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Big Brother 8 Live Feeds, July 23rd – Hold the Mustard

Daniele and Nick are cuddling together in bed. It’s only 8:30 pm. They’re whispering, and Daniele pulls the blankets over her head to talk to him so that no one can hear or read her lips, I guess. Sneaky.

Jen’s itty bitty yellow bikini bottoms are really sagging in the back now. I mean really sagging. So much so that she may as well not even be wearing them from the rear view.

Nick comes outside to sit with Dustin and company, and they start counting down the seconds until Zach shows up. 42 seconds. Awkward! I feel badly for Zach. He’s going to get out of the house and find out all of the horrible things these people said about him, and somehow I don’t think he’ll handle it as well as Jen would. Zach asks if he can join in the abs class, and Dustin says sure.

Of course, now it’s 9:00 and the Showtime thing in on, so it must be time for abs class. Because that way the camera can catch close-ups of Jen working out. Bleh. As this is going on, Mike, Nick, Daniele, Eric, and Dick are eating cookies in the kitchen. Zach, who is supposed to working out as well, suddenly decides he should go check the storage room for beer. See, he’s not that bad!

Abs class is over and we’re watching people in the bathroom now. Nick and Eric are brushing their teeth, Daniele is picking at a zit in the mirror, and Dustin is coming in for a shower. Eric says that the whole Showtime thing is a bust, and Daniele agrees. Heh. Did they show that on BB: After Dark?

Eric and Jess are doing some cheerleading moves or something in the kitchen. They do this thing where she flips over his arm, and it’s actually pretty good! They get a round of applause from the audience.

Dick and Daniele are in the small bedroom arguing. Again. Daniele is upset because Dick has always been more of a friend to her than a father, and now he’s trying to be her parent which isn’t fair. Dick says that he just wants her to treat him with the same respect she gives the others in the house. Daniele starts crying, giving her “it’s hardest for me in this house” speech. Followed by the “I’m different from everyone else in this family” speech. She’s not having fun and just wants to go home. Dick says that he’s having a tough time too, he’s shed many tears in this house. Daniele is covering her face with her hands, and then she buries her head in a pillow. Dick is trying to rub her back and soothe her, but it’s not working real well.

Dick, who has been very personable today, is really trying here. Daniele says that Dick has done some really horrible things and she can’t let go of that. He tells her that she’s done horrible things as well, but she responds that he’s the adult. He says that her refusing to speak to him is her way of controlling the situation. She changes things up and says that her boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow and she misses him. She hates being around all of these people who smile and are nice to you and then turn around and stab you in the back. Dick says he understands, and when Daniele says he doesn’t, he says he understands better than anyone else in the house. Fair enough.

Dick tells her that he loves her and has never given up on her. He’s proud of the way she is, of the person she’s become both inside and outside the house. He’s quiet for a minute, and then he’s crying too. And … so am I. And I’m feeling guilty for watching this – it’s so intensely private. Dick says that even though he’s older than she is, he doesn’t have all the answers. He doesn’t know what he should do, and he’s messed up many times. But he hasn’t given up, won’t give up, and will always keep trying.

Dick asks for a hug, but Daniele won’t budge. He asks a few times, but gets nothing. He says that he can’t and won’t go back to the two of them not speaking to each other. Then they’re accusing each other again of doing terrible things and not returning phone calls. Dick mentions family counseling again and says he really wants to try. He says that he knows he’s not the greatest dad in the world but he wants her in his life. He loves her and always has, and has cried over their relationship so many times. He says he misses her so much, even now he misses her even though they’re living in the same house.

He asks one last time for a hug, and finally Daniele gives in. She says that she doesn’t want to talk about this here, and that she just wants to go to bed. Dick says again that he loves her and will not give up on her, and he hopes that she won’t give up on him again. He asks for a minute to compose himself before leaving the room. And now I have to go get some tissues, because that was brutal.

As the father/daughter talk is going on, Kail and Jen are outside trying to figure out how the votes will go. Kail thinks she can get five votes to stay, and wonders if trying to save herself would be considered campaigning. Argh. Kail, you said you were a big fan of the show. There’s a huge difference between campaigning to try and get someone out of the house when you’re not even really involved, and trying to fight for your own spot in the house. They figure that they can play up the fact that Mike is a huge physical threat, and maybe get some votes that way. Kail plans to ask Eric if he thinks she has a chance. No idea why.

Kail thinks she has Dustin, but Jen wonders if Amber would let him vote to keep Kail. Hee. Then Kail thinks she has Jessica, but again Jen says that Jess will vote with Eric. Kail asks if Jen feels that she’s well-liked in the house. “Who likes you?” she asks. Then she answers her own question and says that Evel seems to like her lately. Wow Kail, way to alienate one of your few friends in the house.

Nick runs off to check on Daniele, while Dick goes outside for what must be a much-needed ciggie. Jameka and Dustin both come over and hug Dick, asking how it went. He says it started out rough, but ended up okay. Back inside Nick asks Daniele if she needs anything. She says no, they whisper to each other, and Nick is back outside.

Jess and Jameka are in the hammock, and Nick comes over and says that they need to take Mike out instead of Kail. Which is pretty much the plan anyway, right? Dick comes over and after a bit of chatter about him and Daniele, Jameka asks if they’re still voting Mike out. Dick says that’s the plan, and that the only person who doesn’t know about it is Zach. Jameka thinks he’ll be pissed, but Dick doesn’t care because he’s the next one out anyway. Jameka says yes, as long as he doesn’t win HoH.