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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 25th – Should She Stay or Should She Go?

It’s Wednesday. No voting, no competitions, no live show, and no ceremonies. That usually means lots of sleeping and numerous conversations that are made up of mostly rehash, with a healthy dose of “we have to get them out of here!” Big Brother really needs to find something for these people to do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And I’m not talking about a bead kit and origami.

For some reason, BB wakes the hamsters up at 9am with something instrumental and very loud – I can’t tell what it is because the clip is so quick and then we’re watching the Vortex of Doom. According to Eric, this little number was followed by Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Interesting mix. It’s the usual morning stuff – getting up, showering, picking at various facial growths in the mirror, breakfast, etc. BB calls for an outside lockdown so off they go to the backyard.

Someone suggests a volleyball rematch, but most of them are too tired to bother. The game ends up being Dustin and Amber versus Daniele and Jameka. Jameka takes her v-ball very seriously, calling shots in or out and yelling out points, much to the amusement of everyone else.

After the game, Dustin ends up sitting on the couch and is quickly in deep conversation with Kail. We can’t hear anything that they’re talking about, but Kail keeps grabbing Dustin’s head and leaning in to whisper to him, then he does the same thing back. He’s sitting with his hand on her leg and if I didn’t know better, I’d say they looked like a couple. Weird.

Amber is yapping to Jameka about Dick being jealous of her rubbing Dustin’s back or touching any of the other guys. Ba-hahaha! Seriously! Jameka “mm hmm’s” and then says that Dick is quite territorial. Amber, having learned a new word, says that Nick is territorial too, because he gets jealous when she talks to other people. The sad thing is that she actually believes this stuff. More Amber chatter about how she can’t take Dick being nice to her then picking on her all the time. She says that Dustin warned her not to be rude to Dick, but she doesn’t think she is. Jameka wonders if Daniele would ever vote against her father and Amber assures her that she could talk her into it.

Zach comes along to join Amber and Jameka. Amber quickly says that she has laundry to look after and makes a break for it. Jameka excuses herself as well, saying that she has a lot of gas. You know, these two keep saying that they’re good people but they can’t sit for a few minutes and talk to poor Zach, who doesn’t seem to have a single friend in the house. Personally I’d rather chat with Zach than listen to Amber tell me how much everybody loves her, and then go on for hours bashing them. Maybe that’s just me.

After what feels like days watching these people just hanging out, sleeping, and talking about such exciting topics as the best buffet in Las Vegas, BB finally tells them that the lockdown is over. Mike approaches Dustin and tells him that he’d like to speak to him later in the day. Wow, is Mike actually going to campaign for himself finally?

Inside, Dustin mentions that the group has become so blasé that they don’t even bother to look around the house after a lockdown to see if anything is different. I never even thought of that, but he’s right. Then again it’s not like they have a gumball machine that takes quarters or anything. But you’d think someone would be looking around for missing objects for an upcoming competition.

Zach and Dustin talk about hair cuts. Zach says he couldn’t get in tough with his regular hairdresser before the show started, and ended up with a haircut he didn’t like. He also got a pedicure that hurt. Dustin talks about the importance of keeping up the pedicures anyway, but Zach says that his feet aren’t the only things he doesn’t like about himself. He says he’s also skinny, drinks like Jessica, and has trouble getting girls. Poor Zach.

Zach mentions that he really wants to start playing the game now, and tells Dustin that he’s scared of him because he seems to hold some power in the house. Dustin seems flattered by this, which is probably Zach’s intention. Zach says that he really wants to win HoH this week, and Dustin does as well. Looks like it might be a real competition this time, instead of a bunch of people trying not to win. Might be a good time for a little endurance, no?

Zach mentions to Dustin that the chess pieces are missing. Ah-ha! Now he needs to wander through the house and see if other things are missing. But … he doesn’t seem to be doing that.

Now we’ve got almost everyone sleeping. Daniele is doing makeup or hair or something in the bathroom (not interested enough to watch), and Mike’s outside catching some sun. Maybe I’ll take a nap too. Ah, Dustin is still awake and whispering to Daniele in the bathroom. He’s talking about his upcoming conversation with Mike, which he’s pretty enthused about. He says that there’s no reason to lie to Mike, and he wants to be completely honest about who’s going tomorrow. He says that it sucks that they’re all supposed to lie so early in the game.

Dustin goes outside to have his talk with Mike. Mike says that he doesn’t like being in the position where he has to campaign against Kail, but that he wants Dustin to know that he is a person of loyalty and integrity. Oh geez, here we go. Why do the casts of reality shows think that the winner should be the most honest and moral? It’s a game. We want to see people play it, not profess how wonderful and righteous they are. Sorry, got off track there.

Dustin plays into this and says that it’s obvious that Mike is a strong competitor and very loyal, but he wants to know why Mike made such a spectacle of himself during the veto competition if the alliance was truly disbanded. Mike says that he was going beyond the game itself and proving that he’s a loyal person to the end, or some such nonsense. I’m sorry, I know there are a lot of Mike fans out there, but this guy is really talking out of his ass and has no concept of game play. He says that he’s like that in real life (loyal) so he doesn’t think that should change just because of the game.

Mike explains that he told Kail to keep her vote for Dick last week because it would look bad if she switched. That part is true. However, he also says that she knew he was going to vote to evict Joe because he told her that. We all know that this is BS. He says that he’s telling Dustin this now to prove that Dick’s claim of the alliance throwing Kail under the bus isn’t true at all. Dustin wants to know why Mike didn’t badger Jen during the PoV comp, and Mike says it’s because Jen didn’t nominate him, so he felt some kind of loyalty to her. Dustin asks if it’s going to be like that throughout the game for Mike – if an HoH doesn’t nominate him, he’ll feel loyalty towards them? Mike says yes, and then backtracks a bit saying that obviously it can’t be that way when it gets down to the end.