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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 24th – Jessica and Eric, America's Couple?

Amber joins the group and the subject of America’s Choice comes up. Nick is hoping for a three-way phone call between himself, Dani, and her boyfriend. He also does a slamming routine on Zach. Not that I begrudge him any of it, but I’m starting to see what he meant about not being nice Nick anymore. He’s got a mean streak that is developing or eeking out more and more, one or the two. Amber is back to the America’s Choice and says she thinks she is America’s favorite. Can I slap her now? Meanwhile, our America’s Player is choking on the quarter while playing quarters and accidentally drinking the coin.

Can I just say I like Jameka more and more every day? She has a fanatic wit. There’s a traffic jam in the bathroom with everyone waiting to go in. She tells Nick that Jess is in there and he’ll have to wait. He sits down next to her, and she tells him he may want to go first, as she has to “drop the kids off at the pool.” Nick can be witty as well. When Dustin gets up to leave the group, Amber says don’t leave me to be the third wheel, meaning with Dani and Nick, and he says you need to have three wheels first. He’s one wheel waiting to commit to a bicycle, but the other wheel is flat.

Kail is in need of some wit, although thinks she has plenty. She joins the backyard group and says her IQ is just below genius level, but doesn’t know her score. She asks if 30 sounds right. It just might explain a lot. In the first place, don’t brag about your intelligence, and in the second place, if you have the balls to do it anyway, at least be correct. But at least she can dance. Dustin and Nick take turns flipping her in the backyard. Jameka then joins in while the others watch.

The outside crew and the quarters crew decide on a game of volleyball. Kail can’t stop dancing, though. She’s like Dance Man (a reference for the On the Lot watchers). Jameka keeps running at the ball yelling “Mine!” but always missing it. Jen gets booed when she knocks the ball to the roof, but they have another one.

Jess comes out of the DR, very upset. Dick stops playing the game to see what’s gong on with her, but she takes off, throws her mic, and jumps into bed with the covers over her head. Eric follows her in to see what’s wrong, and she tells him he can sit on the bed and tell her funny things. She’s upset for a variety of things and everyone trying to force her to play volleyball was the topper. She’s mad at Amber for giving her a dirty look when she was in the bath with Eric, and because she was tipsy after playing quarters and told the guy in the DR a little too much, and now she’s mad about it.

Still trying to make her feel better, Eric brings Jen in and pretends to slap her in the face while slapping his hand, in that fake way people do. He and Jen then wrap Jess up in blankets and clothes and drag her out to the hallway. I’m sorry to say this Eric’s girlfriend, but I love the thought of him and Jess together.

Eric then goes outside and tells Amber and Dustin they should reevaluate voting out Mike instead of Kail. He wonders why they have to do it that way just because one person thinks Mike needs to leave, so he must mean Dick. He’d like to put it to an open forum type of thing. Dustin suggests talking about it right now, but Eric backs away a little, saying they have until Thursday. Could it be that Eric already has the results from the poll tonight on who we want him to vote for?

Not sure whether he figured it out on his own or if the DR told him, but Eric now knows that Dustin and Nick were stealing his clothing and hiding it in the SR. He plans to get back at them by taking Dustin’s gray v-neck sweater and Nick’s swim trunks with flowers and throwing them up on top of the lamps over the balcony. Thank you! If there are any articles of clothing that I’m irritated with this year, after the Jen shirts and unitard it has to be that v-neck and those swim trunks.

This evolves into a discussion of the great Mustard Caper. Eric says if he had done it, he would have used ketchup, as he ahtes mustard, and Dick says he would have used red wine. Jen just wishes they would stop talking about it. She then says the people that sleep in the room with the small beds are trying to get Zach to move into the round room, I guess whenever Kail or Mike leave. Dick refuses to allow that to happen. Jess wanted to give her big bed to Zach because he’s so tall, but Jen refused to let her as she doesn’t want to sleep in the same room with him. Perhaps that’s why you should have put him on the block when you had the chance. They are also tired of Zach’s farting. Also coming to light in this conversation is that Nick is getting his beer rationed because of the fight with Dick.

Jess and Eric play a color-guessing game of items found in the house, couch, wallpaper. Eric asks what color Dustin’s nipples are, and she says red, but he thinks more peach. Nick walks by and farts (at least it wasn’t Zach), and Eric asks what color is Nick’s underwear. She says that now they’re brown. Again, I’m sorry Eric’s girlfriend.

Mike and Jen talk about the PoV comp. Why does Mike never have any fun? He asks if she knows what way the house is leaning for the vote between him and Kail. He’s just too boring. Even sex fiend Zach is at least fun. At least he streaks and tries to fit in. Even if little Zach is really little.

With everyone else eventually in bed All Night Dick comes out to strategize. He says Mike should be going home this week, and that it will be a miracle if he and Dani get to final two together. He also admits being a finalist in season 5 and 6, which is interesting, like maybe they remembered him, checked in, found out he wasn’t getting along with his daughter, and decided on this enemy theme. He can’t figure out what to think about Amber lately, but knows they need to get rid of one side of the house before the other. He thinks Nick did the Mustard Caper, and wonders why he is suddenly treating Zach and Jen like shit.

Okay, so it was a slow day, but at least it was a fun day in the end. I like it when they get in some strategizing, but also just kick back and he fun together.

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