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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 25th – Should She Stay or Should She Go?

He says that, if Kail goes, he’ll be playing the game solo without any alliances, and he wants Dustin to know that he’s trustworthy and extremely loyal. So why would that be a good thing if you don’t have any alliances? I don’t understand the theory behind the campaign here. Mike says that if he got HoH, he would nominate fairly instead of making it personal. He vows to take a house vote, and the two people with the highest number of votes would go on the block. Or he’d create some kind of point system based on who does the most work around the house, who gets along with people best, etc. That’s insane.

Dustin says that he saw Kail handling the whole alliance thing badly, and that she’s been inconsistent throughout the game. He gives Mike credit for his honesty and loyalty, and says that it’s odd that he hasn’t spoken to anyone else about the game before now, but understands that it’s due to his loyalty to Kail. Dustin adds that his vote will be strategic, not personal, and that he’s still on the fence. He starts talking about how he’s playing solo too and isn’t aligned with Amber even though everyone thinks he is. They’re interrupted by Dick yelling something about the HoH camera, so they shake hands and end the conversation. I wonder if Mike will bother talking to anyone else about this, or just hope that Dustin spreads the word?

Dick goes upstairs to write his HoH blog thing, and Daniele asks him to tell her boyfriend that she loves him, and if he could try and explain the situation with Nick from his own point of view so that Chris will understand. That should be an interesting read.

Dustin goes to tell Nick about his conversation with Mike, and says it was interesting. Nick thinks it’s interesting that Mike even spoke in the first place. Hee. Dustin is leaning towards keeping Mike, but points out that he didn’t mention that to him. They talk about Zach really gunning for HoH this week, and wonder who he’d put up. Nick says Kail, but Dustin thinks he would be in danger himself because Zach told him he was dangerous. We’re going to hear about this a lot, aren’t we?

Kail goes over and asks Dustin about his vote. He won’t tell her, just as he wouldn’t tell Mike, but Kail is almost begging to know now. She figures that Dustin isn’t saying anything because he doesn’t want her going around telling people that she has his vote.

Dustin is called to the DR, so Kail moves on to Jen. She asks who Jen will be voting for, and Jen says that she’ll vote with the house whenever she finds out how the house is voting. Hee – I love this girl. Yeah, I said it. Kail says that it would be horrible if Jen’s vote was the swing and ended up being the one that sent her home. She adds that the house has decided that Jen put mustard on her own shirt for attention. I guess that’s Kail’s way of giving Jen a little zinger since she won’t commit to a vote.

Mike is working on Eric now. Wow, you go Silent Mike! Not that it’ll do any good, but still. At least we know he has a pulse. He’s telling Eric the exact same things he told Dustin, and Eric is reacting in much the same way. He says that he thinks he would have been high on Mrs. Robinson’s hit list if that alliance had stayed intact, but Mike says no, because Jen said she had a good relationship with Eric. Eric disagrees and thinks he’s the prime candidate to go up as a pawn against Dick if one of “them” wins HoH. Mike mentions his ideas of how he would nominate if he won HoH. He says that he wants to stay in the game, but he doesn’t want to campaign against Kail.

Dick breaks up this conversation too, because he’s downstairs with his HoH camera. Let the picture-taking amusement begin! Dick tells Jen to go and change her shirt if she wants to be in the pictures. Then he’s walking around wanting to get “fun” shots. He gets someone to take his picture with Jessica in the HoH bathtub, then one with them and Eric in the tub. Eric runs downstairs and licks Carol’s memory wall picture. Click. Amber and Dustin in bed together. Click.

Eric goes to talk with Daniele and tells her that he’s starting to think that they should keep Mike and get Kail out of the house. She says that Mike has asked to talk with her, and Eric says it’s a conversation worth hearing. They agree that the whole group of them should get together later and hash everything out.

Amber wants to take some pictures with the camera, but Dick doesn’t want her to. He says that it’s his week as HoH and he wants to have fun pictures with everyone. She apparently wants some nice ones of herself for her daughter to see. Dick asks Amber why she’s been weird with him for the past few days, and somehow his relationship with Daniele gets brought into it. He says that she can’t tell him what to do about his daughter when he’s known her for 20 years, and Amber only a couple of weeks. We don’t get to see the rest of the argument though, ’cause apparently Mike’s speech to Daniele is more important.

Mike tells Daniele the same thing he’s been saying to the others. Daniele asks him why she should vote to keep him when she knows that he’ll just put her back on the block with her dad. Mike says that they know that Dick and Daniele are votes for each other, so one of them had to be targeted. Daniele asks why they assumed that instead of coming and asking her. Dick keeps interrupting them for pictures and Daniele is pissed off about it, but Mike calmly explains that he only has the camera for a short time so it’s okay.

Daniele gets the rest of the Mike speech, and thanks him. She says that she feels a little weird talking to him about all of this, and he agrees that it feels odd for him too. They hug, without any promises being made. Meanwhile, Amber is venting to Dustin about her tiff with Dick, and says that Dick needs to watch who he’s messing with because everyone in the house loves her so much that they’ll vote him out for her if he’s ever on the block again. Oy.

Zach and Nick are strategizing together, only Nick isn’t giving anything away. Zach thinks that the two of them are very safe in the house and that no one would put them up. He is planning to vote out Kail, and then if Mike is still in the house then the three of them can get back together and take over the house. Bwa-ha-ha. I guess Zach hasn’t heard yet that Mike is planning to go it alone.

Kail has Eric cornered now and tells him that she only likes a few people in the house. Namely Amber, Dustin, Jameka, and himself. I guess she’s assuming that Mike’s a dead houseguest walking? She’s saddened by Jen, who has been treating her different lately, and wonders if it’s because of her talk with Dick the other night. She says that Dick gave her the impression that the house was working together to get her out (which they were), but Eric says that’s not the case any longer. Everyone can think for themselves, and they don’t like the way Dick has ruled this week. Eric says his own strategy is to build relationships and get to know people. Kail says that she thought the two of them had a bond and wonders if she was wrong. Eric says no, they do have a bond. Hmm.