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So You Think You Can Dance, July 25th – Waiting on the World … and the Song … to Change

This leaves our last pairing of he night to be Sara and Neil. They’re dancing disco with Doriana Sanchez, although for some reason my spellcheck wants her name to be Doreen Sanitize. She calls this disco very challenging and exciting with a lot of technical elements as well as fun lifts. Neil is really looking forward to working with Sara, because she’s awesome, but he’s not looking forward to the fact that she’s a lot cooler than him. She calls him hilarious and says she likes how he gets into character, but he likes to sing songs that aren’t so great and get stuck in her head. She also thinks they’re both fun-loving, and disco will be perfect for them, and she’s right. They dance to Knock on Wood by Rachel Sevens. Neil does an amazing flip and is wearing a blue leisure suit. They are really cute together, and this seems to personify disco.

Nigel says when it’s like that, he loves disco. He adds that it’s so great to see Sara and Neil enjoying themselves, and in particular, it’s great to see Neil without his goggles. They both did everything asked of them and entertained everyone. The audience loved them as did the judges. Mary says it was sort of cheesy, but was still fun, fun, fun. She liked the tricks, and that first flip, she tells Neil, you don’t see that all the time. He separated his legs so far and with such control. The lift was really a difficult one, and they nailed it. They had fun, and so did she. Mia says she, too, had a great time, and she thinks they are the biggest dorks, and she means that in the best possible way.

I thought we were getting away without this, and was wondering why there were still 15 minutes left in the show. Even though I had to sit through it, I’ll try to make it as quick and painless as possible, as we now have the judges’ critiques for the each of the solo dances, despite it being the same thing over and over.

With Jaimie, Nigel feels she is only able to display one emotion, and Mary thinks she was soft when she needed to be. Mia says ditto ditto. She’s making it easier for me. Nigel thinks Dominic was a little tight in his movements, yet he loved the emotion as he got tearful and angry. Mary agrees he showed emotion, yet it showed his technique was lacking with his tight upper back. Mia brings up she thinks they all did this wrong, as she didn’t really see anyone put their own thing into this with their own style and vibe. Especially with Dominic she wanted to see him make it “Dominic.”

Sara is such a small person, and Nigel thinks she needs to make her dancing bigger than she is. Emotionally it was fun. Mary says she absolutely connected with her and Mia felt Sarah, getting a little misty, and telling a story. Nigel thinks this showed Pasha was out of his league with no emotion, and Mary agrees with that, yet she was still surprised he was able to pull of Wade’s number. Mia felt it was too over-dramatic for her and awkward.

Nigel thinks Lauren was the first dancer that showed him how well the music worked, and he felt she was the first to show hope in the end. That enormous grin was showing hope? Mary thinks everything Lauren is doing tonight is just blossoming, and Mia draws a heart and points at Lauren. Nigel wants Neil to be careful with his shoulders and also thinks he didn’t show enough emotion. Mary agrees about his upper back and wants him to bring up some emotion as well. Mia again says ditto.

With Sabra, Nigel feels even though she is small, she danced so large. She was another that came forward with hope. Mary only has one thing to say to Sabra, but instead of the expected scream, we get a worshipping bow. Mia says everyone always asks her favorite, and she never had an answer until now. Nigel says Kameron let him down over the weeks, and he’s sure if they would have had the opportunity, they would have cut him, but tonight, he takes it back, especially with the emotion he showed as he punched and walked away. Mary connected with the emotions of the solo, unlike Kameron’s performance as a duo. Mia felt after his bad critique on his couples dance, he applied their criticisms to his solo.

Looking at Lacey’s bio, Nigel says he keeps reading that she does Latin, Ballroom and Swing, but he wants her to know she can do everything, and Mary agrees, saying “Lacey can dance.” I guess that must be an answer to the show’s title. Mia also agrees, but saying she wanted a little bit more emotionally, although she is still killing it this season. Nigel goes back to Mia saying earlier no one put their own feel to it, but he feels Danny did. He says he was like honey being poured from the bottle. He thinks they are finally chipping away at Danny’s emotional shield. Mary thinks they get a little more emotion each week from him and calls him effortless. Mia says she, too, is waiting for his breakthrough emotionally, as she thinks he’d be “beyond, beyond, beyond.”

I really hope they don’t continue all season to do this “all solos the same” thing. That got so incredibly boring. We want to see what they can do. Maybe give them all the same music and style, and let them choreograph it themselves. I think that would be far more interesting.

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