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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 24th – Jessica and Eric, America's Couple?

Oddly enough, just a few minutes later, Dani and Jen both join Nick and Amber. Dani talks about some dream she had last night where a bunch of ugly people were trying to get Amber voted out. I know this girl isn’t that shallow, but it certainly sounds like that right now. Jen then continues what she’s been working on as she opens up a little more. She says that she has been alone most of the day, not really hanging out with anyone. This tough girl is allowing people to see that maybe it does bother her a little bit to be unliked. Jen wants every to know that she doesn’t talk to anyone alone anymore, other than Kail or Dick, and she didn’t know about Kail’s alliance, even though they shared the HoH for nearly 3 weeks.

Amber, as if on cue, tells her she looks pretty today, and Jen says in all her time watching the show (she used to say she didn’t watch it), she could never figure out why people looked like crap when they had all day to make themselves look good. She makes it a point to use that time to make herself look its best. I have to say I always think the same thing. If I’m going to be on camera, I’m going to have makeup on.

Fully clothed in swim suits, Jess and Eric take a bath together. Yet, instead of seeing the first action in the house other than Dani and Nick rustling under the covers, we get the two talking game. They chat about their mistrust of basically everyone else. They can’t figure out why Dustin is talking about distrusting Amber, but he has said there’s a possibility of a “God Alliance” between her and Jameka. Eric points out Amber has done some pretty “un-Godlike” things. Sounds like her constant chatter to him about herself is not doing any good. They realize Dick and Dani will never vote each other out, and if someone else gets HoH, they’re hoping they will take Dani out. Jess jokes she wants to be the only blonde in the house. Eric says if Nick goes up as pawn or purposely, he’ll personally see to it that he leaves.

Eric thinks about going up as a pawn against Dick, knowing if Zach ever won HoH he’d put him up, and says he’ll never trust Nick and Dani. Of course not! They don’t trust each other or her father, and he doesn’t trust them either. He’d like to pair up Zach and Nick to be sure he gets rid of one of them. He and Jess know they’re safe as floaters, but don’t know for how long. Jess worries that Kail, Dick, and Jen will create their own alliance. Eric thinks they could use Chicken George as an example of what happens if you overlook someone’s game-play. I know he has a girlfriend back home, but these two are so incredibly cute together. Sorry girlfriend!

Dick and Jen continue to get to know each other better. He wants to know if she’s had a boob job or not, but she’s not saying. She talks then about being a non-sexual type of person, and and Dick get in a pretty graphic conversation about it. He ends up telling her he feels sorry for her, as she’s never truly enjoyed it. She suddenly realizes this is all going to be on TV, and it’s somewhat interesting that she’s suddenly a little more humble than she usually is. Dick honestly makes suggestions to her trying to actually help the situation out for her. It’s just a very bizarre, interesting conversation.

As Jen goes in to make banana bread out of her sexual frustration, Dick goes upstairs to talk to Jess and Eric still in the bathtub. He’s right to not give them too much strategy time. Jameka seems a little panicky banging on the HoH door, but refuses to come in, telling Dick she just wanted to check on Jess and make sure she is alright. Dick and Eric are are little insulted by this. Eric and Jess leave, and Dick is left to his own devices of jamming to his music. He also takes this opportunity to finally read the letter from his mother.

Everyone downstairs is trying their best to have fun, but they’re really wanting some beer. Once they’re called to the storeroom, they know it’s because the beer has been stocked. Everyone literally rejoices. Dick and Nick talk. Dick and Nick talk smack. Dick and Nick talk smack about Zach.

Dick says he feels like he has heard everyone’s stories by now, and in particular he’s tired of hearing about Amber’s story of pooping he pants and her boyfriend wiping her ass. Nick somehow has avoided hearing that one, most likely too busy canoodling with Dani. Dick rags on her a little more, saying he finds her illnesses to be mostly psychosomatic, and he thinks she’s a mental case. Why is he talking such smack about people that are for the most part his allies with a another ally he says he doesn’t trust?

Dustin joins the other two guys and they talk about Zach having a problem with the buzz word “panties.” Dick wonders if Zach is alone on that planet of his, I think as he asks if he’s an astronaut or if he has company. They talk about Jen and her sexual history, as well as who they might bring to the wrap party. They talk about Mike being good looking, but not very deep. Dick leaves to go play quarters with the others, and Nick and Dustin mention gunning for HoH this week and wanting to target Zach.

Dani joins Dustin and Nick, and says that Kail wants to have a “heart to heart” with Dani before she leaves, so that she can fill her in on all the dirt about Nick. Nick says he has has told her everything anyway, and would love to see her on the block again. Dustin leaves some suspicion laying around as he says we’ll see. They also talk about Jen looking more and more like a transvestite every day.


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