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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 25th – Should She Stay or Should She Go?

Zach is with Mike in the gym, assuring him of his vote. He says that he has much more to lose with Kail in the house. Kail hasn’t bothered to try and talk to him or apologize for anything, yet she keeps telling him what she needs from him. He says that he doesn’t respect her because instead of trying to cover for them, she sold them out. He promises that he’s not going to waver on his vote, he’ll be sending Kail out the door and thinks that Dick wants the same thing. Mike agrees.

Upstairs in the HoH room, Eric is trying his best to fulfill his America’s Player task and get Kail voted out. He’s up there with Dick, Dustin, and Jameka. He says that Kail is more active and will try to form another alliance, while Mike has said that he wants to go solo and play the game honestly. Dustin points out that Mike and Jen could still be working together, but he’s noticed that Kail and Jen aren’t. Eric is pressing on the fact that Kail will rebound and try to stir things up more than Mike ever would or could.

Dick says that they should get the rest of the crew together tonight and discuss this, because Eric is making some valid points. He thinks it should be a group decision though, and that he’ll be fine with it either way because he wants that alliance split up. Talk moves to Nick and how big a threat he is. Jameka adds that he’s been throwing temper tantrums too, telling a story about him yelling at her in the kitchen over not being asked if he wanted a hamburger or something. Eric points out that both Kail and Mike have told him that the fight between Nick and Zach was phony.

They decide that Nick and Zach should go up next week, but they’re divided on which one should go home. Of course we all know that things like that can’t be planned until the new HoH is crowned, and even then people have a way of putting up who they really want to put up, rather than follow any sort of opinions from the previous week. Dustin says that he wants to keep Kail in the house, and then put her up with Nick or Zach and if the veto is used, then the other guy goes up. He plans to tell Kail that she was kept in the house to use as a pawn, so she can’t complain about it later. As if she wouldn’t. Has he actually met Kail? Dick sums it all up by saying that they’re choosing between a conniver and a meathead. Bingo.

Amber comes up and gives her two cents – Mike should go because he’s sneaky. Daniele joins them too and says that Zach is downstairs moaning about not being let in the HoH room. Eric is playing this well. He pushes hard, then waits it out, then says he doesn’t care either way. Then he pushes again. He’s saying now that there must be more to Kail than meets the eye if she made it into the finals for other seasons before being cast in this one. Dustin and Amber are insistent that Mike goes this week, because they think he has the potential to realign with Zach and Nick, even though he’s sworn that he wouldn’t.

Dustin says that he can work Kail to do what they want her to do, so he thinks that she would be an asset that the group can use until they’re ready to get rid of her. Eric asks for a vote. Dick is leaning towards getting rid of Kail. Dustin and Jameka want to vote out Mike. Amber says she could go either way. Eric doesn’t want to make the same mistake as last year and target the Chicken George of the group, while the Will and Boogie stick around week after week. Jameka points out that Kail gets upset easily, and that when she does she spills secrets and tells people things. Mike plays it cool and is very hard to read. Dick says that he knows for a fact that someone has told Kail that she’s safe, and thinks it was Nick. Dustin admits that he told her not to give up, but that’s all he said.

Eric says that it would be harder to go up against Kail at the end than Mike. Everyone pshaws that idea, because there’s no way Kail could make it that far in the game. Careful there people – that’s what they said about Erika too. Dick agrees with Eric, saying that Kail would have to put up one hell of a fight to get there, so she’d be impossible to beat based on game play alone. Eric adds that going up against a mother of three would be tough as well.

Nick comes upstairs, breaking up the conversation. He asks them what they’re doing, and Daniele says that they’re cooking up a plan to get rid of him. Dick goes downstairs. Eric leaves as well and tells Jessica all about the HoH conversation, and how they’ll all talk again so that she can be included. Jessica says that she will give Mike her vote because he made a point of talking to her about it, but Kail didn’t. The vote might be a split one after all. Eric says that he wants to keep Mike too, and maybe they can get Zach and Jen to vote with them. Well, isn’t this interesting! Eric says that Dustin claiming that Kail will do his bidding will only benefit Dustin, not the rest of the group, and Dustin is dangerous enough on his own. Good point, that.

Nick and Daniele are talking about how he’s heard that Daniele’s vote is undecided now that she’s talked to Mike. They bicker about Daniele not looking him in the eye when she talks to him, and Nick leaves. He meets up with Dick and asks him why his daughter is so difficult. Without missing a beat, Dick says, “Look who you’re talking to.”

Nick goes through the house telling anyone who will listen how Daniele was rude to him and then accused him of being rude. He goes outside with Zach and lifts some weights, while Zach punches the tether ball around and complains that nobody likes him because he’s not attractive or cool enough. Man, I really feel badly for this guy.

It’s dinner time, and Dick comes out to tell the boys it’s time to come inside. Nick says he’s not eating with them tonight, and Dick suggests that he should at least make an appearance because it’s someone’s last night in the house. At the table, someone suggests that someone else should say something before they eat, but no one wants to do it. When Dick offers, Amber is quick to jump in and say no, Dustin will do it. Heh. Dustin doesn’t want to. Good grief people, give me something to work with here.

Nick and Zach are now playing tether ball together, and Zach is saying that he and Nick should become the next Will and Booger and take the house by storm. Nick says that he really wants HoH because everyone is pissing him off lately. He adds that he doesn’t want to sit down to dinner with everyone and pretend that they’re one big happy family. They’re not his family and he doesn’t want to sit and talk about nothing with them. They’re both whacking the ball pretty hard, and Zach is letting out weird groans every time he hits it. Finally one of them hits it so hard that the ball comes right off the chain.

Meanwhile, at the family dinner table, Dick says that he hates it when women carry around their little dogs and call them their babies, because it’s totally different with an actual baby and these women have no clue. I so agree. Amber, apparently, doesn’t. She says that she has a dog that she loves just as much as she loves her daughter. WTF? Dick calls that a bizarre statement, and Amber has to keep going, saying that she doesn’t compare them and love is love. Do I need to go on a little rant here about how messed up that is? I didn’t think so.