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So You Think You Can Dance, July 25th – Waiting on the World … and the Song … to Change

Lacey Schwimmer picks Danny Tidwell as her new partner, and they will be doing the samba, choreographed by none other than last year’s Dmitry Chaplain. This is the hardest Latin American dance, and Dmitry says he has to be the man, and she has to be pure hotness on the floor, something Dmitry knows well. Lacey merges the two of their names together to come out with “Dancey” and makes wrist bands for them to wear, making him say she’s fun and never boring. He likes that they get so close in the dance, it’s almost like they’re making out. He jokes he’s falling in love with a stripper. They dance to Hip Hip Chin Chin by Club Des Belugas. I think maybe he needed to be away from Anya, as this is the first time I have really seen the greatness of his moves. He and Lacey together are both very hot and very believable as a couple.

Nigel says it was great to be able to bring back Dmitry, and thinks it was well done and a lot of fun. He does caution Lacey that she needs to be careful that she uses Danny well as a partner. She’s playing such a cool character and pretending to ignore him, but she can’t forget that he’s really there with her. He didn’t, as he was using her more than she was using him. What Danny lacked in technique, he made up for in performance.

Mary says this wasn’t her favorite of the night, and as even Nigel boos, she says every week Danny has been perfection, but tonight’s it’s a little bit lacking in technique. Yet, it was “pretty damn good partnering.” I think she’s just hurting over Anya leaving still. She tells Lacey she is fabulous and so rhythmical. Her body is just moving and loose and in tone with technique where it needs to be. She says it doesn’t take a weatherman to tell you where the wind is blowing, as it’s blowing Lacey straight towards the finale. Mia thinks this was the sexiest dance so far this season, and calls it hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. She calls Danny the stallion of dance and says the way he carried himself was gorgeous. Lacey is hot and ridiculously amazing. In the audience, Dmitry is getting high fives, with Lacey’s cousin Heidi seen in the crowd as well.

Lauren dances her solo, and with the word “patience” on her shirt, she seems angry, then is oddly smiling at the end. Neil Haskell has the word “unity” on the back of his shirt, and has great leaps, although seems to nearly fall over. Was that on purpose? Sabra has “unity” on her shirt, and while I should be liking this, I think it’s just getting boring now. Kameron has “trust” on his shirt, and he seems disgusted at some point in his dance. Why are you disgusted with trust?

Jaimie picks Dominic form the hat, and it must be wishful thinking as he says “hip hop” when they really pick the Viennese Waltz, choreographed by Toni Redpath. She decides to take the elegant waltz and add a little Spanish flavor to it. Jaimie is looking forward to working with Dominic and his intensity, and he’s looking forward to the lifts as she’s so gorgeous he wants to man-handle her. She’s very worried about his habit of dropping Sabra. They dance tonight to Man of LaMancha by Linda Eder. It’s very interesting, to say the least. I don’t think I’d ever look at this and say it’s a waltz. It reminds me of Evita or Carmen.

Nigel first says that the waltz is normally a straight 3/4 beat, but this is many more rhythms and lends it self more to a paso doble. With the extra style on top of style, and Spanish style on top of Austrian waltz, he can understand why Dominic is putting so much character into it, but for the first time he is disappointed in him. Nigel thinks he over-egged the pudding. Too much characterization becomes caricature and starts to look comedic, in fact he thinks he started to look like Groucho Marx turning into Mr. Bean. It didn’t work for him on any level, and because of that, he couldn’t really judge it for Jamie’s point of view.

Mary also calls it way over the top and almost cartoonish, not very believable. She’s one of Dominic’s biggest fans, but it just killed her to see him overplaying the technique. The footwork wasn’t correct at all, and there was no chemistry between them. Mia tells Danny to quit apologizing to Jaimie. He’s done well, and to have one bad night, he needs to accept it and move on. Having said that, his carriage and technique were atrocious, and when he did his jette off the stage, she wanted to do it off the panel. This is where training comes in, and sometimes you can’t fake it. It’s like exposing it. For Jaimie, her lines were beautiful, but Mia wants her to be careful with her mouth always being open, as it looks a lot like she’s catching flies. Yikes. I have to say that the problem with this dance, for the most part, was the odd Spanish/Austrian mix, and it’s not the dancers’ fault, just like with Jaimie and Hok last week. Why does this always happen to Jaimie?

Lacey dances her solo with “peace” on her T-shirt and she seems to be feeling so much in it, her face almost didn’t look like “Lacey.” Danny dances his solo with “understanding” on his shirt, and you can really see his good technique in this. It’s just superb.


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