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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 24th – Jessica and Eric, America's Couple?

It seems like Dani and Dick seem to have been the story the past few days, as no matter what is happening between the rest of the people in the house, they can always choose to walk away from the others for the rest of their lives. Even Carol and Jessica, and Joe and Dustin can walk away from each other for the rest of the lives, despite the fact that they had previous relationships. Yet with Daniele and Dick, they will always be father and daughter, and when they have fought the past few days it has gotten so personal. I feel badly for listening in on them, and I also root them on, wanting so badly for them to fix their relationship. I’m hoping today, that after the fights from the previous couple of days, that they can reach some type of understanding with each other and begin to return to that closeness they must have had at some point.

BB wakes Nick up at 9 AM and makes him do a DR, with some of the audio leaked as we hear them ask if everyone is irritated with Dick. The girls take over the bathroom shortly after, as Jen, Dani, and Kail head for the showers. Dani takes off to make coffee, but Jen declines as doesn’t drink caffeine. An hour later, BB wakes up the reset of the house, and the most noteworthy thing is that Kail isn’t talking game.

Kail continues to try and fit in. It seems like she really has been taking to heart everything that Dick has been telling her. After sitting up late last night mixing it up with everyone else, today she’s out in the backyard with everyone else. She tries, but it might be too late for her to mix back in, as relationships have already been formed. With Eric wearing his glasses today instead of his contacts, she notes she might have a glasses fetish, as she likes all the guys wearing their glasses.

I guess it couldn’t last all that long, as before long, Kail is talking game with Dustin. He asks if she’s talked to Mike since he was put on the block in Jen’s place. She says no, but she’s tried. He lets her know that Dick really wants her out badly, and of course he’s lying to her, as Dick has said he wants to get rid of Mike and rattle Kail so much and have her then stay, resulting in her not being good in competitions. I’ve got news for him. She isn’t good at comps anyway. Jen joins in on the conversation and they talk fitness and weight. Kail is the only one to not gain weight on BB this season.

Dustin moves on to talking game with Jess, and tells her he has a plan he’s been working on if he gets HoH. He plans on doing it to make sure the PoV is used, but he won’t say who any of his targets are just yet. Interestingly enough, he stops talking about it after his “buddy” Amber comes in.

Along with deciding to have fun in the house instead of constantly plotting and scheming, Kail has decided for the second day in a row to work out. Before she said she couldn’t find the time to do it since she was busy reading her Bible. But today, here she is working out with weights. Interesting how her priorities have changed now that she sees she ended up on the black anyway. At least she has some priorities that I do, as she asks Dick if tattoos can cover stretch marks like they can scars. BB yells at Dustin about his mic, and we never learn the answer to this.

Dani and Eric talk outside about previous seasons of BB. They both seem to know everyone and everything that happened. They talk about Nicole, James, Will, Hardy, etc. And interestingly enough, they also discuss the strategy of these other players. Now, if I was another player in the game, these are the two I would be targeting, the two that know everything there is to know about BB. Then again, Kail seems to know about the game, but hides it, as does Jen.

I just feel so sorry for Amber every time she opens up her mouth. She tells Eric this afternoon that she loves the person she is today. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s great and all, but it’s one of those things where you ask yourself is she trying to convince Eric, everyone else, or herself? I know she has the hots for Eric, but she just keeps dogging him. I kept walking away from the feeds today as she was going on and on and on.

It’s definitely a typical Tuesday on BB as there is just about nothing going on, not that that isn’t a good thing. It’s nice that it’s calming down a little. After a bunch of talk about nothing, Dick tells Dustin that he has noticed him coming out of his shell since Joe left, and it seems to be a similar thing for Jess after Carol left. For his part, Dustin lets Dick know that he talked to Daniele this morning and it went well. They talk about the difficulties of having their dirty laundry aired here on BB, and Dick tells Dustin about the conversation he had with Dani last night, and says it ended in the first hug he’s had from Dani in over two years. Dustin says that must have felt so good.

Amber has finally released herself from Eric’s right hip, and joins in with Dick and Dustin. They start to talk about the people in the house that don’t help out. We see Dick pick up and do dishes almost every night before he goes to bed, but what about everyone else? They say that Jess and Zach don’t help out at all, and since getting on the block, Kail doesn’t help anymore. Maybe that’s how she’s suddenly fit in exercise into her routine. She gave up cleaning. I already work out, but maybe I can find something else I need to do so that I can give up cleaning. It’s an interesting plan.

It’s been a couple of hours, and Amber has still not reconnected to Eric’s hip and is still not talking about herself. She asks Nick if he’s talked to Dani yet today, and he seems nonplussed to say the least, as he says only a little bit in passing. He does not want to be the guy that gets walked all over, and Amber jokes he could “go back to Jen.” Was he ever with Jen?


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