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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Hold the Mustard

Dick and Jameka are left alone on the hammock. Dick starts telling Jameka about Daniele sending back his gifts and letters, all unopened. She tells him that she might not be ready to forgive him yet and is probably scared to just open up her heart to him. She tells Dick to just give it time, and keep assuring Daniele that he loves her and wants to mend their relationship. Dick is genuinely grateful for Jameka’s advice and thanks her.

Jameka goes inside and eventually sits in the bathroom with Jessica. They talk about Zach and what a doofus he is, and how they don’t trust Nick. Neither one of them wants to put up Jen or Kail again, so they’re not sure what they would do with HoH. They want to backdoor Zach somehow. Jessica says that she wants Daniele gone too, but Jameka doesn’t say anything.

Daniele and Nick are together in bed again. Honestly, I need to make a shortcut key so I don’t have to keep typing that sentence. There’s trouble in paradise, however, as it’s obvious our lovebirds aren’t exactly in cuddle mode. This time though it’s Nick giving Daniele the silent treatment as she tries to put her arm around him and find out what he’s thinking. Daniele strokes Nick’s hair and assures him that if she didn’t care about him she wouldn’t be there right now. Hmm.

Nick finally says that he just doesn’t get it. Her boyfriend is going to see this, and yet she uses that as an excuse half the time. She’s sending him mixed signals and he’s tired of being “that guy.” I knew this was coming. Nick turns away, and Daniele keeps trying to stroke his hair and cuddle up to him. She asks him if he wants her to leave, but he doesn’t respond. She asks again, and he rolls over onto his back and stares at the ceiling. Daniele says that he makes her feel like crap all the time, but I don’t catch his response because he’s mumble-whispering now. Daniele leaves.

Outside, Dustin is telling everyone how Kail thought that he and Amber were going to move into a romantic relationship, as the obvious next step to their friendship. Kail’s out there with them, and she’s laughing along with the others. Kail asks Dustin if he could ever be attracted to a woman. Someone asks Kail if [b]she[/b] would ever be attracted to a woman, and once she understands the question she says no, no way. So they try to explain that it’s the same for Dustin, but she doesn’t seem to grasp the concept.

Jameka and Jen both want hamburgers, so Dick offers to grill some for everybody. They’re all getting along very well out there.

Nick and Daniele are back at it in the bed of ill communication. Daniele says she doesn’t understand him, and he says that he’s not mad at her, he’s mad at himself for being in this situation. Daniele gets called to the DR, so Nick gets up and ends up talking to Zach about his girl trouble. Zach tells Nick that when they get out of the house, everyone will go back to their own lives. Things between him and Daniele will be different, she may not even have time for him any more. Nick agrees, and says that his game is messed up now because he wasn’t expecting to meet someone like her. Zach advises Nick to just stay out of the whole situation with Dick and Daniele, because he doesn’t belong in it.

Daniele is back and she’s laying next to Nick again. Surprised? She asks him if he wants her to leave, and he tells her to stop asking him that. I’m not going to recap this play by play, because it’s old and already done so many times. Daniele is trying to cozy up to Nick again, but getting no response. It’s the whole mixed signals, you don’t trust be thing again. Nick says that she plays with his hair and stuff, but then doesn’t say anything to him when he tries to talk to her. He’s tired of doing everything for her and being a nice guy all the time, and she says she never asked him to do that for her. She says that she’ll stop hanging out with him then, and he asks if that’s what she wants. She says no, but she thinks that’s what he wants. He says he doesn’t want that – he’s the one putting it all on the line and will likely end up getting burned. Daniele has had enough and gets up.

All four feeds were on this riveting conversation, and suddenly we’re bounced into the backyard where Eric and Jen have wrapped their legs and arms around each other and are rolling across the yard. Aw, we missed some fun out here! Mike comes out and everyone is shocked that he’s awake. Interesting to note that the two early-to-bedders are both on the block, and both out trying to socialize now. They talking about doing a three-legged race. Kail says she wants to go to bed, and Dick says he wanted her to be his partner in the race. She agrees to stay up a while longer.

They’re trying to figure out what to tie their legs together with, and suddenly all four feeds jump to Dustin consoling Daniele. No! We want to stick with the fun people! Daniele is whining that Nick is moody and blames everything on her but she hasn’t done anything. Dustin is saying that if he chooses to act like that, it’s his choice and she can’t blame herself for the way he deals with things. Daniele says the situation with Dick is complicating things even more for her, and she just wants things to be easy and fun. Honey, if it was supposed to be easy and fun, they wouldn’t give the winner half a million bucks at the end.

Amber, whose Dustin radar must have gone off, appears. She’s filled in on what’s going on, and offers to go talk to Nick for Daniele. Daniele says she should. Oh brother.

In the backyard, the three-legged race is over and we didn’t get to see any of it. Not that it would have been earth-shattering, but the fun stuff is what makes staying up late at night worth the bother. It’s nice to see the hamsters playing games in their cage after a long day of strategy and stuff.

Amber does indeed go to talk to Nick, but I can’t understand most of what either one of them are saying. Are they even wearing their mics? Amber’s doing a lot of nodding and I can make out the odd, “yeah” and “I know.” But he could be giving her his mother’s recipe for pickled herring as far as I can hear.

Amber goes back to report to Daniele that Nick isn’t mad at her. How old are these people? He wants answers from her, and is upset that she never compliments him. Amber says that they need to try and distance themselves a little from each other, because the feelings in the house get really intense, but they’re not real. She points out that Nick is on the rebound from a long relationship and Daniele has a boyfriend. Daniele says she knows Amber is right, but she likes Nick so much. Amber says that Nick likes her too.

Daniele goes off and crawls back in beside Nick. Honestly, I’m getting really tired of this back and forth stuff. They’re cuddling together and whispering, and it looks like they’ve made up. Thank goodness. Can we watch someone else now, please?

To the kitchen we go, where people are eating hamburgers and chatting about all kinds of things. But no one is whispering to each other or asking if they should leave, so I’ll stick with this group. Dick says something about having to get up early for the internet people. Why do the hamsters hate us so much?

Quick visit to Daniele and Nick – they’ve got the covers up over themselves and there are kissy noises going on. Yep, that fight was worth the time it took to watch and recap it.

Most of the others are getting ready for bed or already asleep. Outside, Eric, Jameka, and Dick are talking about how Nick and Zach have been acting strangely for the last couple of days, sneaking off and talking to each other. Eric mentions that Kail is starting to test the waters and campaign for herself, but Dick doesn’t care since the plan is to take Mike out anyway. But see, if Kail thinks she has a chance of staying, she won’t be all messed up when the vote is revealed and Mike leaves. They have to keep up the “you’re going home” thing with Kail if this plan is going to work.

They talk about Nick and Zach not getting along in front of other people, so they think it must be staged because there’s always an audience when it happens. Er, if they did it in private, no one would see them. So how do they know it doesn’t happen? Eric thinks it would be smart to put Nick and Zach on the block together next week, and the other two agree. They think that if Nick were out of the house, Daniele would be more focused on her game and become a more active ally. Zach is annoying to everyone, but no one regards him as a threat.

Now they point out that Dustin is a big threat because no one will ever put him up. Eric says that they can’t let him sneak though to the end. He adds that they need to come up with a long term strategy rather than playing week to week. Dick says that one of them needs to get HoH next week. Well yeah, that would help.

Eric and Jameka head off for bed, and it’s time for the Dick at Night Show. He is, of course, smoking, and marveling at the thought of a brand new alliance with himself, Eric, Jessica, Jameka, and Daniele. He says that he, Eric, and Daniele are very tight. Interesting stuff here – and I like this alliance. I’d swap out Daniele for Jen (I know – who would have thought!), but I guess I can see why Dick wouldn’t want that.

Dick paces around, talking to himself about all kinds of things. He moves on to the laundry, saying that he’s become the house bitch, doing the dishes and the laundry. Heh. Does he vacuum too? ‘Cause I could totally borrow him for a few weeks. Next up on the agenda is hiding the bunny topiaries while laughing. Now he’s sing-songing something about everyone can talk but he doesn’t give a shit because they’re all going home. Then he’s off to the bathroom and is finally heading for the HoH bedroom that he earned. He says that Amber, Jen, and Dustin are wackos. He says that he’s definitely going to jerk off at least once while he has this room to himself, but tonight isn’t the night. Whew.

Dick tells us that this concludes the Dick at Night Show. He says, “Good night LA, good night America, good night idiots on the internet.” I’m about to take exception to being called an idiot, until I realize that I paid money to watch this stuff. Point taken, Dick. Good night!

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