though he’s crazy, and that Jen is either hated or people love to hate her. He thinks they’re the two breakout stars of the show, and wonders again when they’ll have sex.

Amber goes upstairs to do Dick’s hair for him. I don’t understand her. If she really hates him that much, why would she willingly spend time with him? She tells Dick that she’s just figured out that she was the target during week one, and that Carol was put up as a pawn. See, this is where they bond. Hatred of Kail. And distrust of Nick, who is their next target of conversation. Kail and Jameka come up to watch the hair dying, but Dick asks them if he could just spend this time with Amber, so they leave. Back to Nick bashing for these two.